Tulsi Gabbard Nails Kamala Harris

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Tulsi Gabbard destroyed Kamala Harris on the debate stage last night. It was so devastating, that I wonder how on Earth can anyone support Harris knowing what she did to that man on death row? To hide evidence that shows a person on death row is innocent is such a horrible thing, that it points directly to Harris’s character. How on Earth could we ever put someone in the White House that had that level of moral depravity?

Of course, Harris never answered Tulsi and dodged the question. What could she say? If that is true then that would mean that Harris is a piece of crap. Anyone who would do that should never be the leader of the free world. We already have a president with debased morality, we don’t need another. Harris looked completely stunned when Gabbard laid her out. She looked gobsmacked and something like this should be the end of Kamala as a presidential candidate.

I thought Tulsi and Andrew won the night. How on Earth people would what an old man who is clearing slipping as their person to go up against Trump I have no idea, Joe Biden could never beat President Trump. It is really a generational thing for me. I’ve had enough of Baby Boomers and the damage they have done to this world. I want to pass the torch to a different generation.

Running for president exposes everything about you. There is no mystery left, we see right through the person. I used to hear people say, oh, if you can only see how Hillary is off-camera. Well, I always thought that was hogwash, we all saw who and what Hillary Clinton is and was, that is why we rejected her. Running for president goes on for so long, and the person is put through so much, that in the end, the process reveals everything about that person’s character.

Kamala Harris is just right out of the gate and already we see clues to her character. She is trying to be anything but herself. Kamala is making that age-old mistake in trying to be what everyone wants her to be. And depending on who is the crowd she is speaking to, will dictate who she will try to be. When asked on a black radio show host, whether she smoked pot or not. To fit in with that crowd, she made up a story about smoking pot and listening to music that did not even exist at the time.

She pissed her father off when she told that crowd some stereotypical tropes about Jamaican people and smoking pot. Her father, who is Jamerican, publicly pull her out on front street and scolded her about spreading these stereotypes about Jamaican people and her own family. When it is exposed that her career as a prosecutor was way more conservative, than it was progressive, Kamala starts a false narrative about how she was working from within the system to change it in a more progressive way, while that being said, there is no proof of that claim whatsoever. She, in fact, had a typical and tactical guns blazing prosecutor’s career. She is the last person I would want as president.

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