No Diversity Of View On ABC’S The View

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Barbara Walters started The View in 1997 to give voice to different views from women of diverse backgrounds and ages. The show has taken on many forms over the decades as hosts come and go. Fast forward to today and there is absolutely no diversity of view. There is not a single voice that gives voice to a pro-Trump side of things. The over sixty million people who voted for the man is not represented on Walter’s show.

Instead, we are given a daily onslaught of nothing but Trump hate each and every day. The liberals and the Never-Trumpers thunder down their distaste of the current president and there is no counter-voice there for those to decide how they think of the current political scene on their own. Sitting at the table, the leader of the Never-Trumpers, Meghan McCain provides zero diversity of thought.

Each day Meghan goes out of her way to say she is there to give a Republican point of view. The problem is, Megan’s version of the Republican Party does not exist anymore. So, basically, she is there to give commentary of a far-gone era that has no relevance to today’s politics and what value that does bring to the table? Well, it brings no value. Let me say that again, Meghan McCain being part of the View brings no value to the table.

Meghan has lived through her father, both in life and death, vicariously and because of John’s feud with Donald, she hates Trump more than anyone. By the way, this also applies to Abby Huntsman and Ana Navarro. These ladies are just Trump haters. Ana is consumed with it. So all three so-called Republicans on the show bring no diversity of view. How can that be a good thing?

The View has become only a certain kind of view, and for those of us that still support Barbara Walters by keeping her show alive with viewership, are being short-changed. Consequently, this is happening smack dab in the middle of one of the most amazing political times in our nation’s history.

The timing of their lack of diversity on The View could not have come at a worse time. I am no supporter of Donald Trump and do not want to see him re-elected. However, I want to hear the point of view from Trump supports each and every day on this once great show. If for any other reason, out of respect for the lady who created this long-lasting and powerful show.

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