Mia Khalifa Has Nothing To Be Ashamed Of

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I sat down recently and watched Mia Khalifa’s first interview. I did not know her story and had never heard of her. That is strange to me because I enjoy watching porn, yet I did not know her story. I also watch a lot of news and still somehow I missed all of this. So my first introduction was that interview. Ironically, Mia doing that interview has increased her exposure well beyond just the people that got to enjoy her porn.

I thought her interview was revealing when it came to women and their self-esteem. However, I take issue with Mia’s take on what happened to her. I don’t think she has anything to be ashamed of at all. First of all, most people watch porn, it a multi-billion dollar industry for a reason. And, not all porn needs to be described in some dark negative way. The marriages the porn industry has helped is beyond measure. The women who put themselves through college or has careers both behind and in front of the cameras have nothing to apologize for. It is a legal form of work.It is an honest living.

Yes, there is a dark element in porn, but not as dark as the Banks or tons of other industries. In fact, what does not have a dark element to it? The Catholic Church that Mia and I grew up in? Isn’t there a dark side to all of that, to everything? The biggest problem I see with the whole Mia Khalifa story is that Mia does not embrace this and make millions of dollars off of it. When she said she only made twelve-thousand dollars in three months doing it, I thought hey man, there are a lot of people “today”, five years after she left, who are making money on her body of work and in her name.

That is my problem with the whole story. She should be the one making all of that money. The films are out there, it is not going away. Mia is still the second-ranked porn star in the world, five years later. She should capitalize on this and make a fortune. Leaving that money on the table and letting others prosper from it is nuts. Shame should not cost Mia millions of dollars. I think she is looking at this all wrong. She should take control of all of this. She needs to build a team around her that could take this to even a higher level. It would be a crime not to grab that money. She needs to think of all the good things she can do with that money and for others.

Last and certainly not least, Mia Khalifa is the number two ranked porn star on the planet not because Muslim Terrorist want to kill her, she is number two, five years later, because she was good at it. Actually, she was great at porn, she was a rock star and the camera caught it. She is like the Serena Williams of porn. Mia is at the Belladonna level of porn, she is damn good at it. In fact, one of the best I have ever seen. That is why she is still so famous. Her body of work has held up over time. I know I checked it all out, she is amazing! She just like Jenna Jameson, except Jenna made millions of dollars and Mia’s money is going towards therapy. There is something very wrong with that picture. There is nothing wrong with the pictures Mia made!

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