It’s Not Gaffes Joe It Looks Like Onset Dementia

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Once again America is handed a horrible choice for president. I thought 2016 was a horrible choice but look what the Democrats are giving us to replace Trump. You got a woman who thinks she is an Indian. You got people openly calling for socialism and the front runner is some absent-minded old man who doesn’t know where he is half the time. This is a disaster. Can we not do better than these people as a nation?

The left, scared to be called ageist, wants to spin a narrative that Joe Biden has gaffes and ignore what clearly looks like an old person with onset dementia. We don’t have to be a doctor to tell what is going on here. We all know people and have people in our families that are older and skipping a beat. However, we don’t run our family member for public office, let alone for the presidency when they get to this stage. Where the heck is the people around Joe to stop this train wreck?

President Donald Trump should have no possibility at all to win reelection, but the Democrats are bending over backward to give Trump a chance. The people who are decent choices are so low in the polls and have almost no backing in their party. Hell, they just kicked out a veteran that is running because she had to go to the reserves for the last two weeks. Instead of offering Tulsi a wavier and invite her to the debate, they run off one of the only good choices the country has to pick from when it comes to a Democrat.

In the end, history will show that it was the Democrats that brought us eight years of Trump if they don’t get their act together. They are the ones to blame, last time they gave us the most hated woman in the world, and now they are pushing some old man down our throats that is clearly not up to the job of the presidency. We don’t need another Baby Boomer president, they have done our nation enough damage. Hell, they have already bankrupted us.

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