Casey Anthony and the Prosecution of Beauty

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The Casey Anthony Trial: The Prosecution of Beauty

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Having a personal connection to someone in Orlando and having an editor that was obsessed with the case, it did not take me long to focus in on The Casey Anthony ordeal. This saga had all the elements a writer could dream of. Murder, accidental death, mystery, incest and stunning beauty everywhere begged for a writer to cover all of this.

In the beginning, it was a completely different kind of atmosphere to question the authorities on how the law was being applied to this case. Almost everyone on the streets wanted Casey Anthony to burn. A lynch mob soon appeared in front of the Anthony home and permeated its way through the media and the public. Anyone at the time who questioned what was going on or showed any deference towards Casey was soon vilified and found themselves in the crosshairs of unthinkable public anger. In this dungeon, there was not one single commentator that dared to speak on behalf of Casey Anthony and the treatment of her by The State of Florida. It was tailor-fit for me.

I’ve always been a rebel of sorts and in my life; I have seen people crushed by the law because they did not have the money to defend themselves. I have an indubitable understanding of how the law is set up not to bolster what the evident truth might be, but rather grind like a machine for its own exorbitant ends. This case was the poster-boy of an out of control government. This case begged for commentary balance and for a voice that could open the door to another point of view.

Watching this case unfold and become a voyeuristic smorgasbord was something to behold. Casey Anthony became the most exposed human being I have ever seen.
Everything from her inner thoughts about her pubic hairs to her loneliness and horniness in jail was served up for public consumption. I’ve never seen anything like it. I wondered how on Earth we could possibly know this much about someone who was in jail. How did we know more about every movement of Casey Anthony in the jailhouse, than we

knew about the coming and goings of Charles Manson while he has been locked up? The answer was not hard to find.

Much of this was born out of the dysfunctional laws the State of Florida has in place. The law, in particular, that was used to feed the voyeuristic mob was called The Sunshine Law. It was the bastardization of this law that allowed the public to feed off every morsel of detail of Casey’s incarceration. In truth, the lawmakers who wrote this law had not intended for it to be used this way. The Sunshine Law was the fuel that fed this storyline and made it as big as it got. This was the vehicle that was used to keep everyone interested in a case over the course of three full years. Without that law, I’m not sure the momentum could have stood the test of time.

If anything is learned from all of what has happened, it should be that the lawmakers of Florida need to revisit the so-called Sunshine Law. Follow me on a journey of sardonic thoughts as the whole case unfolds right before my perspicuous eyes. Watch the progression unfold as I reveal what I truly think about Casey Anthony and why I came to that opinion.

December 19, 2008 – The launch of America Speaks Ink’s coverage had begun when the website’s editor, KB, could no longer sit idly by and watch the coverage of the Anthony case without voicing her opinion. She realized as the skeletal remains of Caylee were identified that she could no longer keep her feelings to herself. She wrote a short article expressing her thoughts. It did not take long before ASI began to cover the Casey Anthony case in more detail.

Caylee Anthony

However, not necessarily a topic of politics, the story of Caylee Anthony’s disappearance has touched the staff of ASI deeply.

Here in Florida, the sad story of a sweet, little 2-year-old going missing dominated the news. A child goes missing and a mother hides it. Most of us came to the conclusion long ago that Casey Anthony, the child’s ‘egg donor’, was the person behind her disappearance and probable death.

No one wanted to completely succumb to the thought that the person who gave birth to this small angel could ever harm her own child. As a mother, the thought of harming one hair on one of my children’s heads completely turns my stomach.

For anyone living under a rock who hasn’t heard about this case, you can Google Caylee Anthony and come up with months of paperwork/videos/stories.

It was announced this afternoon that the skeletal remains of little Caylee have been conclusively identified. This news is both a negative and a positive thing. The negative is obvious; however, the positive is that closure can begin for the Anthony family. Caylee’s Grandparents, Uncle, and friends have been beside themselves with hope and worry that she would be found soon. The circumstances are awful, however, now they can mourn without the empty feeling of wondering, “Where is Caylee?”

All of us here at ASI and me, offer our prayers to the Anthony family and to all of those who have been touched by this case. May the good Lord ease the pain in the hearts of the family and friends of the Anthony’s and replace it with the feeling of peace knowing that Caylee is in the arms of Jesus.


Casey Anthony Could Walk Out of Jail

If Orange County, Florida and their jail system don’t get their act together, whether Casey Anthony killed her child or not will become irrelevant. They have just about legally blown their case with all of the chicanery and shenanigans that keep happening when it comes to this case.

I don’t know whether the District Attorney’s office is behind this or not, but for the jail to constantly be leaking videos and audio tapes from within the jail and pouring all this out onto the public through the press is a sure-fire way of blowing this case. The latest insanity was the jail actually orchestrated a thing where they put Casey right in front of a TV, right at the time it was released on the news that remains of a child were found and then videotaped her facial expression and response. After that, through the same shameless route, released this to the press and the public. They have tainted the local jury pool to such a degree never seen before.

If they don’t grant the defense a change in venue to be tried somewhere else besides Orlando, the defense will have an iron-clad win on appeal. Orlando has surrendered its right to try this case in their county. There is no way on Earth this woman could get a fair trial anywhere near Orlando. This is a disgrace and a disturbing thing to watch the authorities do. If their case was strong against Casey, they have severely violated her right to a fair trial and hurt their chances irreconcilably to obtain a conviction.

This is orchestrated local government mob-like mentality and a complete stain on their local judicial system. Governor Charlie Crist should personally look into this debacle. If she did it and gets away with murder because of the lack of professionalism from the authorities in Orange County, then maybe someone should look into who is in charge down there in Florida and hold someone responsible.

C. Rich

Casey and the Sunshine Law

The Casey Anthony case has shown Florida why “The Sunshine Law” should be abolished. The Florida law that can be found in Chapter 119 of the Florida statutes has highlighted a major flaw in this kind of openness law. Even the Florida Supreme Court had problems with this law in 1991 and had to get around those concerns. The Attorney General’s Office pushed for an amendment to the Florida Constitution and expanded its powers to the judiciary in 1992. At first glance, one might think that this would be a good thing for the public having such openness to a great array of things. However, one can’t help but notice the abuse of power this law has when it is yielded by a hungry mob bent on revenge.

Such is the case with Casey and her right to a fair trial. The local powers that be in Orlando have shamelessly used this law to destroy Casey Anthony and any chance she could have a fair trial. By using the Sunshine Law as a cover, the local Orange County power structure has used audio and staged videotapes orchestrated by her jailers, to taint the local jury pool and paint the picture they want of this young woman. Regardless of your opinions of Casey Anthony and what you do or do not think she did, you as the public should be very concerned when the authorities take a law made for your benefit and bastardize it and use it against the common man. The public is being successfully manipulated by this overt fraud and travesty of justice.

This will become more common when the State’s Attorney’s Office has other weak cases against people. Instead of bringing the best case forth to try someone, if the evidence is not there, they always have the Casey Anthony tricks. Watch when they show you only what fits their template. It is a judge and jury video effort to obtain a conviction. Convict the person in the minds of the public first. Stage orchestrated events on film in the jailhouse to fit their storyline. The whole thing is shameful.

The local Orlando, Florida government and judiciary has shown the world how one can live by the letter of the law and at the same time violate the very heart of the law. The Florida Supreme Court needs to make another effort to end this thing. In the meanwhile, shame on them and shame on you for not speaking out. All they have to do is feed your voyeuristic appetite and you, Joe Six-Pack, just turn your head.

Well, wait until it is you they are doing it too. Of course, this is all my opinion, but it should be yours too. That’s only if liberty means anything to you anymore.

C. Rich

Is Casey Anthony Innocent?

When one follows the Casey Anthony story, it is clear that everyone you run into has an opinion of her guilt or innocence. It has become a charged atmosphere in public opinion, for sure. When I first started writing about the case and some of the events surrounding it, the one thing that shocked me was the inability of most people to even consider some other ideas that have not been part of their understanding of all of it. People simply weren’t able to have an honest debate about a lot of stuff that has happened surrounding the story.

Everyone points their fingers and says, “This is why Casey is guilty” and “Here are the reasons why I believe she did it.” What pops up its nefarious little head, is the fact that most all of the reasons why people say she’s guilty has nothing to do with any evidence that proves she did it. Where’s the smoking gun? Where in all this hubbub and cacophony is the proof that she did it? Now I have heard countless reasons why people think she did

it, but not one of them is based on any concrete fact of proof for the public that shows it, just conjecture and self-imposed opinions that make one believe she is guilty.

People will say she did it for this reason or that. Some say that no one would react the way she did or do the things she did after her daughter was missing. Why didn’t she react this way or why didn’t she react that way? Why did she lie? It must mean she’s guilty. People will say, if my little girl was gone, this is what I would do. All valid points based and rooted in common sense. People just have a gut feeling and that’s that. They would have never done this or they would have never done that.

However, besides amateur Murder She Wrote types, no one has produced a single piece of evidence that she did do this. There is no smoking gun. There are holes in the prosecution’s case that you could drive a giant bulldozer through and a mob-like mentality to hang Casey for sure, but no direct evidence beyond a shadow of a doubt that she did it. Any defense attorney worth anything at all could have a field day with all of this. This entire case appears to just be circumstantial and conjecture. All of it.

There are certain people who, thanks to the press and others, don’t personally like Casey and want her to burn for their own personal feelings they have for her. I even heard one guy say his wife hates Casey because she is so beautiful and hot. Could you imagine sending someone to Stark for lethal injection because it was a woman just hating a skinny and pretty woman and all that she does? Some feminine get-back or something could be their reason. The fact that they dropped the death penalty so quickly reveals how weak of a case this is. To drop the death penalty in a murder case is a sign of weakness from the prosecutor.

One thing I know is people just act differently when it comes to dealing with stress or death. I once heard of a guy who was an only child, whose mother died of cancer. At the very moment countless people stood at attendance at the funeral, this guy went surfing. He literally was surfing on the beach at the time his mother was being buried. People were so upset at him. They said horrible things about him at the time. That was just how he dealt with it. Yes, it was strange looking and easily torn apart in public opinion, but it didn’t mean he didn’t love his mom.

Because Casey did all those odd things and said all of that, doesn’t mean she murdered her own child. If in fact the child was duct-taped around the mouth, it means that the child was still alive. No one duct tapes a corpse to shut it up. The presence of duct tape around this child’s mouth destroys almost 75% of the public’s theories on how Casey did it, before “that evidence” was revealed.

Before that, so many people said Casey probably made some mistake and killed Caylee by accident and she just got rid of the body to protect herself. Many, many people said this. However, the presence of duct tape around the child’s mouth makes this something altogether different and more in line with what a stranger would do with an abducted child. The duct tape does not fit the public’s theory at all.

Before this was revealed, most people said things like that. Now they will just have to mold another theory to convict Casey. This is just one example of the public being wrong about their theories. Before people send Casey to live in prison, they better forget about all of their preconceived notions and wacky theories and look for some concrete proof that Casey did it. Being a liar or doing weird and unexpected things does not make someone a murderer. You cannot convict someone of murder on speculation and theory. The umbrella of reasonable doubt casts a large shadow and a civilized society does not execute people in the shadows or throw them into prison until they die. If she did it, pull her out into the light of day and prove it. Anything short of that is barbaric and vengeful.

C. Rich

The Casey Saga Moves On

Finally, the defense team will start to get a lot of this evidence that should never be in the trial thrown out. The Casey defense filed a motion in the courts to have some stuff thrown out and declared not fit or worthy for a trial. On the top of the list, that orchestrated and staged event on film by her jailers. The judge will hear arguments on whether or not that should be thrown out.

Since that stunt of trying to capture Casey’s reaction on film, finding out for the first time that a body was found, open-minded and fair people everywhere were outraged that the authorities were staging events and trying to make news with their outrageous stunt. This will be a bellwether test on whether or not Casey will get a fair shake and a balanced
trial. If the judge allows such an obviously disgusting thing to be a part of her trial, well then, the fix is in. No way on Earth they should they allow her civil rights to be shredded like that. If they do, then we know the jig is up on Orange County. That fact that Orlando even wants to try her is such a solid ground for appeal, but if they allow this tainted and staged evidence in, then the appeal process is the place to watch for Casey’s fairness to a true judgment, not some Orlando Kangaroo Court that is bent on mob revenge mentality.

I’ve noticed that the reaction to Casey is different on whether or not it is a woman or a man that one is talking to. For example, I was in the gym working out when some Casey stuff came on the TV above us. The gym just stopped and all the equipment went silent, all of the men were watching the tube. When it was over, one guy said, “You know, Casey should be allowed make-up in the jail, she’s so hot!” Another guy agreed and told us all a story on how beautiful she is and how he was hoping that someone would make a Casey calendar. Another man asked if we remembered that blonde teacher in Tampa whose judge said she was too pretty to go to prison. A lot of us remembered that and then some of the men mused whether or not Casey should get the same consideration. One thing for sure is that people have opinions about this case and there is a difference between men and women.

Since so many of you are addicted to your voyeurism and love looking into the jailhouse to watch Casey, I thought I’d give you some insight into a man’s gym and how they are talking about this without women around. The voyeurism that is so omnipresent in this case gets another fix Monday when we can all tune into the courtroom online and listen in.

C. Rich

It’s Time Casey is Released on Bail

This travesty of justice needs to come to an end. The fact that Casey has been kept in jail all this time with chicanery from the powers that be with a bad check and much less violent charge than murder, is more proof of the bias and rage exhibited by the power structure
of Orlando. People are entitled to be out on bail before trial. Before a conviction is obtained, bail is a civil means provided to us, the people, and one of the building blocks of the principle innocent until proven guilty. A good example of why bail is a good thing is a fact that the orchestrated and staged events surrounding the filming of her by her jailers could never have happened. I say again. “Shame is the stain of the stagers of news.” If she were out on bail, her captures wouldn’t have this means to taint the jury pool with such tricks.

The more they hold her captive, the more it reveals their weak case. Casey is certainly not a flight risk. She has ties and roots to the community and there is no reason on Earth she shouldn’t be let out before her trial. She poses no harm to the community. The thought of Casey roaming the streets looking for kids to murder is laughable, so why not bail? A signature bond is all that is required here.

I am sick and tired of all the people who claim that the evidence presented so far, is a case. All of it is crap. The whole damn case is conjecture, opinion and self diluted leaps of faith. All of it. I could stand there in that courtroom and argue her right out of her shackles wielding a large stick of common sense. All of it can be destroyed in a fair debate. However, people just cling onto her bizarre behavior and lies as their proof she murdered her beautiful child. The proof is simply not there for a conviction of murder.

Those silly folks who cling onto the so-called DNA evidence are out of their mind. DNA junk science is all this is. Are you trying to tell me that if any kid cuts himself while going in my car trunk and the blood and skin cells are left behind in the trunk and then months or years later that kid comes up missing, that the cops can open the trunk and make the statement that we found blood and decomposing skin cells in the trunk. Now you are a murder that puts dead kids in your trunk? It’s insane to make that leap.
However, there you are, Joe Public, saying they found DNA and decomposition in the trunk. She must have done it. The whole thing is nuts. DNA evidence is like laying on a blanket in your backyard staring up at the fluffy white clouds and making shapes out of

them. You can take any DNA evidence and shape it with any theory; it doesn’t mean it true.

If it sounds logical then it’s taken as written in stone. However, logic is just what is missing here. There is no smoking gun or “any” evidence that is outside of opinion, conjecture or theory. Just a bunch of “she must be guilty because of all the things she did surrounding this.” The truth is some people just deal with things differently. Denial becomes lies. Denial becomes let’s go party. Denial is a powerful force that will make people look and act irrationally. Her denial, lies and odd behavior are not a murder conviction!

The prosecutor is nowhere near a murder conviction, so let her out! At this pace with this case, the only way to get a murder conviction is to keep this case in Orlando. Outside of the bloodthirsty Orlando mob, this case could have a good shot at fairness in another part of Florida, which I “assure” you would let her out on bail with a signature bond. This
case stinks to the high heavens and has been mishandled to almost an irreversible route. House arrest for the other charges would be fair.

It is not the guilt or innocence of Casey that should concern you. It is what the people in power do to you if they think you are guilty. Holding her in county jail, filming her, staging events, filming her while she’s in a medical ward, denying her a signature bond, destroying her in the press and public opinion and on and on! The whole thing is a disgrace!

Enough with the tricks from the powerful. If she did it, prove it! Prove your case! That’s your job! Your job is not to deny the defendant basic civil rights, because you don’t like her and she lies. Your job is not to suspend an even playing field. Murder is no joke, but this case against her is! If I’m wrong in my opinion is flawed, then why not let her out and prove your case the normal way.

If we sit back silently and allow this, then who is going to be there to speak out when it’s us being denied our right to a fair trial. Casey’s trial is tentatively set for October, eight months away. To use other charges to hold her is wrong and shows thinking people that something is rotten in Denmark. Maybe they should change that saying to something is rotten in Orlando. This is a murder case, not a bad check case. They are using one of her crimes of writing bad checks to cover for them and give them time to wear her down.

I “am” the Devil’s advocate.

C. Rich

The Truth About the Casey Case

The problem with figuring out the Casey ordeal is that nothing really makes sense. This is what makes this case preternatural. If you make the case aloud why she did it, then, in the end, it doesn’t make sense. If you make the case that she didn’t do it, the end argument doesn’t make sense. There are holes in both theories. There is anything but a complete picture. For this reason, only, they can’t convict her if they want to do it fairly. These
holes represent an ocean of reasonable doubt and when you really can’t make sense on why she did it and then convicting her is wrong. Even if you feel in your heart of hearts that she did it, you still cannot convict her of the murder without proving it.

This is why we have seen the endless disgusting tricks and behavior from the powers that be. Their frustration has lead to this classless destruction of her in the public eye. The Sunshine Law is no excuse for what’s happening to her. It’s just a dirty tool used by them out of lack of professionalism. The whole thing is tainted.

Orlando has embarrassed themselves again. It’s bad enough that the people can’t manage money and now they might be one of the biggest towns and counties not to have school sports, physical education and every normal red-blooded American thing a child needs to grow up balanced. This is a county that might end up putting all the kids on the streets with no sports programs to keep them out of the trouble the streets have in store for them. So it doesn’t surprise me that they mishandled the Casey case. In all honesty, this is a major Florida city that has the worst leadership imaginable in charge of everything, always pointing fingers; it’s never their fault or lack of competence. An embarrassing group of stumblebums that have run the entire city into the ground for all to see.

The handling of the Casey case is symptomatic of the rotten leadership of Orange County. Orlando sits there hoping all the taxpayers of the rest of the country will pick up the tab for their incompetence and get a piece of Obama’s stimulus pie. They want the rest of the country to pay for their sports programs. Other people in other counties talk about it whether you know that or not, whether you care or not. So instead of effusively taking what they tell you as evident truth open your eyes and question the very foundation of their premises.

Example, when they tell you that the presence of duct tape “alone” proves this was murder and not an accident, just think about what a leap that is. The duct tape “proves” it was a homicide and not an accident. Proves? You hear that and think, well they must know what they are talking about and then believe it, never stopping to ask yourself how does duct tape on her mouth “prove” it is a homicide?

If I can give you at least “one” scenario where there could be duct tape on her mouth and head that is not homicide, do you, Joe Public, concede the statement that the duct tape “proves” murder is an irresponsible statement from someone who is supposed to know better than to make such claims and leaps? Also, if in fact there is another way duct tape was found in her mouth and head, isn’t that ”more” reasonable doubt and with that, no conviction? Now, remember, this is just “one” statement, among many, they want you to believe. If the child was killed someway by accident by someone and afterward that person or persons decided to make it look like a murder or something else and the duct

the tape was placed on her after the accident, then it’s not murder. Do you understand what I’m saying? What they say is almost always B.S.

That is one example of a lie told to the public to taint you. They know that tape doesn’t prove that and any professional outside of Orlando would know it. It’s just a leap you cannot make and they know better. They would have to know better. So why the lie?
Now, if they make the criminal leap and declare that the body decomposed after all that time in the woods that they can tell you through an autopsy that the tape was put on while she was alive, then they just step into an area where they could be criminally held responsible for such a lie. The whole thing is a travesty. Can you imagine the incompetence at every level? I mean the body just sat there over and over while some meter maid keeps telling them about the body, but these nincompoops keep going to that patch of woods and coming up with nothing. Now you want to believe their DNA or forensic analysis?

This is not an episode of Miami CSI. These people are incompetent. They don’t know why or when that duct tape got there. These constant leaps off the page of reality are all too common with people. To say Casey doubled over after seeing they found a body is an admission of guilt is so insane, I’m almost speechless. “Almost” That reaction could also mean she felt pain hearing they found a little body and thinking it might be her daughter that she still believed at the time was alive.

On and on, you, Joe Public, drink from the chalice of maudlin madness. My problem is no one is thinking. No one is using his or her brain with any of this. Let me give you an example of what I mean. The other day Nancy Grace plays a video of Caylee dancing around. At the same time, Nancy Grace plays a song from Michael Jackson. Now, how
inappropriate is that? To play a video of a dead child to a Michael Jackson song shows no one is using his or her brain. My God, the man was accused of molesting children, he slept with kids in his bed, was run out of our country with shame and paid fifty million dollars of hush money to a family that accused him of molesting their child. How insane is that to play his music to a Caylee video? No one is thinking things out here. Lord, would Nancy Grace have played the National Anthem of Germany to a video of America’s dead soldiers coming home from World War II?

People need to start using their brains. The days of believing the police and the government have long been over in America. We the people need to speak out and speak truth to power. Caylee’s voice from the afterlife deserves this from us. That little girl’s spirit requires some more thoughtful analysis than Orlando has exhibited so far. Put down the Kool-aide and start using your brain. Something is wrong with almost everything they are doing in regards to this case. Why?

I am the devil’s advocate.

C. Rich

Casey Case Sets Fire to Right and Wrong

The unholy alliances between jailers and prosecutors have scorched right and wrong again. It was revealed that the jailers of Casey Anthony have been videotaping the private meetings and conversations of Casey and her attorney inside the jail! They are taking the sacred American position that attorney/client relationship is private and throwing it out the window.

In an unbelievable and never before seen stance, Orlando and the powers that be are claiming that it is okay to film the private meetings of a person accused of a crime and their attorney. Claiming only audio and not the video is protected. Is there any more proof that Orlando has lost its right to try this case? My God, this is so over the line it is scary. Defense lawyers everywhere are blown away by this disgusting trick. Could you imagine what that means to us, the people, when we are charged with a crime we might have or might not have done? Lawyers everywhere were showing up on TV with thirty years of experience claiming in their whole careers they’ve never seen anything like that.

Americans have grown up with the understanding that the relationship between our doctors, lawyers and priests are sacred and protected. Now Orange County wants to splice the law and hold on to some technicality that would undermine our own understanding of a right to a fair trial. Gov. Charlie Crist and the Attorney General’s office need to step in and put an end to this immediately. Orange County and its power structure are running wild and out of control.

Not even the biggest Casey hater could ever agree with any of this. To tape people and their lawyers is so far off the scale of right and wrong that something needs to be done here. To claim the video is okay and only audio is protected, sounds like something out of the old Soviet Union and not anything American. Lord, what does this stance mean to deaf people who use sign language? Just the body language alone between client and lawyer could be a form of communication that should be protected. If it weren’t protected, it would be up for interpretation.

Could you imagine the government taping the meeting between a defendant and their lawyer and hiring a body language expert to claim one thing or another? The whole thing is mind-boggling and so wrong that people can see now what is going on in Orlando. This cannot stand. For we the people, this is a direct assault on our freedom and liberty. Stay silent on this one and you deserve the kind of government that is headed your way.

C. Rich

Casey Followers and the Hypocritical News

I have noticed over the course of time that I’ve written blogs about the Casey case, that the people that surround this case and keep it alive in the media are very strange people.

Not only do they remind me of vampires that suck the blood right out of their victims, but I can’t help but notice what a bunch of hypocrites they really all are.

Now I had some people give me a hard time because I had a pay per view article in which you had to pay to read my thoughts about this whole Casey case. Oh, some of you people went mad out of your minds. “How dare I make any money on the back of a dead baby!” Like I was some kind of monster who was trying to profit from a child’s death. Well, if I am a monster, I am a monster that feeds on your never-ending source of hypocrisy.

How dare you? Who do you think you are? I’ll tell you who you are; you’re a mob. You’re a mob bent on revenge. You believe that you’re justified with your rage because it was a child; because it was this child. You are the last and final word of the Casey case.
Give me a break. You people are utterly ridiculous.

You brought pressure upon a company that was selling the Caylee Sunshine doll. You put them right out of business because you didn’t think that was right. You used your local news outlet to be your weapon of mass destruction. Your huge stick of righteousness, you get to swing at anyone that crosses the line on what you think is right or wrong about the Casey case.

Well, here’s your hypocrisy, you sad and ignorant people, as you attack some doll maker or get angry at me for having a pay per view article, where is your focus on the real money? Have you ever asked yourself how much advertising revenue has been generated from your local news outlet? Have you ever asked where does all that money go, all those thousands of dollars? You use one entity that makes more money than anyone does on
the death of Caylee as a tool to attack someone who’s making nothing compared to the news organizations and people like Nancy Grace. You’re hypocrites, the whole lot of you. There’s not an original thought or measurable brainwave in your entire crazy subgroup.

Let me be very clear, I will write what I want to write and say what I want to say and make whatever money I want to make and there’s nothing you can do about it. Think about that for a minute. You cannot stop me from voicing my opinion. You cannot silence me. You cannot tell me when it is or is not appropriate to make money. You cannot tell me when or where or what charity I give the money to. You cannot do a damn
thing to me because I have a spine. If I was that doll maker who was being pressured by a media organization that was making 100 times more money than I was on the Casey case, I wouldn’t be bending over in utter fear. I would stand toe to toe with the concept of how hypocritical it was for someone to put a camera in my face who is making 100 times the amount of money than anyone is making on the Casey case telling me their opinion on who should and should not make money on the Casey case.

Let me close by telling you this. This is America. I have freedom of speech. This is still a free market. I can make a profit in whatever I damn well, please. Just because I did it for charity, doesn’t mean it was any more wrong or right if I put the money in my own pocket. Understand this, if you understand nothing, I see through your hypocrisy. I don’t

fear you. Moreover, I won’t stop. The reason why is very simple. As of now, America is still a free country.

Please tune in to my new Casey article on Monday, March 23.

C. Rich

Casey Anthony: Too Beautiful for Prison

We all remember the Tampa, FL case where the defendant Debra LaFave, the school teacher who had sex with her student, was declared too pretty to go to prison. When that type of argument was used successfully, it created a precedent that is considered to be used as examples in other cases.

So should the argument be made that Casey Anthony is way too beautiful to be sent to prison? Wouldn’t, like Debra LaFave, Casey be considered raw meat to the lions in prison? Isn’t that the term they used? I mean the judge agreed and everything on Debra being too pretty. Why not the same consideration for Casey Anthony? What’s good for the goose should be good for the gander.

Should Casey, being a brunette, be able to argue that this would be some discrimination against brunettes in reference to blondes in the Florida Judicial System? How could we possibly send a woman as pretty as Casey Anthony to prison? Isn’t this idea of being too pretty already in the judicial philosophy of the State of Florida? Well, it is. However, do you have to be a platinum blonde to avail one’s self to this judicial consideration?

Casey is clearly much prettier than Debra LaFave is, but she has dark hair. I can’t tell you how many men commented that when Casey was in court last that she looked great. They commented on how even being in jail and having no access to decent make-up or a sexy outfit, she still looked beautiful.

Oh yeah, you should have heard some of them. Talking about how her tight button shirt and tight pants revealing what a great body Casey has. Her curves and her wonderful chest being highlighted by her button shirt. It means that the law should be even-handed when they deal out this judicial consideration to brunettes, just as much as they do with blondes.

Now I know the crimes are different. Sex with students is not murder, but the charge itself was never considered in the Debra LaFave case. It was only her beauty that was in the arena of that idea. It wasn’t her charge. Maybe this is something for the Florida Supreme Court to consider. The fair and equitable distribution for this consideration of being too pretty for prison could end up at the feet of the United States Supreme Court itself. Can you just see the lawyers arguing that?

C. Rich

Casey Anthony – Murdering Whore?

Getting hired as a writer to write for America Speaks Ink, I was told that I had to fill some big shoes. That my predecessor was very witty and amassed an audience of tens of thousands from all over the world. So I decided to go through his archives and read some of his stuff. Now let’s put aside the fact that after my employer’s told me that statement and I read C. Rich’s stuff, that I started to worry whether my new employers were on some sort of psychedelic drugs; certainly not a good start for a new relationship.
However, they assured me that I had the full range of thought and would be able to convey to you, the many visitors, my own take on things.

The first thing I want to address is this madness surrounding all of the articles written on the Casey Anthony case. I took the time to read this thing and what I couldn’t figure out is whether C. Rich wanting her to just walk away or bring him to climax in some way.
Let’s revisit this thought, Casey Anthony innocent? Is he out of his mind??? Is also the former writer of this website on psychedelics as well?? Was my predecessor trying to make the argument that Casey was not an alleged child-murdering whore??

This kinda reminds me of the story about all of us growing up and being taught that there were nine planets in our solar system. Now we find out, that they were wrong. There are only eight planets and all those science projects that we made out of foam that some of us got an A grade on, were simply wrong.

C. Rich couldn’t be more wrong. Casey Anthony, even though there is nothing of a smoking gun, there is this thing of the smoking forest fire that surrounds this case with thick overwhelming black smoke that fills your lungs up and you can’t breathe. Don’t get me started with this Casey case. Just be prepared for a new way of looking at things. A new form of commentary that will slightly differ from the old.

Captain Strokeman

Casey Anthony Treated Unfairly

The request from the defense to hold a reunion for the whole Anthony family to mourn together was denied. This was another clear case of Casey Anthony not getting a fair shake at being treated as a human being by her captors.

Armed with the spurious comment that Casey is not going to get treated any differently from other inmates, the powers that be again hide behind hypocrisy and chicanery. To act like that request from the defense is some kind of special privilege and those things like

that don’t occur in the American system of the captivity of two million people, is on its face, misleading.

Even though there are many countries that have three or four times our population, America has in captivity more people than any other country on Earth. We have more than two million people incarcerated and Casey Anthony is one of them. To say a humane concession by her jailers, to allow a family a moment to mourn together is something out of the ordinary is to state utter nonsense.

People who are locked up are allowed conjugal visits, visits funerals, and many other peripheral event concessions. There are places that provide people double-wide trailers to spend the weekend in with a spouse. There are people who are allowed furloughs where they can go home for the weekend. Even California now allows the gay marriage of inmates and the ceremonies to get married, not to mention bail for people who are fighting for their freedom.

To say Casey Anthony won’t get any special treatment is an oxymoron. She is being treated differently. Different from anyone we’ve ever seen. Just watch all the videotapes from the jail. Who among us has seen anything like that before? To say they can’t find a jailhouse chapel for this family to be together in the name of Caylee and mourn is so unAmerican and certainly not Christian.

The constant in your face harsh treatment of Casey Anthony showcases how far we have drifted from “We the People.” There is no reason outside of malevolence why this family can’t have a half-hour together to process the loss of a family member.

There still is not a single piece of evidence that proves Casey Anthony murdered her daughter. Just a mountain of circumstantial evidence that justifies the odious treatment of Casey. To not even consider this family’s need to heal, regardless of what conviction or acquittal lays in the future, highlights why Orlando has forfeited its right to hold a trial in this case. It is a spectacle of basic human rights abuse. The whole thing is a travesty.

C. Rich

The Captain on the Casey Case

I read the article written by C. Rich posted on April 3rd and wanted to make a retort to his point of view. I do appreciate the fact that C. Rich is able to think up angles never before considered when one thinks of the Casey Anthony case. I have to admit he has come up with an out of the box kind of commentary when it comes to this public debate.
I don’t believe after reading all of his articles that he thinks Casey is innocent, but clearly, he is able to give us a much bigger look at the picture.

I do believe in this one, he is comparing apples and lemons. His comparison to other people’s treatment who is incarcerated is flawed. The examples he gives of people who have been convicted and how their long-term treatment in prison is handled has no bearing on the Casey case. Casey is in a county jail not a prison and none of those examples he cited is applicable to people in jail. There is a difference and to blend those facts into some insane commentary on the mistreatment of Casey is disingenuous. The “poor Casey” point of view is something of an anomaly and can’t be founded in common sense or logical commentary on this case anywhere but in his mind.

Casey has gotten everything she has deserved from my point of view and brought a lot of this on herself. Sometimes I wonder whether he remembers that there is a dead body of a child in all of this. Clearly letting her have some ceremony in jail for Caylee is inappropriate, since there is so much circumstantial evidence that leads one to believe the cops have the right person. If she is convicted of murdering her child, how would it look if the jail set up some ceremony for the killer? Maybe we should just wait for the outcome before we start setting up mourning sessions in the jail for Casey.

The Captain

Jury Pool Tainted for Casey Case

After more videos are released and the overexposure continues, the argument that Casey Anthony would get a fair trial in Central Florida is over. There is no way on the face of this Earth that Casey could possibly be judged by a fair jury anywhere near Orlando.

The videos poured out into the press have been overwhelming. This never-ending waterfall of private moments of countless people who had anything to do with her has destroyed the local jury pool. There has never been a stronger case for a change in the venue than the Casey Anthony case. The damage to people’s preconceived notion of her is irreversible at this point. This has legally become the poster child for cases that should be granted a change of venue requests.

The perennial release of one voyeuristic videotape after another has bordered on some Orwellian and insidious nightmare. The sure volume of these Peeping Tom type videos that are paraded all over the press is omnipresent. The jury pool is really beyond tainted. It has been decimated. So much crap has hit the airways that would never be allowed in a trial. However, that’s what the jury pool has been feeding on for so long. A fair trial in the area would be tantamount to some acid trip of logic. The tapes won’t stop coming.

The case for a change in venue is already a slam-dunk and as each day goes by, the argument to try her somewhere else is cemented in jurisprudence. It is wrapped in a pretty white bow of appeal. Anyone who tells you Casey Anthony could get a fair trial in Orlando is either purposely lying to you or has some brain damage that should be

checked out as soon as possible. The argument is over. It’s time to move this case somewhere else.

C. Rich

Oprah and the Anthony Family

Finally, those poor people, Anthony’s, will have a voice. Oprah has decided to give them a platform and for once, the Anthony’s can tell us what they think in their own voice. Instead of the media taking video clips and splicing tidbits together to make them look bad, the family will now have a forum to speak with their own words.

The pain these grandparents have gone through losing their granddaughter at such a young age has to be overwhelming. These decent people have had to endure the out of control treatment of their daughter on the news every night. This loving family has been through the wringer and our prayers are with them. Doing the Oprah show could be something of a healing process and a chance to explain the mistreatment of their daughter by her jailers. Maybe they can explain what it must feel like to watch the jailhouse set their daughter up and stage a videotape in the jail. This is something they got away with by just saying that it was a mistake and that they were sorry.

Maybe they will be able to explain how hard all of this has been, not having Casey by their side to grieve with them. I wonder if the jail will let Casey watch the Oprah show when her parents are on. They didn’t seem to have a problem putting her in front of the TV when there was a small body discovered in the woods. Most likely, they will deny her, all of a sudden, access to a TV. None of us has ever seen a case like this with all the horrible tricks. However, the Oprah show gives them a chance to clear the air.

Already lawyers just can’t leave these people alone and have shamelessly tried to impose themselves on the Oprah show. These people have even tried to influence the Oprah show by sending her stuff to try to shape the tone of the show. Just another unbelievably classless trick by the usual suspects.

Enough is enough; leave these grieving and very private people alone. Unless they think the grandparents also killed Caylee. I say it again. Shame is the stain of the stagers of news.

C. Rich

[Addendum: Oprah has canceled this interview. Apparently, the Anthony’s had told Oprah she would have the first crack at an interview, however, they made other interview plans with other shows and thus Oprah canceled hers. (Edited 4/22/09 by KB)]

Now They Want to Kill Casey

In a raffish turn of events, the prosecution now has changed their mind and wants to strap Casey to a gurney, put IVs in her veins and kill her dead. After all this time muddling through a circumstantial case, they now want to send Casey to Starke.

So what has changed? The word on the streets is that there is no new evidence to the case, but rather a dark and cynical competition between lawyers. People are saying that these lawyers of the prosecution and the defense have thrown the law aside and made things personal. What they are saying is the prosecution is using the death penalty as a tool to have Casey’s lawyer removed.

After trying everything in the book to try to get Casey’s lawyer thrown off, they failed. They failed every time and now want to use the death penalty as a way to bump the defense of lead counsel. They say if it becomes a death penalty case there is no way her lawyer can do it. He’s not a capital case lawyer. God help us if that is true. To see some prosecutor yield the death penalty around like his own personal vendetta to get another lawyer is scary stuff.

I hope this is only some rumor on the streets, but everyone is saying it, even Casey haters are taken back by this theory. Whether this is a theory or a rumor of sorts is beyond me, but I hope that misconduct is not going on. I would like to believe the prosecutor would only try to kill someone if they had a rock-solid case and not the nebulous case that has stared us all in the face for so long. This would be terrible and way over the top for any city.

We as free people need to take notice of any government official who bastardizes the law to his or her own means. The death penalty is not some strategic technicality that can be used when a prosecutor doesn’t like the lawyer he is facing. If on an even playing field, Casey’s defense is wiping the floor with the prosecution, then that is the way the cookie crumbles. However, to be a sore loser and use the death penalty to circumvent your failures is rapine and not legal by the way.

Someone needs to look back at this case when it is over and see whether there was new evidence that made this a capital case or whether it was prosecutorial misconduct that changed the direction of this infamous case. If we turn our heads to this felonious behavior, if it is found and we do nothing because we believe Casey had it coming to her, then we destroy the very foundation and the building blocks that separate us from communist nations.

Casey revenge is not worth all of us selling our souls. May the truth surface and the tricks stop! May the right to a fair trial exist even in Orlando, Florida!

C. Rich

Casey Anthony Found Not Guilty

After the long protracted legal battle, Casey Anthony walked out of jail today wearing a stunning Chanel dress highlighting her perfect body. Fireworks were set off in the streets of Orlando and thousands of supporters met her on the streets to welcome her back to freedom. She spoke briefly to the crowd thanking them for their support through this whole misunderstanding.

A limo awaited her to take her to the Oprah show and all the rounds of public appearances including a Barbara Walters Special. She has a few days to make the rounds on all the different television shows before she has to go to the photoshoot with Playboy where they paid her two million dollars to take it all off, for the millions of red-blooded males awaiting her beautiful naked body.

Casey’s acquittal came fast when the case against her fell apart. The prosecutor lost the case almost from the beginning when the state was unable to even get a coroner to determine a cause of death for Caylee. It was hard to convict someone of murder when the state couldn’t even prove how the child died, let alone whether she was murdered or not. The state had little chance of conviction when they couldn’t even produce one eyewitness to this so-called crime. Prosecutors couldn’t even tie the remains of the child’s body to Casey at all. They didn’t have one shred of evidence connecting Casey
with the remains. All forensic evidence was worthless when it was determined that not all the hairs found in the trunk of the car, were decomposed. Only one single hair was even in a decomposed state and that could have fallen in the trunk at any time.

The whole case was circumstantial and justice prevailed when the American legal system and its process shined bright. Orlando was publicly humiliated when they tried to send someone to the death chamber and had nothing to even prove the person was even there at the time of the death. After all the media exposure and lynching of Casey’s character, the poor mother of a dead child was released to mourn in freedom.

Word of a pending Hollywood big-budget movie was the talk on the streets. There was even talk of Revlon making her the spokesperson for a new line of make up for a classy woman with beautiful skin.

One writer from America Speaks Ink was the first to even start to question the case against Casey. When a public opinion became more like a lynch mob. The writer C. Rich was the first voice in the wilderness to even question whether the state even had a case at all. This break in the glass ceiling allowed news organizations everywhere and radio shows to start to look at the Casey case in a whole new light. Rumors abound that C. Rich will be awarded a Pulitzer Prize for his articles on the Casey case. It was his bravery to write alternative views on the Casey case that led the people to come out of their fog and look at the legal part of the case with an open mind.

Special candlelight dinner was planned for C. Rich and Casey at an undisclosed restaurant sometime in the near future. Casey credits the writings of C. Rich as the rock that got her through this difficult time. Rumors of these two becoming the new Hollywood power couple was squashed when C. Rich’s wife found out about all of this and threatened to kill him with duct tape and a heart sticker. C. Rich took her threats seriously when he discovers on his wife’s credit card, a purchase for a bottle of chloroform.

Maybe this is the fantasy world C. Rich is in when one looks into his deranged mind. The Captain

Reason: Why Casey’s Story is Believable

With all of the weakness of the prosecution’s case being exposed finally on the nightly news, the legal case for the state has been unveiled for all to see. Nightly newscasts that give four solid reasons why Casey could never be convicted of murdering Caylee are commonplace now.

The one thing a lot of people can’t settle in their minds is how her stories were so erratic and all over the place looking like lies. It is this alone that some people point to and say this is why she is guilty. Some people will ignore completely the fact that the state does not have a good legal case for a conviction and just point to the inconsistencies in Casey’s story. It is this alone that convinces this crowd she did it.

However, since it has been established the Casey was a partier and lived that lifestyle, like many of us, might or might not have done in our early adult years, then, why not consider this fact. Sober people are trying to make sense of drugged behavior. Maybe people are trying to logically apply common sense to an illogical situation. If a lot of this was a drug-induced stupor, then that would explain quite a bit. If there is no evidence, Casey was even there at the time of death or even an autopsy that tells us how the child died, then maybe her behavior on drugs after the fact means nothing at all.

Just think about it. Everyone is trying to figure out what Casey did after the fact. If you are in some drug-induced daze and then, of course, other people would not be able to make sense of it. Of course, erratic drug behavior is not something we could make any sense of at all. It would explain that story where she was standing in the park and the woman just took her kid. Casey describes it as she just froze and was in shock and couldn’t move. Well, that sounds like someone so high, that it seemed in that park almost like an out of body experience. She was probably high and comfortably numb watching that woman walk away with her kid.

My point is, who the hell knows? If she was a bad mother, whose bad motherhood had a cause and effect on her child’s death, then that one thing? It is not, however, murder. That

kind of motherhood does not rise to the level of the death chamber for premeditated murderers and the prosecutors damn well know it.

If you don’t understand this, then you’re probably part of the mob. You’re probably so blind with anger that you just want to fry Casey. This could be a great thing for the real killer. What if the real killer is having a field day watching all this on TV? The fact that this case is so weak and the cops are not working some other angle to see if something else happened here, convinces people even more of Casey’s innocence of murder.

Let us not forget the cops have already been caught lying and falsifying documents. One cop at least has already been fired over this. From top to bottom, this case stinks from the high heavens. Lying cops, prosecutors playing lawyer games with the death chamber and the jailors staging videotaped events does not give a lot of us solace or make us believers in murder.

Some people are just not convinced the authorities to have the right person. Some of us do not believe the authorities in Orlando have any right to even try this case with all this chicanery. If you can’t understand trying to send someone to the death chamber for murder when you can’t even prove someone was even murdered. Well, you are so far gone that I’m sure reality doesn’t make many trips to your consciousness. You should never avail yourself again to the benefit of the doubt.

I am the devil’s advocate.

C. Rich

Casey Anthony Has A New Lawyer

Casey Anthony has such a great death penalty lawyer, Andrea Lyon, that now we all get to see some justice. This woman is so good that we don’t have to ever worry about the state of Florida ever getting the chance to pump poison through Casey’s veins until she’s dead. The death penalty will be rendered unfair when it comes to this state trying to kill a human being with little or no evidence to do it. This is great news if you are a person that would be concerned that the state they lived in would automatically kill someone, who they couldn’t even prove whether the person was even there at the time of someone’s death.

Casey Anthony even looks different when we see her on film. Hell, it has been a year since she first was arrested and now she looks older and sexier. Almost like she is a woman now. Her hips have spread a little and her body has taken on a more shapely figure and looks so sexy or at least that is what the guys are saying at the gym. One said Casey’s beauty overshadows crime. Of course, that is a little over the top, but when it comes to Casey Anthony there is a vast difference between the way men and woman look

her and at this case. Everyone knows now that Casey will never go to death row with this new lawyer by her side.

All the voices come to the surface from all the people who have been waiting for Casey to walk out of jail and stand upon the stage. The movies and naked pictures in some major national magazine are now back on the table with the arrival of this new death penalty case lawyer. Casey will hit the market and that is what all the men are waiting for. They wait for the day she walks out of jail vindicated.

Welcome aboard counselor.

C. Rich

The Anthony Family Has Decency on Their Side

The Anthony family to seal the public records from the coroner’s office has filed a motion. Now, normally in most cases, I would say, “Hell, no! The coroner’s office is paid for by our tax money!” However, somewhere in the law should be a place for just human decency to trump whether it’s lawful or not. This is the argument the lawyers should be made to the judge. It’s going to come down to human decency prevailing with this judge and this is the angle any argument should be made. Can this particular judge personally understand that it would be indecent to release this to the public under these circumstances?

I mean I realize that there need to be extreme reasons why we would seal any of our public records from the public. After all, they work for us and we should never forget that, but I think this case is the exception. I could just imagine them releasing these records and the insane Casey hating mob will turn up the heat once again and start writing blogs, getting on talk radio, discussing, and debating the gory details of this poor child’s autopsy. I mean, I don’t care what you think of the Anthony family; I wouldn’t want to put anyone through something like that. To turn on my TV or radio and hear these zealots talking and debating whether or not there was a fracture in my granddaughter’s femur would be beyond appalling. I mean enough is enough.

Just out of pure decency, these records should be sealed. It would be disgraceful to have those grandparents relive all of what has happened up to this point, cause that is exactly what would happen if these records are released; the Internet ants to the Anthony picnic. That’s what we’re talking about here.

If common sense prevails, the Anthony family should have decency on their side.

C. Rich

Judge Rules for the Casey Team

Like the spring flowers that perennially bloom around this time of year, fair-minded justice peeks its head out in the Casey Anthony case. The judge in the Casey Anthony case blocked the staged jailhouse video from being released, stating that it would harm Casey’s right to a fair trial. Finally, after all the madness of this case, has common sense raised its head in this unfair treatment of Casey Anthony?

Never before have we seen an individual so utterly exposed before trial. The creepy voyeuristic public appetite will just have to get through the day without some Casey morsels to chew on. The jailhouse was wrong to do this and this writer told you so. Now the law tells you I was right. The tricks of the jailers will not be rewarded and you should all be happy with that. Next time you’ll listen to me. The abuse of the Sunshine Law needs to be looked at here. The judge recognized that enough is enough.

Even with this latest ruling, the chance Casey could have to a fair trial in Orlando is as about as good of a chance as Disney lowering their admission price to ten dollars. At least this was the first attempt to reel back some of the hyper-exposure that left Miss Anthony a victim of mob justice. However, nothing can change the fact that this case should be moved to another venue.

When strangers gather to cry over the anniversary of the death of a child they’ve never met, things have gotten too spooky around Orlando. A chance for a fair trial there doesn’t exist. Anyone with a brain can see that this case has taken on some cult-like kind of thing and should be tried somewhere far away from the strange attention this case draws in Orlando. It is one thing to care about the death of Caylee; it is altogether another thing when you take it to a level as if you knew the child. Compassion is one thing. Cult-like weirdness is another. This case with no cause of death, no eyewitness, no ties to the remains and all of the negative forensic tests needs to take a new posture and bail should be revisited.

This ruling signifies an attempt to return to the law and jurisprudence. Casey Anthony is innocent until it is proven she is guilty. Defendants and the accused have rights. Having this axiom reaffirmed by the judge gives this writer a big I told you so. Chalk one up for justice.

C. Rich

The Anthony Family Loses Motion

In another case of living by the very letter of the law and violating the very heart of the law, the judge ruled today against George and Cindy Anthony in their request not to

make the autopsy report public. Clearly, this was going to be a hard thing for these grandparents to accomplish, because, after all, it takes extraordinary reasons to seal public records. It was an uphill battle from the beginning when they filed the motion and the only chance they had was to reach for the heartstrings of the judge based on decency.

In a sad result for what is clearly decent or not, Anthony’s lost their motion to have the autopsy records sealed and now the public will be all over the details. I was split on my decision on whether I agreed with Anthony’s or not because I do believe the coroner’s office works for us and there should be no secrets. However, just thinking about those poor grandparents and the rest of that family having to relive the gruesome details of Caylee’s death was enough for me to root for Cindy and George.

The anguish on George’s face in the middle of the courtroom as he broke down, was evidence enough for me to have been justified in championing their cause. Watching George breakdown as he tried to get into the elevator while dodging the cameras being shoved in his face, made me realize that this poor family is in for another round of hyper- exposure.

I am sad that the judge ruled this way and I was hoping that he would see the big picture because this case has been astonishing. Despite the way you might or might not think of Cindy and George and keeping in mind your opinions of them going on so many nationwide talk shows, I have to say that at the end of the day when all the dust has settled, they really are just grandparents who have lost their precious granddaughter. I have compassion for that. I think George and Cindy are decent people at heart and have just been put into a terrible situation. I think people extending their anger and rage of Casey onto her parents is a little bit too much, even if they hadn’t handled everything properly. But, for God’s sake, how would anyone of us handle these kinds of things?
Something like this doesn’t come with an instruction manual. We all sit back and say we wouldn’t have done this or that, but you don’t know and you don’t ever want to know.

Say what you want, they’re still human beings who could never have a chance for closure with this insane sensationalism of this case. The ongoing interest has to wear them down, no matter how strong they might or might not be. In the end, the judge followed the law and no one can really fault him for that. There will be many emotions and twists and turns in the case to come to get a good gauge on whether this judge will be impartial or not.
Until then, I will reserve my judgment. Decency was on Anthony’s side; however, the law was not.

C. Rich

The State’s Case Against Casey Looking Weak

So there I am, I’m getting into my SUV and I turn on my satellite radio to a local station out of Orlando and Bam! There is a discussion about the Casey case. The radio host was explaining to the audience that the State of Florida just asked the judge to put off the murder case until next year or beyond and they now they just want to prosecute the bad check case first! The radio show was having this huge debate screaming how the state has no case and that Casey will walk! He said, “I’m telling you folks, Casey will walk!”

“No one,” he said, “would put off a murder prosecution for a bad check case unless they had nothing for the murder case!” Now the whole time I’m listening to this I’m driving down the road smiling. I just thought back when I started writing about this case, I was the only one anywhere who was looking at this case for how weak it is. People went nuts and jumped all over me but now here I am driving down the road listening to people on the radio saying the same damned thing I’ve been saying for months now.

The guy on the radio might have been a Johnny-come-lately for all I know but he was right. No way has anyone bumped a murder case unless they have such a crappy case and know they can’t win. They figure, “Let’s at least get her in prison on the checks because this murder case is falling apart.”

Hell, it was never a case in the first place. These nuts were trying to convict someone of a capital crime and they couldn’t even prove how someone died or who was even there.
Their reach on this case has been stunning. I’m sure they will put whatever spin on it out of pride. However, there is no hiding the weakness of that legal move and if I were Casey’s lawyer, I’d pounce on that. She has a right to a speedy trial and any trick, like putting the bad check case in front of the murder case, clearly is a violation of her right to a speedy trial. It looks like they put the cart in front of the horse with this entire thing.

Maybe someone should consider going out there to look for the real murderer here. There have already been reports of how the Modus Operandi here mirrored some case of these other murders surrounding some porn ring. Maybe it is time for someone in law enforcement to start from scratch and look at this case objectively. Someone should at least consider the possibility that there could be a different ‘murderer’ here.

I can’t believe anyone in the state’s attorney’s office or the governor’s office has walked into the state’s attorney’s office in Orlando and asked someone there how on earth do you prosecute a murder case when you can’t even show a cause of death? I mean, really think about it. Who’s in charge? Has no one even checked a single paper? Has no one even walked into their office and asked how on earth do you prosecute somebody for murder and ask for the death penalty when you can’t even prove she was there? I mean, who’s doing the thinking down there?

What I am saying is that the state has a mountain of DNA forensic evidence that goes against them. They can’t even connect the person they’ve charged with murder and threatened with a lethal injection to the remains of any of the evidence. If you as a citizen of Florida aren’t concerned about this and how your local government can go on some rampage like this, then you need your head examined. I’m gonna say this one more time.

If the state is allowed to bump a murder case and put in front a bad check case, they violate the defendant’s right to a speedy trial. What is amazing is that this group down in Orlando not only screws things up really badly, but they do things in such a way that they become the poster children of how not to do things.

Say what you want about my assertions, but we need a fresh, new set of eyes to look at this case.

C. Rich

Casey Anthony Is Not Hot Anymore?

Casey Anthony showed up in court nearly fifty pounds overweight. She showed clear signs of serious depression and was very emotional crying several times while in court. In addition, she clearly has no love left for her parents, whose own words will be used by
the state to try to convict her. I’m sure that is no fun.

I got a bunch of calls from guys at the gym telling me to turn on the TV. They were yelling, “Casey is not hot anymore!” and “Look at all the weight she gained.” and “She waddled into court.” Man, the same guys who were drooling over her just a year ago were now throwing her under the bus in a neutral system second. It was something to hear, I must say.

So I turn on my TV and saw Casey in some physical state that made her look like a completely different person. A shocking free fall of sexiness, the guys said. In addition, that made the women who hated her, smile bigger than the sun. You thought the guys were bad. The e-mails I got from the ladies, who were so jealous of her looks, were glowing with ha-ha.

Now being a man who likes cushion for the pushin’, I was not turned off by her weight gain. In fact, I think it is unfair that men can gain weight but a woman is held to a completely different standard. The truth is Casey looks fine to me with the weight gain.

I was more caught off guard about how she appeared to be mentally. It is clear to me that all this unfair treatment and mishandling of this case has worn her down. The jail got caught trying to videotape her and trick her, the state is playing games with the death penalty with her circumstantial case and her defense team can’t seem to get this trial moved to a city where she could have a fair trial. All and all, not even Wonder Woman could handle this crushing pressure.

I’d like to apologize to Casey Anthony publicly. If my lack of writing on this case over the last few months contributed in any way to her depression or weight gain, I am sorry. If the only writer out there who shines a light on what a weak case the state has taken a sabbatical, then there is a reason for depression and weight gain. I’m all she’s got.

Everyone wants to hang her and all I can see is the weakest death penalty case I’ve seen in years.

Casey Anthony needs me. This is clear. So I’m going to make this offer. For every ten pounds Casey loses, I, C. Rich, will write a brilliant article publicly exposing unseen angles in this ridiculous case. The way I see it, this is at least five articles. The only reason why I want her to lose the weight is to silence the mob of ha-ha woman who sends me e-mails. I think she looks fine physically. I just don’t want the state to destroy a human being and get away with it. Particularly when the state is trying to strap down some woman to a gurney and give her a lethal injection.

The truth is, when they can’t even prove if the child was murdered or even that the defendant was even there, prosecutorial pride and prejudice have gone too far.

C. Rich

Casey Anthony: What Heart Sticker?

In a stunning turn of events, the one thing that Casey haters clung onto was this so-called heart-shaped sticker that never was. In an explosive day for the Casey Anthony case, the FBI has said they destroyed the one piece of evidence that made this case look personal. The feds are now claiming that they destroyed the so-called heart sticker residue that was said to be put on the duct tape that was placed over Caylee’s mouth.

The picture that floated around had to have been a fraud unless you believe that the sticker would magically end up on a piece of cardboard 40 feet away. Unlikely; that would ever happen. This is not like a lab class in high school. Since the defense was barred from ever having access to the crime scene and the fact that without the evidence in existence, no way does that information make it to the light of day in the courtroom.

Can anyone say “Not Guilty” or “acquittal” from this point on? This case has fallen apart faster than the prosecutor could say the words “Death Penalty.” Day by day, Casey marches towards freedom and at this point, the prosecutors must drop the death penalty in fear of ending up in prison themselves for prosecutorial misconduct. No way they can justify anymore playing games with the death penalty with such a weak case. It cheapens the death penalty itself and is more evidence why it shouldn’t exist at all, for those people against its use.

The bottom line is there is no heart sticker shape on any tape in existence and this is just another nail in the coffin in this weak case. It doesn’t matter who says there was a sticker shape. If it doesn’t exist in the world, it cannot be used at all, period. So let me say this aloud for the deaf mob reading this. There is no heart sticker. There is no heart sticker.
There is no heart sticker when there is no heart-shaped adhesive spot. This woman is going to walk. There is no case here.

C. Rich

Casey Anthony and the Back Fat

When the story hit that Casey Anthony was broke and that all her commissary money was dried up, my inbox blew up. People were asking me to throw together some fundraiser to send Casey money in jail.

Men at the gym were debating whether they would send her money or not. I just sat there laying on the bench press listening to a large group of men go back and forth on whether it was a good idea or not. In the end, they decided that if they sent the money, Casey would just gain more weight and that was unacceptable to these guys.

Casey probably doesn’t realize it, but because she gained that weight, she kind of screwed herself. The men were only sending money because they thought she was stunning, hot and sexy. With the weight gain, somehow her beauty faded in many of their eyes. In the end, gaining weight was the single greatest reason why the money dried up.

Now I know George went down there and put fifty dollars on her account, but that would be nothing compared to all the horny men in gyms all over the world. I don’t think people really understand the magnitude of how worldwide Casey’s beauty went. I have people from all over the globe that follow my Casey stories and you would never believe how many men on the other side of the planet fantasize about Casey’s uncanny beauty.

People won’t send her money now because they don’t want to be complicit in the downfall of a Beauty Queen. Men are starting to shift their attention, I’ve noticed, to Misty Croslin-Cummings, but I won’t comment on her beauty until she is eighteen years old. I’m not too affected like some about Casey’s weight, because I like a woman with a big butt.

I’m more creeped out that we all know what the woman is eating. Think about it. Since when do we ever know what people are eating in jail? I mean how insane is this coverage? Not even Charlie Mason had his commissary menu published for the world to see. Yet, we know what kind of peanuts and hot and spicy corn chips Casey is eating. If that is not complete and utter proof this woman has no chance at a fair trial in Orlando, then nothing else can be said.

The only way men will start sending her money again in jail is if she starts losing weight. She must jog in place or something because these horny men with money have little tolerance for back fat unless it comes from a deer they shot.

C. Rich

Crying Casey Christmas

Instead of the courts handing out the proper seasonal gift of bail to a grieving mother, they allow this circus to march on. Dec 11, 2009, was a day of fantastical fiction once again in the land of cartoons. Orlando once again shows that fantasy and reality somehow have a home there to co-exist.

When the state made its argument on why this should be considered a death penalty case, not only did the prosecution not make such an argument but was allowed multiple explanations of off the wall theories. A death penalty case must show not only murder but also premeditated murder. The fact that there is no scientific evidence whatsoever anywhere proving this child was murdered seems not to matter to this judge. What he allowed was more than one theory to be put out there that could have or could not have happened about a dead body that was or was not murdered. Following this logic why stop at two different theories? Why not allow the state to put forth twenty or thirty fairytale theories about a murder that might not even be a murder?

Hell, anyone can come up with a theory about anything for God’s sake. How about backing up at least one of these theories with a modicum of proof? Whether it’s the coffin flies theory or some theatrical tirade in front of the cameras about Caylee’s eyes watching each level of tape being put on, it is all conjecture. Let us get back to science and burden of proof, shall we? Let us not forget “none of us” can tell us whether that tape was put on before or after Caylee died.

Yes, that pesky thing called evidence will pop its head up once again to those of us thinking people. It is time to get back to the basics here. The state needs to prove why this is a death penalty case against this particular defendant. The state not only failed to connect or prove her mother did any of this but also clearly demonstrated they are counting on putting on a show for the people who have already made up their minds about Casey. The whole day in court was a sham and a shame, not to mention a complete affront on the right to a fair trial. Making the Anthony family cry with off the wall theories of murder in no way proves anything, but maybe the prosecutor’s office could work in Hollywood writing CSI episodes.

What was also proven is that this in no way, shape, or form qualifies as a death penalty case. It comes down to one simple thing. If the state can not prove a dead body was murdered or show through science how the person died, the plateau that is needed to be reached for a death penalty case is not met. Capital punishment is not something wielded about on the populace with prosecutors throwing darts at a theoretical dartboard. When we as a society strap a woman to a gurney and pump poison in her veins until she is dead, we had better damn sure know that person did it. This process usually starts when one knows how a victim actually died. There is no room for multiple theories when the state kills a person to make the statement that killing people is wrong.

Caylee could have died accidentally and we will never know because the evidence is simply not there. If it is possible that she died accidentally and we all know the possibility exists, then this is not a death penalty case. Period; end of the story. For the judge
to allow the state to say that if the theory of theirs doesn’t fit, well here’s another one that might have happened is a travesty.

This is the very proof and foundation on why this should not be a death penalty case. Multiple theories and made up conjecture is not the criteria for capital punishment in America. Orlando is no exception, regardless of how many theme parks you have. The death penalty is not a roller coaster you can sell tickets to people for them to ride or view.

C. Rich

The Indefatigable Casey Prosecution

The untiring effort to prosecute Casey Anthony seems to have no end. Nowhere in sight is it visible to the independent eye that this woman is getting a fair shake.

Today in court, December 16, 2009, the judge denied the defense’s motion to throw out the videos of Casey in jail that have become so public. Citing the Sunshine Law and stating that Casey should not be treated any differently than anyone else under this law is completely disingenuous and intellectually vacant.

The raging truth is Casey is different because the grand bonanza voyeuristic orgy of her jailhouse videos are like nothing we’ve ever seen before. These videos have become a voyeur’s smorgasbord. Every Tom, Dick, and Harry under the sun has seen these videos and have come up with and listened to all sorts of interpretations of everything from a sigh to a cry to even a laugh. Never before have we ever seen a defendant so absolutely dissected that every move she makes is followed by some public conspiracy theory.

The viewings of these jailhouse tapes and the bizarre interpretations that are being espoused through the media and the public are disgusting and have no legitimacy of reality. How anyone could say what she is thinking when she has a facial expression or some reaction to something is utterly insane.

The court, on one hand, wants to say Casey can’t be treated any differently than any other defendant and on the other hand, turn a blind eye to the most anomalistic defendant and public treatment ever seen in a court of law. The judge does have the power to acknowledge the abuses and misdirection of the Sunshine Law and do something about it. It’s too convenient to say, “If you don’t like the law, go to the legislators and have it changed.” A judge is there to interpret the law. When a law is so clearly bastardized that the initial intent of a law metamorphoses into something that is a very violation of the initial intent of the law then society itself and the right to a fair trial is turned completely upside down.

The judge left for the future his ruling on the rest of the tapes involving her parents and the release of said tapes. This time the judge doesn’t have to blaze a new trail of righteousness, but follow precedence and acknowledge that a similar case has already ruled that tapes like these are inadmissible.

People, what I am saying to you is this voyeuristic appetite that you’re witnessing and participating in during the Casey Anthony case is so far off the chain of what is right and what is wrong that I must say all of you have lost your compass. It is off the tracks when you consider what is fair and what is unfair.

There is a mountain of examples as high as the empire state building to prove that Orlando, Florida has forfeited any right to try this case. There is no case in history ever before that deserves a change in a venue more than the Casey Anthony case.

Voyeurs beware. One day the system might shine the light on you and crush the very idea you once held that you were innocent until proven guilty. Who will be there to fight for your right for a fair trial? I know who will be there watching you on YouTube.

C. Rich

Casey Anthony: Reasonable Doubt Has Arrived

The Casey Anthony murder trial has always been littered with reasonable doubt throughout the case. However, not even the blinded Casey hating mob could deny the latest bombshell dropped on the battlefield of jurisprudence. All of the reasonable doubt I have shined a light on through my series of Casey articles pales in comparison to the latest neutron bomb of information dropped on the prosecution.

There is a woman now who is dying of cancer, which is making what could only be described as a deathbed confession. The ex-wife of the man that serendipitously found Caylee’s body is now coming forth with information that turns this case completely upside down and could prove Casey Anthony innocent after all. The dying woman is claiming that her ex-husband also tied her up with duct tape and also duct-taped her mouth.

Now the man who claims he just stumbled upon the body by chance, has had the finger pointed at him before. This is not the first time he has been accused of being the killer. The difference here is that this statement by his dying ex-wife brings forth with it a storm of reasonable doubt that is actually reasonable.

Pure math is all that is needed to infer here. The mathematical odds of the person who found the body to actually have in his background a story of tying people up with duct tape is beyond something anyone could ignore. Not only does it point to him as being the alleged killer, it at the very least, brings forth reasonable doubt that carries the weight of the world on it. Certainly the weight of Casey’s world and her chance at freedom.

No way on Earth can a jury convict Casey of anything let alone murder when the person who found the body allegedly has duct-taped other human beings before. In view of the fact that there’s not a jury in America that would ever convict someone of murder with

this lingering over it, the only thing left is to have the courts bar the dying woman’s testimony and make believe it doesn’t exist at all.

This judge has already shown the world that he is hell-bent on presiding over a famous murder trial, despite the evidence from the coroner’s office. The fact that the state can’t even prove how the child died, ignoring the dying woman’s deathbed confession could happen here. Anything is possible when it comes to the mishandling of the Casey Anthony Case.

Thinking people have already voiced to me that no matter what happens to show Casey’s innocence, she will not receive her justice until this case either get transferred to another venue or the case reaches the appellate level, where they can undo what this judge and prosecution has done in Orlando. When the appellate level sees how a judge allowed this trial to go forth as a capital case when the cause of death is undetermined, all Hell will break loose.

C. Rich

Casey Anthony: Indigent But Beautiful

The judge has ruled that the state of Florida has to chip in on the cost of Casey Anthony’s defense. In the proceedings, it was revealed that ABC paid Casey or her family 200,000 dollars for some pictures and home videos. However, the money has been spent and since they refuse to grant her bail for some insane reason, Casey does not have the ability to make money and pay for her own defense.

The irony of the people who wanted Casey to be denied bail is so funny. Now those same people have to pay through their very own tax money. How about that for turnabout? The truth is, as soon as Casey walks out the door when the state fails to convict her, she will have no more money problems. Hollywood awaits her, I’m sure, with multiple book and movie deals.

Casey has one moneymaking thing going for her. She is beautiful and looks are quite a marketable thing. While it is clear that she is losing weight, it really doesn’t matter, because she has a pretty face. She will clearly have no money problems in the future.

What I found more interesting was the fact that ABC was paying people big money for pictures and videos. I thought ABC News was somewhat of a “real” news organization. However, it seems they have slipped into the shady world of paying people in their news stories as The National Inquirer does.

I have nothing against paying people, but those ABC hypocrites claim that they don’t pay people for interviews, but only paid for pictures and videos. Sounds like some self-

created loophole to me. At the end of the day, ABC is not fooling anyone and has succinctly put their creditability at risk of thinking people.

For me, I’m just waiting for a movie of the week on ABC starring Casey Anthony as Casey Anthony. It should get great ratings. I’ll have my popcorn ready. A star will be born.

C. Rich

Casey Anthony: Should She Have More Children?

This irrational stance of the judge to not grant Casey bail has delayed Casey from having more kids. Any argument made that Casey poses a threat to the community is baseless and ridiculous at best.

As the world feeds on their voyeuristic smorgasbord of Casey’s jailhouse letters, one thing is clear to rational people. As you read through the letters and travel through the mind of Casey and her personal thoughts, the one thing that jumps out is these are not letters of a serial killer like many try to make her out to be.

Besides the fact that this is a window into a family’s dirty laundry, the letters are not the words of a murderer. If one was to compare the jailhouse letters of Charlie Manson to these letters, what would jump out at you is the fact that it is apples and oranges. Sure, you have a lot to chew on with a wall full of gossip, but at the end of the day, it’s just the words and thoughts of a young woman thrust into a terrible situation.

Casey has experienced an unimaginable nightmare by losing her only child. Whatever mistake she did or did not make as a mom only enhances the burden of her loss. When women lose their kids, there is a growing process within and an acknowledgment of how to do it better next time. Casey might have learned a lot about motherhood and is now being denied another chance at it. Keeping her in jail prevents her from having more children and being able to somewhat fill an emotional void.

Since Casey produces beautiful children, the world would be a more beautiful place if she is granted bail. She is being denied her reproductive rights as a woman, not to mention
her right to be considered innocent until proven guilty. This judge is not doing his part for the beautification of Central Florida by denying Casey bail. The world needs more people that are beautiful and Casey is a beautiful baby machine. Her superior genetics is not being allowed to flourish.

The beautification of Orlando should be a defense argument for bail. Since all logic has been thrown out the window in regards to Casey being granted bail, this argument I put forth here holds the same weight as the fantastical reasons given of why this woman is a threat to the community.

Since this entire trial and this matter of bail has been surrounded by fantasy and lacks logic and reason, why not join the fray? After all, Casey haters should not have a monopoly on illogical thought patterns. You must fight crazy with craziness. What else can one do when you are locked in a steel cage-match with mental giants?

It is very possible that Caylee died by accident somehow and the rest was staged by someone to cover that up. The coroner’s office could not even determine how the child died. It is much more likely that some accident happened here and not some premeditated murder. It looks like the only thing planned was the cover-up by someone. Far short of first-degree murder and far short of a first-degree murder conviction. We will soon see.

C. Rich

Casey Anthony: Queen of the Jungle

Within the voyeuristic buffet of Casey’s jailhouse letters, lay the comments about how her vagina pubic hairs. She talks about her lack of razors and how she has developed a jungle of a bush.

It made me think about how in the 1980′s it started when women would shave their pubic hair completely, leaving a bald vagina behind in all of its naked glory. The whole concept caught on and it became common practice for most women to shave. Hygiene was used
as rational on why such a practice was sensible.

The men, including myself at the time, loved it and it was unusual to find a woman with any pubic hair at all. Fast-forward three decades and the jungle look that Casey was complaining about is having a retro come back. Women in big numbers are going back to the more natural look of that special region and I, for one, am glad to see the return of what a woman should truly look like.

The shaving thing got old and made many men feel like they were hanging out with some Girl Scout Troop when they were with their ladies. The return of the jungle brings back that sense of how special woman really are in their God-given form. It has become such a turn on for many of us who love women to look like women and not little girls.

Casey Anthony might find when she gets out of that jail, tastes have changed and that the jungle she has been complaining about has many Tarzans waiting to swing in it. She did mention that she was thinking about changing her name. Well, Casey, how about “Jane?”

C. Rich

Casey Anthony’s Victory: Good Riddance Judge Strickland

Casey Anthony took one step closer to her ability to receive a fair trial with Judge Strickland stepping down. Casey and her defense team can only feel like “good riddance” when it comes to this obvious bias judge. Almost every step of the way, this judge has been complicit in allowing an array of people to destroy Casey Anthony’s right to a fair trial.

Perhaps the most egregious evidence that this judge was on the wrong side of the law was his continuing efforts to deny Casey Anthony bail. There is absolutely no reason, according to the law, that Casey should be denied bail. She has steadfast claimed her innocence and even when the state of Florida offered her a deal because they had a weak case, she still maintained her innocence and refused any plea bargain.

A person accused of a crime has the right to be innocent until proven guilty. Unless the defendant is a danger to the community, there is no reason why someone claiming innocence should be denied bail. There is no evidence at all that Casey committed premeditated murder. All the DNA evidence came back negative and all the prosecution has is a mountain of circumstantial evidence, rumors and out-right misrepresentations of the facts. Casey Anthony, in no way, is a threat to the community.

Science can’t even tell us how the victim, little Caylee, died, yet judge Strickland allowed this case to proceed as a death penalty case and has denied her bail ever since. Casey now has a chance to have a different judge who is not concerned about being a media hound
or doing the tango with Bloggers in the blogosphere. The results of Strickland stepping down should be immediate bail granted to Casey Anthony on what’s called a signature bond where no money is needed.

For all the people following this case who have watched the law be turned upside down on its head and watched the Sunshine law be gang-raped by voyeurs, Strickland stepping down is a shot across the bow for justice.

Because I doubt Casey is given much time to read everything that is happening on the outside, I will print out every article I wrote on Casey Anthony and mail it to her at the jailhouse and give her something else to read instead of the Bible. She, above all
people, should be aware of the details of what has been happening. I have gotten many emails of support encouraging me to keep writing alternative Casey Anthony articles. I would like to thank them all.

I won’t let all of you down and I will continue to offer thought-provoking commentary on the scenario. If Casey feels like she gets a fair shake at America Speaks Ink, then maybe she’ll use this venue to voice what she feels about things. I will offer her an opportunity to have a voice here, where she has people who believe in innocent until proven guilty.

C. Rich

Casey Anthony Did Not Plan Murder

The reason why we don’t have to lynch mobs today is apparent in the Casey Anthony Murder Trial. The mob and the State Florida fuel by their passions are claiming that Casey Anthony planned the murder of her own daughter. What would be the motive one
would ask? Well, the theory is Casey just loved to party and go clubbing so much, that she just had to plan the murder of her daughter so she can make ladies night without having
to get a babysitter.

That is the theory. Caylee was in the way of going to nightclubs. It just sounds so insane when you say it aloud. Go ahead try it. Try to say that and maintain a straight face. It is one thing to say that Casey contributed somehow to her daughter’s death in some unknown way. It is a whole different realm, to declare that this was premeditated murder. That this was a case of someone putting together some nefarious plan to take the life of another person. However, that is exactly what the state has charged her with and precisely why they will not get a conviction.

In their zealotry, they went too far with the actual charge. On top of charging her with first-degree murder, which there is just no evidence of, they assured her that she would walk by elevating it to a death penalty case. Why did they do that? Was it because there was so much overwhelming evidence of a planned murder? No, they made it a death penalty case as a tactical move to knock off the defense lawyer she has, who is not qualified to do a death penalty case.

Should you “the people” be concerned that the government is wheeling around the death chamber as some lawyerly move in some case? Well, you should. God, I hope you would. The death penalty is about as serious as it gets; when you as a self-governed
people allow the government to obtain such Godly powers. You should, when you see the government be so capricious with life and death, ask some questions. Is it too much to
ask the government to be able to say how someone died, before they charge another with first-degree murder?

Does it not concern you, that science can’t tell you cause of death, yet the state declares not only murder but “first-degree murder? You don’t see a governmental leap there? A leap of power, a leap over the justification of life and death, which is what has transpired.

Damn, you just hate Casey so much, that you are willing to let your local government do things like that? This does not disturb you? Well, it does me. It damn sure bothers me.
You put too must trust in your government. I for one, am no sheep in line for the slaughterhouse they have created for freedom.

As bizarre has this case is and as erratic has Casey’s behavior was, where is the evidence that she planned a murder? It is not there. All we have had are tons of rumors about things that turned out to be not true like chloroform, duct tape and heart stickers with wild theories on how they fit this case. As far as that being actually evidence, it is not.
Most things people believed to be true have turned out not to be.

Now the latest is that Casey wrote in the jailhouse letters that she knew of evidence not released to the press, like blankets and such. Now people, if that were true, you would think that this is the smoking gun, would you not? You would say that this is proof. That there would be no way she could have known. However, if a single explanation or theory could come about or another way she could have known, then there is your reasonable doubt.

Here is one for you. Casey could say that she heard one of the guards talking about the evidence before it hit the press. Maybe a guard told her since they have friends in law enforcement or a relative who works in the sheriff’s department answering phones or something. Or maybe the guards leaked the evidence to her to set her up. They have already gotten in trouble trying to set her up in jail with video cameras and the cops, in the beginning, got in trouble for mishandling the first part of the case, in reference to finding the body. There are plenty of ways Casey could have known about the blanket folks.

How about another one? None of this is true, there is no handwritten letter stating that she knew evidence not released to the press and this is just another rumor taken as truth. Either way, there are so many holes, in this case, I could drive a tank through. This case is light years away from a conviction of premeditated murder. I want a mathematician to tell me, what are the mathematical odds that the person who found the body, has in his background, a history of tying someone up with duct tape. I heard people say not to believe that because the woman claiming she was tied up by this guy had a criminal background. These are the same people telling me that the jailhouse snitches are to be believed. The whole thing is nuts.

On one hand, a woman dying of cancer says this guy used duct tape and tied her up, as a death bed confession, but I am supposed to ignore that because she committed a crime. Then, I am to believe inmates in jail who are doing time? Where the hell am I supposed to leave or store my brain before I take such a mental journey? The manner that her body was found was the oddest thing ever and that guy is so creepy.

Don’t tell me that there is no reasonable doubt. Not one single DNA test has gone the state’s way and in fact, we know that the DNA evidence points to Casey’s innocence, because it was just released that somebody else’s hair was found with the body that doesn’t match Casey’s. There is no DNA of Casey at the crime scene. Someone else’s DNA is there but not Ms. Anthony’s. Not to mention who contaminated the DNA evidence at the scene and the lab. Thanks to the cops and FBI, all that should be all thrown out anyway.

On top of all that, there is a frame of thought that claims the way Caylee died is spot on, as the way children die who are involved with an ongoing child porn ring. Here is the link to that theory.

People, critical thinking is required when the government is trying every trick in the book to destroy someone. We have a duty to question government and demand a check and balance. If we sit silently and do nothing, who will speak for us when they come for
you? I say it again; Casey Anthony will walk. She would if I was in charge of how to argue this case.

C. Rich

Casey Anthony & a Jury of Her Peers

So many people have speculated that the new judge in the case, Belvin Perry, was going to be hell for the Casey defense team. However, his strict manner is actually what the defense needed.

The last judge, Strickland, allowed so much crap inside the courtroom. Stuff was discussed in open court under Strickland that should never have seen the light of day in a courtroom. This judge will have a narrower lane for the law and that helps Casey Anthony. The fact that there is not much hard evidence in this case that points to Casey as a premeditated murderer and that there is a mountain of conjecture and theory lends to a more strict interpretation of what is allowed in. The defense has already benefited from the change in the bench.

The new judge will get a jury outside of Orlando and Strickland would have never done that. The fact that Orlando or the people of Orlando have lost their right to judge Casey Anthony, speaks volumes about the new judge. The thunder from the bench has been heard and the people of Orlando will have to sit in the dugout and watch the trial like the rest of the country. The bloodthirsty Orlando mob has been shut out of the decision process. This was a righteous ruling by the judge and shows how Orlando and the people there are not qualified to judge Casey Anthony. Their insane bias has been put in check and now, thanks to the new judge, a more reasonable group of people will sit as Casey’s peers and decide her guilt or innocence.

The matter of bail still looms in the shadow of common sense. I don’t know how the new judge will approach it. There is a theory that she is safer in jail, because of the nuts running around Orange County. However, those nuts will be there at the end of the trial when she walks, so it just seems semantical to me. We all heard about the group of people in Michigan who wanted to kill a cop, only to produce a funeral precession to bomb, as to kill more cops. All of those folks got bail, yet Casey Anthony sits in jail.

It is hard to believe that a group of people hell-bent on blowing up cops is less dangerous to the community than Casey Anthony. The woman has maintained her innocence and should be allowed to be freed on bail to help pay for her defense. Even Roman Pulaski got house arrest and he already admitted guilt. I don’t think Casey will be trolling the parks for thirteen-year-olds to rape with a handful of Quaaludes in her hand. The matter of bail needs to be put in perspective and treated on an equalized base.

Casey is not a threat to the community and any argument that she is falling in the realm of ribald. After all, while out on bail she could conceive another child. She has already received many marriage proposals. Pretty women often do.

C. Rich

Casey Anthony Falls: They Could Have Broken Her Neck!

We have all seen the video of Casey Anthony falling in the jailhouse due to the brutal treatment of her captors. Casey fell on her face, broke a tooth, and damaged her lip.

Luckily, the tooth can get fixed and her beautiful face will recover. This is yet another example why Casey should be granted bail.

These people can’t even take care of her properly and put her beauty at risk. The woman could have broken her neck due to the outrageous treatment of shackling her legs like a beast in transport to the zoo. To act like this woman needs leg shackles or that she is some kind of animal that needs to be chained up like this shows the evil nature of her incarceration.

Here is someone who should be out on bail like most anyone else, but she is being handled by so-called professionals who can’t even get her from point A to point B without nearly killing her. Since the case is so weak against Casey, many of us will be watching for a pattern of abuse.

How convenient would it be if Ms. Anthony happened to perish in the jailhouse before her chance to prove her innocence at trial? The jailers have already been reprimanded for misconduct over the videos. Who knows what grudge these captors hold? Safe transport of prisoners at this jail doesn’t seem to be top-notch at the very least.

Whether it is blazing incompetence or malice, there is no need to treat Ms. Anthony like a caged animal. There is no need for her to be in there at all. Even the guy who shot President Ronald Reagan gets to come home to his parents. Casey deserves the same homecoming and a chance to reconcile with her family. It is time to free Casey Anthony on bail.

C. Rich

Cindy Anthony: A Class Act

We have all heard the statement about not judging someone until we walk in their shoes. Well, who among us would want to slip into Cindy Anthony’s shoes? What this lady has been through is unthinkable. However, many people in the public and the so-called Christians do just that. They judge this woman and claim the most horrible and bizarre things about her.

Cindy is living each and every day in an ever-evolving nightmare. She lost her granddaughter, her daughter is accused of murder and no one is looking for the real killer. Cindy is living life in a fishbowl, where the entire world watches her every move and word. She presides over the most exposed family in history and has become fodder for
the most abrasive forms of voyeuristic malcontents ever seen. Her life is totality exposed and privacy is just some distant memory.

Everyone says they would have done this or they would have done that, but how could you ever know that? No one knows how they would act under this kind of pressure. The

the woman has had to deal with a messed up daughter, a dead granddaughter, and cheating unstable and suicidal husband. Not exactly the best of hands has this lady been dealt. Yet even under these exclusionary circumstances, Cindy has carried herself with class and dignity.

Even in the middle of all her plight, Cindy offered her support for the Haleigh Cummings case. She took time out of her nightmare to give understanding and solace to another family of missing a child. She is slowly being shaped by events that are out of her control, yet the woman holds her head up high. She has to listen every day to people who comment on her family in the most nefarious of ways. This classy lady wakes up each and every day to an uncertain future.

Think about it. At the end of the day, she might end up either being divorced or a widow. She might never be a grandmother ever again and to top it off, her daughter might be executed by the state she lives in, paid for by her very own tax money. She did nothing to deserve any of this, yet she carries on.

I dare to say many of you people who have said some unkind things about Cindy Anthony, would have been crushed under this kind of pressure. My desire for Cindy is for her to get through this and pop out at the other end even stronger. I hope they find the real killer of her granddaughter. I hope her daughter is found innocent and freed. I hope
she gets rid of this bum she is married to and finds herself a good and faithful man. Cindy is a good-looking woman for her age and I’ve heard younger guys say she was sexy. It is clear to see where Casey gets her good looks. Maybe Cindy will shed this messed up husband and become the happiest Cougar in Central Florida. It is my desire that all of this works out for this lady and one day she can reclaim her life, her privacy, and her happiness.

In the meanwhile, all I have to say is Cindy Anthony is a classy lady and I wish her well. None of us will ever walk in Cindy Anthony’s shoes. However, due to Cindy’s beautiful and kind heart, some unfortunate and needy children will walk in Caylee’s shoes. Cindy has donated some of Caylee’s shoes to “Operation Barefoot” and now due to her kindness, children out there with nothing will now have shoes on their feet. Cindy Anthony is a class act

C. Rich

Casey Anthony Lands Movie Star Attorney

In a bombshell news conference today, September 14, 2010, it was revealed that the Casey Anthony defense team has acquired a famous death penalty lawyer. In an amazing turn of events, Casey’s defense team just went Hollywood.

Attorney Ann Finnell was featured in an HBO documentary about an innocent 15-year- old boy who was falsely accused of murder. His murder confession was coerced by Jacksonville detectives and Ann Finnell’s expertise helped open the eyes of the jurors to this heinous accusation and subsequently the boy was found innocent.

Ann Finnell captured the eye of HBO and will no doubt capture the innocence of Casey Anthony in the minds of the jury come May 2011. To have such a well-known, hard-hitting death penalty lawyer join the Casey Anthony defense team shines a bright light on Casey’s future. Ann has dealt with some of the most serious death penalty cases on the docket and should have no problem exposing how this should have never been a death penalty case in the first place.

Casey supporters and people who care about a right to a fair trial cheer and celebrate this new addition to the Casey Anthony defense team. In addition, this Friday, September 17, I will publish a never before seen article on the true nature of the Texas Equusearch debacle and reveal an angle about the case never before discussed in public. This shocking article on Friday will no doubt end up filed in motion for the Casey Anthony defense.

The shocking revelation about Caylee’s remains will no doubt rock the foundation of Florida’s case against Casey Anthony. Tune in this Friday.

C. Rich

The Edentulous Case Against Casey Anthony

Watching this case from afar has not been the easiest thing to do. Someone destroyed another beautiful little girl in Florida. Whether it is Haleigh Cummings, Jessica Lunsford or Caylee Anthony, Florida has become the nation’s capital of monsters killing little children. At least it seems like this to me.

One story after the other in Florida keeps surfacing of the most unthinkable evil. I just don’t see other states constantly having this problem, but maybe I’m just wrong about that. What I am not wrong about is that there are some things in this case against Casey Anthony that have just been so arduous to stomach.

I have sat back and watched the media and the State utterly crush a family. I have watched what is called The Sunshine Law, be bastardized and turned into some sick voyeuristic smorgasbord where the ignorami gather to feast on their daily fix. I have watched a lynch mob to form and all critical thinking be thrown out the window. I have watched media whore lawyers feeding on the death of this child. I have watched a judge enthralled in being the one to preside over this infamous case, to the point that blogs were

more important to him than justice was. I have watched the right to a fair trial completely and devastatingly be shattered. I have watched the death penalty be thrown around like some lawyer trick with no regard to the seriousness of such a sentence. I have witnessed a jailhouse collude to entrap and trick a defendant with staged videotaped stunts. I have witnessed the degradation of the legal system of Florida unfold right in front of my eyes on TV.

The whole damn thing is a Shakespearean tragical nightmare and reason and logic have been laid to waste. I can go on and on, but the reason for a lot of this lies on the shoulders of Casey Anthony. Her bizarre behaviors set in motion all of this and more. Her behavior at the beginning of this case “has” to be answered with an explanation or she will die in Starke, FL strapped to a gurney, kicking and screaming, while the so-called righteous pump poison into her veins until she is dead.

Now because of how Casey acted at first, people could only rationalize it by thinking she must be guilty. People thought to themselves that anyone who would do those things has to be guilty. However, bizarre behavior like that doesn’t make someone a murderer, let alone guilty of first-degree murder. I apperceive the leap people make with this, but the truth is, something else could have made Casey freak out like that. Whether it was years of drugs, some posttraumatic syndrome from something horrible or just plain nuttiness, it does not mean the woman is guilty of First Degree Murder. That determination is for the courts and the process to work out.

My problem viewing this is that the so-called process has been corrupted by so many things and this also separated the public from critical thinking. I am telling you without a shadow of a doubt, I could argue this woman right out of that jail to freedom. This is the weakest case imaginable. There is no logical motive, no evidence of Casey’s DNA at the crime scene and science cannot even tell us that a murder was even committed. Now there is nothing more than angers me than that. I am very concerned that the government could charge someone with the crime of first-degree murder, yet have no scientific proof that murder was even committed.

People say, “Well, people have been convicted before under these circumstances,” and that is supposed to make this okay? People say others have been convicted of murder without a body. Well, folks, we have a body here and science and forensics cannot determine the cause of death. It could just have been as logical that this child died by accident and was placed there. Yes, someone should pay for that, but to call all of this uncertainty “first-degree murder” and hold lethal injection over a defendant is beyond tyrannical. That kind of government needs to be put in check. It is not much for the citizens of a state to ask for proof of murder, before we collectively kill a defendant, without even knowing how the victim died.

Everyone should be outraged at this leap; however, there I am the lone voice of reason out here, screaming from the mountaintop to slow the hell down. I demand that they prove this so-called planned first-degree murder before someone dies again by the death
penalty that was innocent. Throughout this case, I have been blasting holes in the theories

left and right that have been put out and now I’m going to give you The Holland Tunnel to drive reason and logic right though it.

The state along with Equusearch has been claiming that the remains and all the evidence in the woods were underwater for some time due to a storm and that is why the body was not found earlier. The defense has been trying to get the records from this search group, who have been stonewalling this case ever since they themselves, turned on Casey Anthony. The search group claims no one was in that patch of the woods, because it was all underwater. It is now time to turn that on its head.

The defense team needs to stipulate and agree that this spot in the woods “was” underwater like everyone says it was. The reason they should do that is simple. Science and meteorology tell us that the woods were underwater. However, science tells us, the evidence collected was not submerged in water. You see the forensic evidence tells us that the remains and all the evidence found in the woods were “NOT” submerged underwater. It tells us through the lack of evidence that it wasn’t. Nowhere in any of the
scientific tests done on the evidence collected, does it say all of this was submerged under water? If it was, forensics could tell us that and it did not!

You see, science has long been able to tell us whether some evidence or any kind of matter whatsoever, was submerged underwater. We can tell through the application of science whether a bone found was underwater or whether it was buried in the sand for example. We know through science whether a bone or any kind of matter was left to decay on land and battered by the elements. Science knows whether or not the cinder block retrieved from the Saint Johns River in the Haleigh Cummings case was underwater or on land for an example. Nature leaves behind all the evidence in the world and tells its own story.

You can go to New Orleans today, walk-in those homes and point to the walls and see today how far up the water came. Water is powerful people, it created The Grand Canyon for God’s sake and if that body and all that evidence found in the woods was submerged in water, science would tell us that.

What the science here tells us is that not all that evidence was submerged in water and there are no reports claiming they were. Now if the evidence in the woods in the Casey Case tells us that it wasn’t underwater, which it does, then the body was not there when the place was underwater, thus Casey Anthony could not have put it there because she was locked up!

It is not up to the defense to prove anything, but what the evidence shows us. Science can tell the difference from a roll of duct tape that was submerged in water or sitting on land for an example. This is not some cutting edge forensics deal we are talking about here.
For decades science has been able to tell us such things. So let’s listen to the science. There is no forensics that all that evidence found in the woods was submerged underwater like the state claims, so the body was not there while that part of the woods was

underwater and in turn, Casey could have never placed it thereafter the water went away because she was in jail.

The evidence was there right under everyone’s nose telling you. No one has been listening. It is my contention that the evidence in its totality that was found in the woods, was not underwater, proven by science and since the state indefatigably claims that section of the woods was underwater, science says fine, but that evidence found, was not!

She didn’t do it! Good day people.
C. Rich

Tune in soon as C. Rich proves to all who the person was who placed Caylee’s body in the woods. C. Rich will solve this case once and for all. He believes he knows for sure and can prove it.

Senior Editor

Casey Anthony: Inconclusive Conclusions

In response to the multiple emails that I’ve received concerning my earlier article claiming that the autopsy report states there were roots growing into the bags indicating that the body was there for a long time, once again, all that’s needed is common sense. Here is yet another leap from the coroner’s office, just like when they declared it a homicide with no proof of it.

The coroner’s office assumes that the roots got in the bag through exposure over time. It is my contention that the conclusion is a leap of faith as well. Common sense tells me it is more logical that if someone throws a bag into the woods when the bag lands on the ground it would become punctured by all the roots upon hitting the ground. Anyone who has ever spent time in the woods tripped over a root and ripped their pants knows exactly what I’m talking about.

This is more logical than saying that these roots somehow, with no force at all, grew into two plastic bags and a cloth laundry bag. I conclude that it’s more likely that when the bags were tossed into the woods, they were ripped. It does not mean all of that evidence that was found was there for a long time. That is just an assumption.

It wouldn’t take a long period of time for the roots to attach themselves to the bones, if it was helped along by the punctured holes and having the roots in the bags, to begin with. Those roots could attach themselves to her vertebrae in two weeks if they were already in the bag. They’re saying the roots grew their way through the bag and that’s their evidence that it was there a long time. I say the minute that bag hit the ground, the roots immediately entered the bag and it would take no time at all to attach to the bone.

Have you ever grown a plant from a seed? It takes no more than a few days for seedlings to appear and growth to begin. After six months, has been claimed, a damn tree should have been found instead of minuscule roots.

However, it does not answer my assertion that the state claims the area was underwater. Science tells us indisputably that all that evidence collected had no signs of being submerged in water.

Question everything, people. In this case, the official word is suspect.

C. Rich

Casey Anthony & the Spurious Chloroform Theory

Throughout the case, one of them off the wall theories that was floated that never held water was this nonsense about chloroform. Many people in the public thought this is how Casey killed her daughter and they even made the ribald stretch that it is proof she
wanted to kill her ahead of time.

The chloroform madness was part of this insane puzzle people would try to piece together to show Casey planned the murder case. The fact that the cops found this search term on her computer was somehow evidence of premeditated murder. However, there is one prodigious problem with that theory. No one on earth buys or uses chloroform for the
task of killing someone. The substance is not used for that.

People buy or use chloroform to knock people out. No one uses it for murder, because it is an agent for putting people to sleep. It is not some weapon that is used to murder someone. Now we have all heard many stories about mothers who wanted to knock their screaming kid out with something. Many have used Benadryl, Tylenol PM or alcohol just to name a few.

Now just for argument’s sake, let’s assume Casey took this kind of thing to another level and wanted to use chloroform to knock her daughter out to go partying or something.
How is that first-degree murder if the child died when the intent is clearly not murder? However, I don’t believe that ridiculous bologna about Casey using this substance, just

because there was this search term on her computer. My God folks, imagine if the government could say you are guilty of something because of some search term on your computer. It is very scary to have the government create some narrative or template around some search term on a computer.

So many of these theories surrounding the case just don’t make sense. People nowadays are clinging on to the insanarious notion Casey’s motive to slaughter her own daughter was because she was jealous of Caylee. These nut-balls claim Casey sacrificed her daughter to the Jealousy God because Cindy loved her more. One theory after the other comes out of this insane clown posse mob of Casey haters, yet none of them make any sense at all and is just more proof that Casey will walk one day if this is all they can come up with.

Soon I will layout the shocking axiom about who it truly was that put Caylee’s body in the woods. My theory will not be some madness like some of the other ones floated around. I will back it up with all the common sense in the world.

C. Rich

Casey Anthony Case: Did Kronk Kill Caylee Anthony?

In no way will the “Oh No” statement from Casey Anthony make the light of day in a courtroom. Even alleged defense whore Richard Hornsby states, “She was set up and this is the exact kind of activity the courts frown upon,” and that man is no friend to the Casey defense or a friend to the truth at all. What is more disturbing here is the resurfacing of this nonsense in the first place.

Once again, the Casey blogs are all on fire trying to point out that this reaction of Casey is some kind of admission of guilt. How on Earth people can think that the reaction and comment from Casey is some proof of guilt is beyond me. Any bones found in the woods
would have put any mother in a state of being bent over saying “Oh No” thinking it could be their missing kid.

While the whole prosecution team is spending their time trying to prove Casey planned the murder of her child, no one is looking at the strange man and weird circumstance of how the child was found in the first place and by whom. Science tells us that the body and remains of Caylee were not submerged underwater and was placed there after Casey was locked up, but this meter reader Kronk claims he saw the body there anyway.

Why is that? Why would this man tell his son that he was going to be famous and found the body of Caylee before anyone knew who the bones belong? Why would this strange man be in the area off his meter-reading route? Why the absolutely strange 911 calls? Why did his ex-wife claim she would not be surprised he was involved? Why would a woman make a deathbed confession that Kronk tied her up with duct tape and

held her hostage? Why are all these people in Tennessee telling us in Florida that this man is a violent man?

Why did he call cops out to a section of woods in Tennessee looking for a stash of guns? How many of us have brought cops out to woods over and over again looking for things more than once and at each time, the cops find nothing? Why does this odd man keep bouncing around from city to city? Why would his co-workers say something was “off” when he talked about finding the body at work? Why would a man with a violent past, off his route as a meter reader, claiming he would find the body to his son before anyone knew anything, be the one who found the body in is this most famous case?

There are so many questions surrounding this weirdo and yet he sits on his perch as a state witness. I have no idea what the story is with this guy, but I smell something is off with this man. I believe someone should take a closer look at this character and maybe listen to the people up north, who have been warning us about him. There is something very shady about this guy.

Casey sits in jail as one of 40 people who have been in a Florida jail for the longest time. The woman has been denied bail as if she were a danger to the community, but as far as I can see, the people in Tennessee are telling us Kronk is the real danger to the public.
What, if anything, did this guy do to Caylee Anthony? Will the authorities take a closer look at this alleged violent man? He has already used duct tape as a weapon once if you believe his ex-wife.

Just take the time to listen to these 911 calls from him and then ask yourself, what is off here. There is nothing to lose by investigating Kronk. If Casey was the killer like a lot of people think, then the lynch mob should not be afraid of a look into this odd meter reader. However, maybe finding the real killer is not that important to people who have all their eggs in one basket. Just go back, listen to those Kronk 911 calls and truly think about what I am saying here.

C. Rich

Casey Anthony Defense Now Steers Toward Science

It has been my contention that this entire case against Casey Anthony has been based upon her bizarre behavior and no one is looking at the science that shows us that she did not plan the murder of her daughter. Every argument I have made about the actual evidence and/or science goes beyond raising reasonable doubt. They have charged someone with a particular crime they did not commit that carries the death penalty.

I receive countless e-mails and letters arguing my points from the position of Casey’s behavior, not science. No one has usefully knocked down a single argument I have put forth about what the evidence shows. All anyone can do is revert to Casey’s behavior

and dismiss my claims about the evidence by highlighting something Casey either did or said after the fact. Her behavior and nuttiness after this all came out is the red meat the public feeds on to convince themselves Casey did it. No sane person would have done or said the things Casey did after this all became public.

Now because of that, people will hang on to Casey’s bizarreness and ignore all the science that tells us that something is way off with the state’s case. Now a jury is going to respond the same way the public does now. No matter how solid the science is that
proves things like Casey was not the person who put the body in the woods, it will be completely ignored while a jury tries to process or juxtapose Casey’s behavior after this all came out. Therefore, the defense needs to stay on the path of science and the abundance of junk science, wild claims, and leaps of accusations from the prosecution and the complete and utter failure of every lab in this case, including the mishaps at the FBI lab.

However, someone in the defense needs to be dedicated to explaining Casey’s behavior. Without an explanation that a reasonable person can digest, Casey will be strapped to a gurney and have poison pumped through her vein in Starke, Florida. Casey’s actions throughout this are so powerful that a jury will need something to chew on and rest their conscience in if they are to let her go.

In an upcoming article to be published tomorrow Dec 2, 2010, I will attempt to put forth a reasonable template and narrative that will highlight why Casey might have done and said the things she did. As for now, the defense team seems to be on the right track and focused.

In the end, we, the people, can not allow our government to charge someone with first-degree murder when not even the coroner’s office nor science can even tell us how someone died, let alone whether a murder was committed. If Caylee died by accident somehow and after she died all this other stuff was done to her remains, that is not first- degree murder like the state claims. When we, the people, give the power to the state government to kill defendants like those that we have in Florida, we must at the very least have no doubt about how the victim died. This is why the people of many other states do not give their state government the power of life and death.

In many cases, there are just too many people being executed that were innocent. If Casey’s only crime was not being a good mother and we are going to kill her for that, there should be a huge line of bad mothers in Florida standing right behind Casey Anthony.

C. Rich

Casey Anthony: A Beautiful Mind

Throughout the entirety of The Casey Anthony Trial, the one thing that has never been explained is Casey’s bizarre behavior, in regards to everything surrounding the disappearance and death of Caylee. Over and over again, we have witnessed, right in front of our eyes, things that do not make sense. We look at all this through the lens of sanity and try to apply logic to illogical things. Casey’s actions were so far off the norm chart, that everything but the evidence seems to point to her being guilty of first-degree murder.

Her behavior tipped the reasoning of thinking people and forced even the most sympathetic person to lean toward her guilt. If a person is sane, there is no way anyone and I mean any sane person, would do and say the things Casey Anthony did. There just might be an explanation to all this after all and it is something many people do not understand or have ever had personal experience with this like I have.

Schizophrenia is the only logical explanation to describe Casey’s actions. Let us remember that at the beginning of this case a lawyer quit the defense team because he believed Casey should be defended as mentality ill and not responsible for her behavior. Jose rejected this defense and Terence Lenamon left. What if this lawyer was on to something from the very beginning and in fact Casey is a mental illness? Well, in the world of mental illness, Schizophrenia fits Casey’s actions like a glove.

It all seems so familiar to me and being a person who has had a family member suffer from this condition, I can spot this behavior a lot more clearly than someone who has never been exposed to this disease. Most people don’t really have much of an idea of what it is. The medical community as a whole, still to this day, has very little information to
work on. Here in America, we call most people suffering from this condition bi-polar, but in Europe, the medical community believes that schizophrenia and being bi-polar is the same disease. They believe that one could also be a symptom of the other.

Most people do not understand this condition. It is “the” most serious mental condition known to human beings and it manifests itself in the person with delusions, hearing voices and living in an alternate reality. Now if that does not describe Casey Anthony, I don’t know what does. I had a family member live an entirely normal life of 34 years, and then she had a baby, something snapped and she slipped into this bizarre world of schizophrenia. It was so dramatic that she spent the rest of her life in and out of mental hospitals and her own daughter refused to ever have kids, in fear it could happen to her.

Casey Anthony clearly has made-up people in her head like Zanny the Nanny. People looked at this obvious untruth and just directed their anger at Casey as a liar who killed her kid. However, what most don’t know is that people suffering from schizophrenia, make up other people in their minds. It is real to them. One thing for sure is Casey herself believes this delusion. All you have to do is clock the whole story in her head from the very beginning about Zanaida Gonzalez.

She first started telling people about this imaginary person in her head when Caylee was only 6 months old. Well before the other Zanaida Gonzalez had that walk through at that

an apartment complex, Casey spoke of this Zanny the Nanny. It is unexplainable that years before a woman name Zanaida Gonzalez was shopping for an apartment, that Casey had her visions of a nanny with the same name or similar name. This desultory reality and delusions or “make-believe people,” we’re living in Casey’s head years before Caylee died. She first mentions this to her former fiancé’s father, Richard Grund, when he could no longer babysit Caylee and Casey had to come up with a new babysitter.

She told her mother Cindy that she had this imaginary babysitter and even bought an inflatable mattress for Caylee to sleep on at Zanny’s apartment. Now since Zanny never was a real person and the mattress that was in Cindy’s home for two months was real, that child slept on that mattress somewhere. There is a good possibility that Casey suffering from this condition would put Caylee on this mattress in some abandoned apartment or warehouse or somewhere outdoors, believing that this imaginary nanny in her head was watching her.

She could have brought the baby to this place, placed her on the mattress and left her there alone, believing the nanny was taking care of her. This could have gone on for a long time, each time coming back to get the baby and she was still alive. Maybe one day in the twisted reality of schizophrenia, Casey showed up and Caylee was gone. Maybe, some homeless or bad person came upon Caylee. The fact that we know that the bag and the remains were not submersed in a swamp or that there is no science that says it was submerged underwater, we then can prove that the body was placed there after the water was gone after Casey was locked up.

This would explain why Casey sticks by her story that Zanny was the last person to have Caylee. This explains why she shows no sign of changing this story. Either way, this put Casey in a panic and deeper into this mental condition. Chances are because no one could find where Caylee was when she was supposed to be with a babysitter or who she was with, odds are, Caylee was left somewhere alone. Casey was using that mattress somewhere. I contend that somewhere on that tour of madness that Casey took the police on that it could be very possible that one or more of those places is where she kept Caylee, alone, believing that she was leaving her with a babysitter in her delusions.
Whether it was in the woods, or some spot at Universal where she used to work, somewhere along that tour is where she was keeping that baby on a mattress.

Remember, there is foreign DNA that has not been identified and it’s not Casey’s or her family’s. Someone came across this child alone and Casey sits in jail today still waiting for Zanny to bring Caylee back. She believes it. Schizophrenia would explain all of this crap about believing she worked at Universal at the time, the Sawgrass apartments where the nanny lived and so many of them made up people and places she kept in her mentally ill head. This is the most logical explanation of what happened to Caylee Anthony and as tragic as it is not first-degree murder.

Even the people she said were part of her life with the imaginary nanny are ghosts that can’t be found, like Juliette Lewis and her daughter Annabelle. The fact that no one has ever come forward stating that they babysat Caylee is evidence enough that the child was

left alone all that time, otherwise, someone would have surfaced to claim they were babysitting Caylee. For almost two years she was claiming that she had a babysitter named Zanny the Nanny. Since logic tells us that Zanny the Nanny is not a real person and the fact that no one has surfaced claiming they watched this child, the only logical conclusion that is left is that Caylee was alone and being put on that inflatable mattress somewhere.

Think of all the made-up people in her head that she created well before Caylee died. Zanny the Nanny, Juliette, Annabel, The nanny’s mom Gloria, two roommates of Zanny and Gloria’s black husband, just to name a few, are people that never existed, but only in Casey’s head. She even claimed that her nanny, while living in Miami, attended the University of Florida. The problem with that is that U of F is in Gainesville, not Miami.
The delusions have taken control of all logical thinking. All these unfounded claims
about Lee and George sexually abusing her could be all part of this mental condition. The whole storyline around this case is filled with made-up people and places.

If you want a good reference point to see what schizophrenic people are capable of, just watch for the first time or re-watch the movie “A Beautiful Mind” with Russell Crowe. That is based on the true story of a real person with this disease. Watch it again with Casey in mind and see how he just made-up people in his head and truly believed they existed even to the point of leaving his infant son with one of his delusionary “friends” while the child was in a bathtub. He truly thought his “friend” would keep his child safe. Now, not every schizophrenic is a math genius that can develop new math theory to advance the human race. Some are just young hotties running around the clubs of Orlando, Florida living out the party scene, lost in a world of illicit drugs and are self-medicating. Even Cindy stated to one of Casey’s oldest friends, Ryan that Casey was psychotic and he shouldn’t talk to her anymore. Her own mother has suspected mental illness and who knows for how long.

Now either Casey is some master liar who was able to pull off the most perfectly planned murder leaving no DNA or forensics behind in the woods or she is a sick woman who had no business running around being someone’s mother. Her delusions are real people, at least in her mind. They are not some nefarious lie but are the result of someone who
needs medical attention. Even sitting in jail writing those letters to who she thought was a friend, her condition was clear. All those letters filled with delusions of Zanny coming back one day with Caylee or driving around in an RV around the country with her new jailbird friend, screams of mental disease.

Instead of warehousing Casey in some jail cell all these years, they should have had top-notch mental health professionals working through her mind. They should be spending time trying to break down the walls of Casey’s delusions to find out what really happened to Caylee. Instead, they are trying to convict her as this mastermind murderer, who pulled off the perfect CSI Murder, leaving no evidence behind in the woods that she was even there.

It is my contention that the lawyer in the beginning, who wanted to plead Casey out as mentally unfit, was in fact, trying to do the right thing with Casey Anthony. Maybe in the hospital, professionals could get to the bottom of what happened to that little girl. The only logical explanation of Casey’s behavior is schizophrenia. We cannot apply reason and logic to that.

A decision must be made by the defense team before the trial starts. They have to see if the science is strong enough to get her out of there or whether it is in the best interest of their client to go this route of mental competency. The woman might need a mental hospital, not death row.

What if this woman is seriously mentally ill and instead of getting her help and some meds, we hold her down and strap her to a gurney and blast poison into her veins until she is dead? If this happens, the psychotic break is not just Casey Anthony’s, but society’s as a whole and how we treat the sick among us.

C. Rich

Real Justice for Caylee Anthony

I have written that no sane person would do or say the things Casey Anthony has done. However, no guilty person would have done any of these things as well.

The prosecution wants to paint the picture of a murderous woman who planned out the near-perfect murder of her own daughter. The state’s template narrates a storyline of some calculating woman who has been trying to get away with first-degree murder. To do this, of course, one must completely ignore the blaring red flags and common sense horns that have been sounding off all around this case.

If in fact, Casey was this killer like the state claims, she certainly went about it in a nutty way. Taking the cops on some tour of places that had no basis, in reality, is not exactly the way one tries to get away with murder. The simple fact that this bizarre tour of nothingness would show more guilt than innocence is reason enough to question the sanity of the accused. Who would do such a thing? What kind of person trying to get away with murder would go about it by making believe no one would notice where her child went after some time.

No, a calculating murderer would come up with a story or a lie that tries to put off the cops, not egg them on. A person who was mentally competent would never act in such a way that points the guilt to themselves. Only an unstable person would do that. As soon as the authorities realized that Casey Anthony was sick, they should have gone in a completely different direction to uncover the truth.

The woman clearly lives in some diluted fantasy world in which no one can enter but phantom nannies and make-belief friends. To take a woman off the streets clearly suffering from schizophrenia or some other serious mental vexation and treat her like she is some pay for hire hitwoman is beyond incompetence. You can blame all involved from the cops to the prosecutors on why we will probably never know the truth of what happened to Caylee or who hurt her in the first place.

Following some deranged tour of a sick mind trying to find the truth is one sure-fire way to completely screw up this case. Something happened to this child, but we might never know because those in charge decided to treat Casey like some lying criminal murderer, instead of a mental patient who needed the right people to dig in her mind for the truth. Well shame on them is all I can say.

Sexy and crazy is one hell of a combination in bed, but not such a good trait to deal with when one needs to unmask the madness of this mind to solve a crime. All of these people in Orlando dropped the ball on this one. If you want to convince a jury that Casey is responsible for her actions, it might help to showcase one responsible action this woman has done through all this. No crazy is-is what crazy does.

Everything Casey Anthony has done and said is completely insane. It has been a tour of a sick and deranged mind and nothing the authorities have done will bring justice to that beautiful little girl that was taken from this world too early. I seriously doubt that Casey planned the murder of her kid. It is more likely Caylee died by accident somehow and the sickness of Casey’s mind just went into denial.

The woman has been sick her entire life. A lifelong friend of Casey said she would make up places she worked where she never ever worked and this was long before Caylee was born. Now we are to believe she is some calculating murderer. I’ll tell you what Casey Anthony was and is. She is an undiagnosed schizophrenic and nothing could be clearer.

If people want real justice for Caylee Anthony, then we should not sit silently watching this mad hatter’s convention and watch the State of Florida execute someone who is clearly not right in the head. Let the woman sit down with three different mental health professionals. Do not allow the three to talk to each other until the process is over and then put the three of them in a room together. Chances are their conclusion will be Casey needs Haldol, not lethal injection.

C. Rich

Casey Anthony Case: What Was That Smell?

The defiant defense for Casey Anthony has filed a well-justified motion to exclude any mention of the smell in Casey’s trunk or any stains on the rug of the trunk in her car. A

nasty smelly bag of garbage was in the trunk that smelled so bad; it could be mistaken for a dead body.

All of us have smelled such garbage in our lives and ask aloud “who died”, but in this case, the prosecutors want to turn that all around and hang a murder wrap on Casey Anthony. This is another debacle in a series of missteps perpetrated by the so-called experts who have handled the evidence in this case. They mishandle this stinking bag of trash and now want to use it has the crutch of their weak case, claiming it was the smell of a dead child and not the trash decaying in the truck.

Anyone can go in their garbage can at home, take out a bag of garbage, and put it in the trunk of their car. Do that and drive around for days and ask you self what that smells like. Does that mean you had a dead kid in your trunk? Does that mean you’re a murderer? Well, it does not make Casey one either.

The smell the public should sniff here is this garbage of a case against Casey Anthony. What stinks is this case and the evidence against her. This house of circumstantial evidence built by the state is crumbling brick by brick and will implode at trial. In the end, the only smell that will count is the smell of freedom that Casey will inhale as she walks out the door.

C. Rich

Jose Baez Absolutely Shreds Cops on the Stand

In a hearing about whether to throw out Casey Anthony’s statements to the cops before she was read her rights, Jose Baez absolutely shredded the cops on the stand. In a shocking day in court, the defense team of Casey Anthony was able to establish that the cops in Orlando violated Casey Anthony’s Constitutional Rights and went way too far in the investigation without giving Casey her Miranda Rights.

This bomb in the case could end up being the key thing to her when Casey walks out the door a free woman one day. Everything she said and did before they read her rights to her has to now be dropped by the judge. Jose was able to show a frightening pattern of disregard for Casey’s Constitutional Rights. The cops cuffed her, had her in the cop car and even watched her commit crimes; all while never reading her rights to her. They even interrogated her playing good cop-bad cop, while never giving her Miranda. The whole thing was shocking to watch.

The State’s case was falling apart right in front of everyone’s eyes. They even charged her with a crime that they, in fact, allowed her to commit. The whole case the state has is in jeopardy and there is no way the prosecution can put lipstick on this pig. The cops completely blew it and Casey should be found not guilty after so much of the State’s case will never see the light of day in a courtroom.

No possible way the judge could allow any of her statements now to be used in the trial and if he did, it would never survive the court of appeals. Jose just simply crushed their case today in a brilliant performance in which he revealed how far the cops went without ever giving Casey her rights. No comments about the trunk along with no comments Casey made to the cops before they read her rights, leave the State’s case falling off a huge cliff.

Even the local news station News 13 mysteriously cut of the live feed when the cops got on the stand and it became clear they were being shredded. News 13, after advertising
that they would cover the hearing in its entirety suddenly cut the feed when the cops were in trouble on the stand. ASI was made aware of calls that were made to the news station by angry people who were watching it. The whole time News 13 was telling people they would come back to the live feed and they never did.

One can not help themselves but ponder; what phone call was made to the news station, if any, telling them to pull the live feed off the air? News 13 shut down the live feed of the hearing right when the cops were being exposed as the people who crucially violated Casey’s Constitutional Rights, later reporting on the hearing, as if none of this ever happened. Something was differently fishy about the whole thing for sure.

The case itself hangs on a thin string, but you would never know that following the bias local news stations. I will address that in an up and coming article about the press coverage.

However, the judge has to go by the law and there is no way the press will be able to shade the coverage of this when the State’s case falls apart. The hearing was something else to watch and Casey just looked so beautiful sitting there with her tight red sweater with her new and fit looking body full of sexy curves. It was a good day in court for her. Jose Baez is a superstar attorney.

C. Rich

Casey Anthony Defense Team Thunders

I sat back, watched and listened to every minute of the three days of hearings in this case. I sat there with an open mind, ready and willing to accept whatever conclusion that was right in my face, regardless of my thoughts on all this. Without a shadow of a doubt, the defense team completely and utterly destroyed the State’s case on many levels.

I have, through all the articles that I have written on this case, focused on the case itself and not all of the emotional baggage that so many allowed themselves to plunder in. I have told you over and over there is no case here and Casey is going to walk. After listening to the thundering outcries of the defense team, I stand here and tell you, with all my heart, the defense is going to win.

They decimated the State’s case. I can not see how on Earth this judge could allow any of this to ever appear in the trial. The defense has knocked down the chloroform evidence
by noting there is no chloroform evidence, only trace chloroform, which can not be used to conclude anything. They destroyed the plant growth evidence by pointing out the wacky plant guy with his non-scientific experiment. The defense was able to show a systematic conspiracy by the cops to use Casey’s family as agents of the State.

From point A to Z, they “clearly” showed how the cops were engaging in activities that are at the very least a crime. I wonder if a lot of you people whether you apperceive the magnitude of this. It means none of anything Casey said or did before she was in jail can be used in the trial. Not even her statements to her own family will make it to trial.

The judge now has to, because of the cops, drop everything Casey said or did with the cops and her family. Now I ask you. With no mention of the trunk nonsensical madness and dead body smell crap, no plant growth evidence, no chloroform evidence and no statements made by Casey Anthony to either the cops or her family; what the hell is left? There is no case after that.

The whole thing is being gutted and demolished. Without all those things, the defense can, after they are all dropped, ask for a dismissal of the case due to no evidence. The State would have to take what is left and make a capital murder case out of it and that pig won’t fly. I always thought this case was weak, but now once the judge bars all of this circumstantial evidence, Casey Anthony will walk.

Now is that amazing? Get ready for an, “I told you so” article. This lady will walk right out of jail and go make a million dollars with movie and book deals. I just hope she will accept the offers from Playboy to do a photoshoot because trust me, that is coming.

C. Rich

Does Local News In Orlando Cover Casey Anthony With Bias?

Casey Anthony just recently passed the milestone of being the longest-held women in one of Florida’s jails. This woman has been locked up in a jailhouse for so long without bail. Why does the local news media not question the length of Casey’s incarceration and the cost to the taxpayers while Florida is going broke?

Since no one in their right mind could make the argument that Casey is a threat to the community with a straight face, why have Floridians been forced to pay for Casey all this time? With three meals a day and all the costs of her housing, it gets expensive. Where is the press when it comes to questioning, why could this not have been done with Casey having a monitoring bracelet around her ankle? That way, the taxpayers would not be on the hook for the cost of her defense. The dudgeon from the taxpayers should be thunderous.

If Casey was allowed to work, she could pay for her own defense. Not to mention feeding and housing costs to Floridians on top of the cost of every noisome bill the defense team submits to the citizens of Florida. The State is in a huge financial mess has seemed to have wasted a whole lot of money here needlessly. However, we never saw such a template of questions from local news.

As far as I’m concerned, when it comes to this case the press has lost all credibility covering it. Ab ovo, one story after the other always seems to miss that innocent before guilty posture we require for our media. Why does the media not pound on the fact that the State claims Casey put her daughter in those woods and the body stayed there until the floodwaters receded, yet the scientific evidence shows “none” of the evidence in the woods show any signs of being submerged underwater? Since Casey was in jail after the woods were cleared of the floodwaters and the evidence does not indicate anything was underwater, then someone put the body there while Casey was locked up. The mob might have problems bifurcating that but these are facts.

Where is unbiased coverage when it comes to any of this reporting? If the evidence found in the woods were submerged in floodwaters, the reports would have claimed it was. Yet, not a word about that evidence that was evaluated by the so-called experts, said anything about signs of water damage. Still nothing from mainstream news.

If Casey has been in jail longer than anyone, then in all this time, why hasn’t the venal news stations gotten some other people to comment on this case week after week, instead of this creepy and obviously bias lawyer Richard Hornsby? That guy clearly has an ax to grind, yet they use him over and over again as the expert to ask about the case. Why?
Why would they keep using that bias man?

What happened to real objective reporting? I can go on and on. The point is while Casey is breaking records for inmate incarceration, in all this time, the press never has taken the time to truly raise questions about this case. Just think about it. Casey has been held this long in a jailhouse that has already gotten in trouble with their handling of Casey.
Whether it was the jailers getting in trouble for some staged video event behind bars, the way they transported Casey and nearly broke her neck and busted her lip and teeth, local news stations never question why she is in jail in the first place while she is waiting to go to trial.

The taxpayers have been on the hook for all this and should be termagant. However, the local stations question none of it and just keep putting Richard Hornsby on with his creepy bias face. This has been on display over and over again. Is this quality journalism? I say it is not. I say it is ignoble.

Local Orlando news is not just viewed by people who live there. People from all over, thanks to the web; follow this. They might want to live up to that responsibility. The desideratum of mine makes my head spin. I know among thinking people, I can’t be alone. I have been trying to make sense out of this case for day one.

Now due to budget cuts in Florida, Casey might not even have the money she needs to
get a proper defense from the taxpayers. This lacuna injustice should not stand. Anyone who looks that good in a turtle neck sweater deserves our best efforts.

Casey is one good-looking woman. I don’t know anyone that could look that good with so little to work with. To be in a cage for years and to pop out with limited clothes and makeup and look like that must drive other women nuts. I know it drives the guys nuts. At least that is what I hear at the gym.

C. Rich

Casey Anthony Should Thank Judge Perry

Casey Anthony might not know or feel it now, but one day she will look back at Judge Perry’s ruling to allow all her statements in the trial and thank him. This former prosecutor judge just handed her a lock solid guaranteed win, in the appellate courts.

This ruling of Perry is so incredibly bias and tilted toward his mindset of being a prosecutor that even Donald Duck can hear this duck quacking a mile away. Not only did the police violate her rights by doing way too much with her before they read her rights, their chicanery and the judge’s complicity, just handed Casey Anthony a brand new trial when this is over.

I told you all from the very beginning that Orlando had lost its right to try this woman and this ruling was the icing on the cake to showcase Orlando is just not capable of handling this trial. Orange County, long ago, forfeited its right to conduct this trial and this ruling is just another example of why. No one near this case has any right to stand in judgment of the facts. They are all sucked into the fog of vengeance that they can no longer think straight.

The root of the argument that Perry allowed himself to get dragged into is that the cops were working a missing child case and Casey was not a suspect at first. This departure from reality will blaze like a supernova when it finds its way to the appellate courts. Let me explain:

“If there is a single cop anywhere in the state of Florida that will roll up to a missing child 911 call, immediately hear that the child has been gone for over 30 days, learn that the mother did not report the child missing and still if that cop does not suspect the mother, that cop should turn in his badge and go do something else like being a dogcatcher or anything else but a cop.”

To argue that Casey didn’t need her rights to read to her because she was not at first a suspect is not only ignorant and spurious, but it is beyond laughable. To say she is not a

a suspect from the very first minutes of this case stretches common sense to the breaking point. This will not be missed in the appellate courts. That, I can guarantee you.

The judge and his ruling is just another layer in the rotten onion of a complete system breakdown of justice in Orlando, Florida. The former prosecutor judge is clearly not capable of handling even the basic problems with this case. If a sitting judge in a case can not even apperceive Miranda, then what the hell is he doing running around dressed in a black robe? Shame on him for not only his ruling but his lack of holding law
enforcement responsible for their blatant violation of someone’s Constitution Rights.

The whole thing is shocking and breathtaking, but in the end, good for Casey Anthony. The more all of these people keep trampling on her rights, the more chance this whole case will be overturned on appeal. This was so in-your-face wrong of a ruling that it might not even be worth watching the trial, because nothing will matter when this all gets overturned. The case is over before it starts because not a single appellate judge with a brain will deny the cops violated Casey’s rights by not reading Miranda to her.

Law enforcement actually shredded this case by putting it through a wood chipper of nefarious and orchestrated conspiracy. So far no one at all who has to handle anything about this case has conducted themselves professionally. They are all so caught up with the fame of this case and simply cannot think or act straight. In the end, this is good for Casey Anthony because it guarantees to hear an appeal of a Goliath nature.

The Casey Anthony case has now become a carnival and the freaks in this circus to watch are the authorities. Come one come all, walk into the house of mirrors and try to find
your Constitution Rights! Come now, you voyeurs!

C. Rich

Casey Anthony: Judge Perry Must Go!

Someone somewhere needs to step in and remove this entire trial from Orange County, Orlando, Florida. It is not enough to get a jury from another town. For a fair trial to prevail here, after all the money the taxpayers of Florida have put out, this judge needs to step down.

Two judges in a row for different reasons have proven without a shadow of a doubt that they are not up to the task of presiding over this case. Judge Perry is not only not the man for the job, but I question his overall fitness to be a judge at all. I have watched this man and I can’t help but notice that he simply does not seem very bright. Despite whatever he accomplished in law in his youth, there is no way the old man that sits before us today appears to be fit for the bench.

The judge doesn’t even make a veiled effort to hide his preconceptions. The man just openly towers his bias and disgust of the defense to a level that threatens justice itself. To so blatantly disregard what was done to Casey, before they read her rights to her, is to guarantee a mistrial on appeal. All of that taxpayer money will have been wasted,
because of this judge and his prejudice.

The judge is constantly acting like this entire trial is in his way. Now, this is a murder one case where a life hangs in the balance. The man just acts like this trial is some nuisance to him. He even said in open court that he had to go because he had a “real day job”. It was stunning how he treats this case like it’s just a stone in his shoe. He acts like he’s above it all. In his bid for notoriety, he even left the courtroom to do an interview on the nightly local news to talk about all of his past greatness. The whole thing is shocking. He has said, “I need to go to Tallahassee and raise money” and “I have a day job” and on and on.

He declares Casey did not have her civil rights violated on the basis that she was not considered a suspect at first. Completely ignoring that we all know when the cops go to a missing child case, the first thing the cops do is suspect the parents first. In this case, the cops heard the child was missing over a month and the mother never reported it. Judge Perry wants us to suspend all logic AND say that Casey did not need her rights to read to her because she was not at first a suspect? This ruling alone highlights how far Judge Perry will go to do in Casey Anthony.

I have watched him and the man does not seem to understand half of the things being argued in front of him. He constantly confuses names, subjects, and even people. If he is not suffering from old age, then could it be his intellect? In my opinion, the man just doesn’t seem to be that bright. For all I know, he’s suffering from the early stages of Alzheimer. Either way, Casey Anthony has zero chance for a fair trial with this judge.

Even as we all sit and watch a witness become overly hostile, when Jose Baez asks to treat the man like a hostile witness, the judge declares the man is not hostile. Now there is a camera on all these people and all of us can see how hostile this guy is answering Jose’s questions. With what we are seeing with our very own eyes, the judge declares we are all mistaken. The whole thing is frightening and someone somewhere needs to step in.

I don’t believe any judge in Orlando can sit over this case. They all just seem to want to be the next Judge Ito. Well, this is not OJ Simpson and Florida “does” execute the death penalty. With that in mind, we need some adults to step in and remove Judge Perry. I am not the only one with this opinion. This judge is blowing it.

If we allow the government to openly trash Casey Anthony’s constitutional rights and right to a fair trial, then we are giving the government permission to do it to us. It doesn’t matter how you feel about Casey’s innocence or guilt, if you don’t pay attention to all the rules they are breaking to convict her, then common sense tells us that you could be next. What they are doing to this woman is completely outrageous. None of the laws to protect her from an out of control government are in fact protecting Casey. They have thrown out the rulebook in the name of vengeance and that rulebook is supposed to protect all of us.

In the end, if Orange County can openly trample someone’s constitutional rights live on TV, then what is going on with some poor schmuck, who’s in the jailhouse with no notoriety at all? Do you really think his rights are being respected? Do you really think yours will? What is going on in Orange County’s justice system that we don’t see? Since they seem to have no problem thrashing people’s rights live on TV, God knows what is happening to those unknown schleps that don’t have a camera on them. How do we know it’s not Abu Ghraib going on in there? This could be like the Soviet Gulags as far as we know.

C. Rich

Did Casey’s Prosecutor Have a Nervous Breakdown?

One of the worst things to happen to Orlando Florida was to have the Casey Anthony case occur in their area. More to the point, the media broadcasting this case live on the
internet has uncovered countless troubles in the entire justice system in Orlando. The vast exposure of this case has shined a light under a rock called the city of Orlando. This light has revealed to anyone watching it, the total and systematic incompetence that is Orange County and their entire justice system.

We have seen a plethora of mistakes made by almost everyone involved with the Casey Anthony case. We have seen cops violate a defendant’s Miranda rights to an alarming extreme and watched it be sanctioned by a biased judge hell-bent on vengeance or whatever reason he would whitewash the cops’ behavior. We have seen a jailhouse get in trouble for staging video events that were disgraceful. We have seen that Orange County isn’t even capable of transporting a defendant to and from court without nearly killing her and smashing her teeth and lip from an avoidable fall. We have seen a coroner’s office declare a murder with no science showing how the person even died. We have seen the local media take sides against innocent before guilty. We have seen screw-ups in the lab and collection of evidence.

One joke after the other in reference to the professionalism of Orange County and their clearly flawed justice system keeps happening. Now after all these debacles, we now just witness a state prosecutor completely become unraveled in the middle of the court. I don’t know whether we witnessed a complete nervous breakdown Friday, April 1st, 2011 or not. What was clear watching it was Jeff Ashton, one of the prosecutors in the Casey Anthony case, appears to have some serious mental issues he is struggling with. The man just looked like he was about to have a heart attack right there in court. He seemed to be a lunatic with a few screws loose running around the courtroom screaming, yelling, and falling apart as a human being right in front of our eyes. The man just seemed to have lost all his marbles.

Watching Jeff become so unhinged and unprofessional and realizing this is a prosecutor who is supposed to be some seasoned lawyer was beyond shocking. I even spoke to a

a woman who saw it and she said he actually scared her. All the yelling and losing his cool seemed frightening to her and I wonder how many other women and children did this man truly scare? To think that someone so clearly unstable is actually a person in charge of putting people in jail was ironic at the very least. He himself looked like a crazed lunatic who needed a straight jacket. I wonder if anyone around him considered Baker
Acting Jeff for 72 hours for his own safety. He seemed like he was a threat to himself and his health. He was unable to control his anger and cried out in court about things not going his way.

The defense attorney Jose Baez clearly got the best of him that day, but to watch Jeff come unglued was frightening. If Jeff can’t control his impulses and can’t stop jumping up every few seconds screaming objection, then maybe the state needs to come up with a different lawyer with more professionalism to take over. I was shocked that by the end of Friday’s Frye hearing, that the judge did not order anger management for Prosecutor Jeff Ashton at the very least. If this man comes across on camera, unhinged like that, could you imagine how frightened the jury will be when they see him emotionally meltdown like some out of control snapper head? This is just another example of how the adults need to step in and remove this case altogether from Orlando.

The camera has exposed how utterly insane their justice system really is there. Crazy acting, out of control prosecutor is just the latest embarrassment Orlando has brought down upon itself with this Casey Anthony case. I truly wonder whether that was a nervous breakdown by Jeff and whether or not some mental health professional should be ordered to evaluate his capacity to stand over Casey Anthony and prosecute her. That guy just seemed nuts to me Friday and I am sure I’m not the only one with that opinion.
Someone should check his blood pressure. The guy looks like a walking stroke waiting to happen.

Crazy man or not, Jeff appears to be struggling with some inner demons at the very least. Someone, this unprofessional and so quick to anger should not reside over this capital case. He yells more in court than a football coach yells in the field. Watching this, Jeff doesn’t seem very professional to me. He truly does look like a crazy person running around in that courtroom. If the state’s attorney’s office continues to use this nut, can they at least give him a Valium or something? Is this the best Orange County can do?
With a mad-hatter prosecutor and a seemly bias judge, how on Earth is this lady going to get a fair trial?

The whole thing has become such a circus. The problem is there must have been a tear in the circus tent and some freaks got out. Some of those freaks are now walking among us masquerading as normal people. However, just look closer and you can identify them.
They are the ones yelling and screaming with their veins popping out of their unstable heads. They even wear suits to trick us.

C. Rich

Judge Perry Reveals Political Agenda & Must Step Down

It is time for Judge Perry to step down and remove himself from this case. At the end of Friday’s Frye Hearing on April 1, 2011, all the attorneys came to a sidebar with the judge. The judge was controlling the online audio feed and he revealed to us all that he had an agenda.

When everyone was standing in front of the judge’s bench, the audio feed caught the first few words before the audio was turned off by the judge as the sidebar started. Like every time when a sidebar happens, we get to see the judge and the lawyers speaking, but we do not get to hear what they are saying. Now last Friday at the end of the day, all of a sudden the judge’s mike goes on deep into the sidebar and we get to hear what he is saying. Now I’m told the judge was controlling the volume at that moment, but mysteriously the judges voice and his only, come on live with the internet feed.

What he was saying was shocking. All week long he was threatening the lawyers that they would have to come in Saturday and even Sunday to get things done. He dropped the threat to all lawyers involved more than once during that week. Now here we were at
the end of Friday and the mike comes on just when the judge is telling all the lawyers that he has already been told that he must cut costs with the Casey Anthony case. He said he could not hold hearings on the weekend, because the people like the bailiff and court reporter have to get paid time and a half for weekend work and he can’t do it. This was because he had already been told by the people above him that he had to cut costs, according to him.

Now the judge was in charge of turning on the mike. While he was telling this, he did have had an agenda of a political nature. He wanted us to hear all of this, but not just us; he also wanted The Florida Legislation, as well, to hear him. What better pressure to put on Florida politicians than to broadcast to the world the Florida Budget problems and what Perry wants out of taxpayer money.

He used this murder case as his instrument to make a political statement to everyone in Tallahassee, even up to the Governor’s office. It was very political in nature because to embarrass Florida Politicians when the world has their eye on this trial is very politically powerful. Hell, with everything that is going on in this case that should not be, we now have a judge clearly injecting politics into this case.

The night before, he was on the news saying that the biggest threat to justice now is the lack of money, he is already seeing this effect justice, and it is going to get worse. By playing politics live on the internet and TV for all to see, Judge Perry has shown that he has a political agenda. His agenda is a departure from presiding over this case. It is separate and he is using this case as a vehicle to play politics with Tallahassee.

This is giving the defense a sure-fire shot at removing this judge. The judge is using this case to play politics with Tallahassee in regards to finances. His political agenda with

Tallahassee has no place in this capital case and should be used as proof that the judge should step down. By playing politics with his mike and going on TV with his political agenda, he has shown us an agenda that is separate from his duties with this case. The fact that he is using this case for his own political agenda out in the open like this is in fact grounds for his removal from this capital case where a life hangs in the balance.
Playing politics in a case where lethal injection hovers over it, is completely inappropriate. It is grounds for his removal.

His political agenda has no place in this case. His ruling to ignore the blatant violations of Casey Anthony’s Miranda Rights can be seen as a tactic to prolong this case and put pressure on politicians to give him the funds he wants for Orange County. What other reason would he have to ignore that the cops violated Casey Anthony’s Miranda Rights? This could be why his ruling made no sense in the face of reality. His political agenda could be the only reason for his bizarre ruling in the face of such a clear cut Miranda violation. It is pure and unadulterated politics and clear grounds for his removal.

Also, let us look at another angle of this. Therefore, now that the state has needlessly spent so much money locking Casey up for years, when she could have been home with a monitoring device around her ankle, the powers that be are now saying, “Sorry, Casey, we have no more money.” Casey Anthony has been kept in jail longer than any other woman in the entire state has and the cost to taxpayers was extraordinary and uncalled for. Now they want to say sorry to the defense; we now have to do justice on the cheap.

Coupon defense advocacy is what is coming, but make no mistake; the prosecutors will have everything they need. With all the unfair bias that surrounds Orlando in this case, that gives Casey an uphill battle. Now Casey has to worry about whether or not the state will cut off the number of funds she’ll need to defend herself. This is just another bombshell going off in Orange County and is just another reason why this case should have never been tried there in the first place.

The defense will be left going through Sunday Morning newspapers looking for coupons to defend this grieving mother. The injustice is alarming. To have Orange County waste so much money in this case and then say, “Sorry, we have to cut back,” is outrageous and gets Casey one step closer to either her grave or a successful appeal. The whole system surrounding this is hell-bent on killing this woman. They just might have found their method of execution for Casey. Instead of using lethal injection, they will hang her using the purse strings.

C. Rich

Unchecked Media Bias in Casey Anthony Case

One of the most disheartening things surrounding the Casey Anthony case is the local media bias that, thanks to the internet, is not local at all. The Orlando news stations have

for years now, as far as I’m concerned, shamed their profession. They shamed it by not covering both sides of this case without bias. It has been going on for years now unchecked.

The local media has been trying Casey through the media and they have leaned prodigiously towards the state and their case. Now with years of only one side being able to get their message out, the defense is finally able to step up to the plate and start to pick away at this case. They have been showing us a story of how the cops violated Casey Anthony’s rights, while also showing a judge who is the son of a cop and former prosecutor, who will do anything to sweep law enforcement’s behavior under the rug. We have been shown by the defense, the lengths the cops went to while tricking everyone in this case and now have highlighted a seemingly bias judge who will completely ignore reality and allow the cops to not only get away with this abuse but also allow it to continue going unchecked.

Little by little, the defense is blowing holes in this case about law enforcement and junk science. This has the judge, the state and the bias media scrambling for cover. One by one, the judge will allow stuff, in this case, to go in front of a jury. That will guarantee an appeal for Casey and the media does its willing part to keep telling one side of the story. By helping to whitewash all of this they have effusively called into question their own integrity.

The latest example of this was an ambush from WFTV and Kathi Belich who accosted defense attorney Mason walking to his car after Friday’s Frye Hearing on April 1st of 2011. The bias reported actually asked over and over, whether Mason felt shame about calling the judge bias in his motion about the judge’s flawed ruling about Casey’s Miranda rights. Mason and the motion was spot on about the judge and his unexplainable desertion of reality and yet the reporter is asking Mason about inner shame for diligently defending his own client. This was shocking to see.

Instead of doing a story on how on Earth the judge could say Casey was “not” immediately consider a suspect, the media wanted to ask the defense about the inner shame of calling this judge bias. Besides the fact that the judge does show an unrecoverable amount of bias in ignoring Casey’s Miranda rights, there is more to this ambush of Mason by WFTV.

Mr. Mason is a southern boy with a really strong southern accent. This reporter, without saying it, was speaking between the lines. Asking Mason such an obvious bias question, really was also saying, “How could you Mason – a redneck – call this black judge bias? Shame on you, Mason! You’re a good ole boy, picking on this black man.”

Folks, no way around it; this reporter’s ambush of Mason not only exposed the local media bias once again but also showed how far the media bias will go with the injection of the race card. It was shameful on the reporter’s part and beyond shocking to watch. It does not matter if Kathi Belich did not realize the racial connotation with her ambush of

Mason; the fact of the matter is one could not help but notice the race card being used directly or indirectly.

Did this reporter go to the cops and ask about their shame in regards to violating Casey’s Miranda Rights? Did she ask any of the cops if they felt shame when they waited for Jose Baez to go to New York and try this noisome meeting behind defense’s back? Where is WFTV when it comes to asking this judge about his shame, as he turned his head away from what the cops were indubitable doing?

Why does the local media not ask the question about what a reasonable cop would have thought? No one seems too concerned that the cops are getting away with not reading Casey her rights to her, because they spuriously claim she was not a suspect at first. Now the media knows covering missing child cases, that the parents are always the first suspects in these cases. However the judge, the media and the prosecutor’s office want reasonable people to believe that when a cop shows up at a missing child 911 call and hears the mother did not report the child missing for over a month or the parents are screaming about the smell of a dead body in the truck, that at this moment Casey is not a suspect. This is the axiomatic departure from reality that is being used to claim Casey did not need her Miranda rights.

The whole thing is beyond disingenuous, yet the media wants Mr. Mason to do an introspective declaration of his soul and search for inner shame for pointing out all of this hypocrisy with his motion. Well, I say the shame was on this reporter and that news station for doing something like this, instead of doing their immoderate job! You know, reporting the news, not making the news! That is the place to search for inner shame people. Not even Equusearch can help them here. No search group could find their integrity after all this.

C. Rich

Casey Anthony: Victim of Junk Science

Casey Anthony has been called many things by many people, but will “victim” be the newest label bestowed upon this famous mom? The Casey Anthony Case has become the poster boy of cases of which the defendant, due to notoriety, has no chance of receiving a fair trial. The forensic voyeurism that has surrounded this case has so polluted the potential jury pool that one would have to go out into Everglades National Park and find some Seminole Indian with no TV just to find a fair jurist.

Last week we all were exposed to the mountain of junk science that the state of Florida is trying to use to strap Mrs. Anthony down to a gurney and administer a lethal injection.
Normally there would not be a single chance in Hell that any of this parsimonious junk evidence would ever see the light of day in front of a jury. However, after the world saw

this judge allows Casey Anthony’s Miranda Rights to be violated, many experts now think this judge is going to allow anything in.

When the judge so blatantly ignored the onerous behavior from the cops and allowed them to do all sorts of things to Casey before they read her rights to her, many experts following the case have come to an opinion on this judge. In Session, a show on TruTV seems to be one of the few that have a balanced approach to their coverage of the case. Unfortunately, one can not follow the case by watching TruTV and their coverage of this trial, due to their endless breaking for commercials. People simply miss too much of the case if they watch it on TruTV. However, they have experts that debate the case and many of them agree none of this junk science should ever be allowed, but they felt this judge might let it in.

After Judge Perry shocked the legal world by ignoring Miranda Rights Violations from law enforcement, many experts felt the junk science would be let in regardless. Never before has some of this so-called science ever made it into court. None of it is truly science anyway and many people are counting on this judge, so they can make millions of dollars when the judge allows some of this junk science in.

Dr. Vass and his laboratory stand to make a fortune selling their contraption of a smell machine to law enforcement across the country. If this judge allows it in the case, many people including Dr. Vass stand to make a lot of money. Never before has a judge allowed it, but these people know that they have a damn good chance with this particular judge allowing this machine to be used in the trial. Once Vass’s the machine is used in the trial, it validates and elevates the value of Vass’s invention. He and the lab can then sell it to every police department in the nation. When that happens, they are off to the races with the U.S. Patent Office with Dr. Vass’s machine.

Some more of the junk science lies with the cadaver dogs being used as substantial evidence. Never before have these dogs been allowed to be used in court in this way. Like a lie detector machine, these dogs are a tool law enforcement uses in the field, but they are simply not reliable enough to be used in a court of law the way the state of Florida is trying to do. Once again, because of Judge Perry’s apparent bias towards the defense and the defendant, even the cadaver dogs could possibly make it in. The only reason any of this has a chance to make it into the trial is that not many people have faith in Perry’s judgment after he allowed the cops to get away with clear chicanery with Casey’s Miranda Rights.

So black is white and night is day and no one has any idea what this judge will let in or not. That is how unfair this trial has already become. People can’t even count on something as simple as our Miranda Rights if one pulls the wrong judge. If some of this junk science is allowed in, it will change case law across the country on so many things. In truth, if he bans all of the junk science from a trial, the damage is already done to her right to a fair trial. Her Miranda Rights were ignored and violated. The entire trial will be fruit from the poisonous Perry Tree.

Casey Anthony: The Beautiful Case

Watching that wonderful show 48 Hours Mystery present a mock trial of Casey Anthony, I noticed one thing stood out among it all. There are so many beautiful women involved in this case. It is like the battle of the pretty girls, where all these hot chicks are going at it. An epic battle of sexy women is what this whole case has evolved into.

I have lived all over the country from coast to coast and I can, without hesitation, tell you that Florida has the best-looking women in the nation. That fact is highlighted by the participants in the Casey Anthony trial. Here sits Casey Anthony, the most beautiful woman Florida has ever tried to execute with the death penalty. Then we have Linda Drane Burdick, the sexy lady prosecutor trying to make that happen. Backing up Linda is Florida’s Attorney General, the smoking hot Pam Bondi. The whole case begs for a Playboy spread.

The shameful truth is there would never be any interest at this level without these beautiful women. If Casey Anthony looked like Janet Reno, we would have never even known her name. That may make some of you angry, but it is the evident truth. Sexy sells and large companies lined up to advertise their products on the 48 Hours Mystery show.

Everyone everywhere is making money off this case. The local news stations have practically turned their websites into the Casey Anthony site and money is being made hand over foot. The local new stations feed the Casey lynch mob everywhere and every chance they can get. They would never dare to change their tune on Casey, regardless of how weak the evidence is. The local news stations are so neck-deep with Casey guilty bias, that they would never risk being a target of protest and loss of viewership. So you will never ever see balanced news reporting on this case from any local media station.
They have all sold out for the ratings and the money.

Each station tries to top each other with the latest Casey hatred. The local CBS station in Orlando even cut into the CBS 48 Hours Mystery show about Casey and told everyone in their bias way, that they had evidence the 48 Hour Mystery people did not show the mock jury. It was wild and shameful to watch them cut into the national feed from CBS. All of this has been made possible, because of the stunning women involved with this first- degree murder trial.

The image of Lady Justice holding a balanced scale should be changed to her lifting up her skirt and showing her garter belt while holding the scales. Justice itself is so heavily affected by beauty and in Florida, it reigns king. The state is breaking records on the money they are spending trying to prosecute Casey Anthony.

A study has just been released that shows people suffering from RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome) can have their symptoms go away by engaging in masturbation. I suggest anyone suffering from this condition to tune in to the Casey Anthony trial. This trial could actually serve as a medicinal remedy for the sick and afflicted. Say what you want, but Florida has the hottest criminal case in the country. Smoking hot!

C. Rich

Is Judge Perry a god?

Judge Perry is not a god, but like many gods before him, he seems to have the ability to create something from nothing. Watching him allow the heart-shaped sticker evidence to go into the trial was very alarming. The problem with it remains simple; there “is” no heart shape sticker. By allowing something that does not exist in reality, to be manifested into reality shows this man might believe he is a god.

To make something exist, that does not exist, seems to be very much in line with powers many other gods before he had. There is no heart-shaped sticker. There is a picture of one, but there is no sticker in existence for this trial. There is no evidence proving there was even adhesive, yet there it is in the trial now. The man literally manifested something that does not exist and made it exist and now it is evidence in a trial. This judge is so many ways is beyond scary. No doubt next, this man will manifest, with his godly powers, chloroform by producing chloroform where there was once not.

His decisions continue to shock people. He is so far off the normal radar screen of justice that people even expect these crazy rulings from him, more than not. He even has other god-like powers where he can make things that actually do exist and make them never exist. His god powers in this regard were on display when he made the police Miranda Rights violations disappear like they never existed at all. Maybe he is, in fact, a god? He certainly acts like one.

I’m wondering with his god-like powers, whether or not he can manifest a fair trial for Casey Anthony? Clearly, this does not exist in reality, so maybe he could manifest it into being. That is the problem with gods; they are so damn erratic with their behavior being a god. No one knows what they will do next.

This man is a disgrace to his profession in my opinion and should never be allowed to stand over a capital punishment case. His last act of godly powers could possibly be the most damaging of them all. When Casey is acquitted of first-degree murder, Perry can
manifest some other charge for the jury to consider, like involuntary manslaughter. I mean hell; if you can’t convict someone of the charge you charged them with, why not just make up another one out of thin air? Will or will he not take Casey Anthony’s life? After all, he is, in fact, a god, is he not?

Court Ends For Day: Did Jose Baez Step Down?

All the media scrambled when the judge shut down the court for the day. Left with nothing but rumors and speculation, the press was guessing on what had happened. Talk of Casey pleading guilty and reporters guesstimate whether it could be an emergency appeal.
However, none of it seems to be the truth and since all that is left is the guessing game, let us talk about the unspeakable.

Is it possible that Jose has had enough? Clearly, the tension has been flying between Jose and Casey. We all know this to be a fact because the microphone picked up Jose fighting with Casey and calling her a child.

Jose never returned from lunch when the trial was put on hold today. Does Jose feel Casey can not get a fair trial with this judge? Does he feel that Casey would have a better chance at a fair trial without him?

The judge seemingly does not like Jose and denies almost all his motions. Maybe faced with the challenge of this judge rushing the jury selection has had its toll? Does Jose feel if he throws himself upon the sword there could be a mistrial and Casey could get another judge who is fairer?

There are many questions swirling around this strange end in the trial with the clock ticking in Clearwater, FL and their ability to even have a courtroom. Was Perry’s threat to move to another town and start over, the hair that broke the camel’s back?

Very few people are in the know. What if Jose just walked away? What if?

C. Rich

The State of Florida vs. Casey Marie Anthony

I have said throughout the years when writing on this case that there is absolutely no way they can convict Casey Anthony of first-degree murder. I stand by that assertion.
However, watching the events on Monday and literally seeing the cards being stacked against Casey, I concede that there is no way she’s gonna beat the rap.

I’m pretty sure if it takes about an hour to actually read the indictment out loud in open court, you’re pretty much screwed. She’s gonna do time and she’s gonna do a lot of time.

The content of my articles from here on out will be focused on three things. Number one, there is not enough real evidence to justify a capital murder case. Number two, I will also focus on the absolute debauchery that has become this trial and the clear view that Casey is not having a fair trial. In addition, number three, the last and final thing that will be my focus covering the remainder of this trial, will be how fine Casey Anthony looks on any given day. In particular, some of those tight shirts she wears that illuminate her voluptuousness.

Judge Perry guaranteed a mistrial, a verdict overturned or a loss in the appeals court, straight out, when he allowed that silly sniffer test to be evidence in a trial. You see, it’s no small thing that no judge anywhere in this nation has allowed that ridiculous test to be used as evidence. Even a polygraph machine has more accuracy than that, yet a lie detector is not even allowed to be used in court. You’re not even allowed to mention it. The sniffer test, straight out ridiculous junk science.

Last but not least, one couldn’t help noticing after Judge Perry let 31 people go out of the first 50, that he’s wanting this trial to go back to Orlando. If all you have to do is just say the word “hardship” and you’re excused, what are the odds of them sitting a jury in the allotted time that god himself, Judge Perry, has decreed? Casey Anthony has a better chance of getting a Brazilian bikini wax in jail, than them sitting 12 jurors and 8 alternates for this case.

C. Rich

Something New on Caylee Anthony’s Biological Father

We are all years into one of the most vetted voyeuristic trials in recent memory and we still do not know who fathered Caylee Anthony. I’ve read many theories about who the father might be. Incest has even been pondered and so many different people have their theories. However, we just do not know who the father of this child was. Why is that? Why hasn’t any man stood up and said that was my kid who died? Why do the media show little interest in this subject anymore?

Common sense tells us someone is running around out there watching all this and seems to not care about what happened to his kid. Did Casey even tell a man he was the father? Does Casey even know who the father is? Some guy had sex with this sexy grieving mother, but who was it? We have seen all the letters and watched so much about this case, but we still sit here and have no idea who the father is. It is pretty amazing that we do not know this after all.

Caylee Anthony was a very beautiful child and looked a lot like her mom. Genetically, Caylee looked so much like the people on Casey’s side of the family; it is hard to see any trace of the father in her appearance. However, someone fathered this child and has possibly sat back and kept silent about the matter. Throughout the case and with everyone

involved, no one is even talking about this subject. Who is the mystery sperm donor? What is his role in all this if any at all? Sex with Casey Anthony is not something a man would forget. Is there someone out there wondering if he is the guy, but stays silent? The Orlando Sentinel reported that:

“Paul Anthony Kelley, an attorney, and friend of the Anthony family said George and Cindy Anthony sought legal advice from him. Kelley said that Caylee’s father was out of the picture but had signed a waiver giving up parental rights. (Kelley couldn’t remember the man’s name.) Kelley said the Anthony’s offered an obituary showing that the man in question had died in a car accident out of state.”

However, even that explanation seems dubious and still, we have no answer to this puzzling question. Fox News reported that:

“Casey Anthony told childhood friend Melina Calabrese that she once slept with a man she worked with at Universal Studios named Josh and believed he was the father of her baby, according to a transcript of an interview between Calabrese and Orange County Sheriff’s Office Captain Yuri Melich.

Caylee’s father, whose last name wasn’t given, died in a car accident and never knew about Caylee, who was 2 when she disappeared last summer, Anthony has said.”

There are countless reports of this but nothing really makes sense. Who fathered this child?

WESH News reported that:

“Caylee Anthony’s biological father signed a waiver surrendering his parental rights. Attorney Paul Anthony Kelley said George and Cindy Anthony, Casey Anthony’s parents, came to him for some legal advice. Kelley said the couple told him that their granddaughter’s father “had basically taken off and was out of the picture.” Kelley said he could not recall the biological father’s name, but that Anthony’s produced an obituary showing Caylee Anthony’s father died in an out-of-state car crash.”

Still, no answer to this question and even the thought of someone out there who signed a waiver giving up parental rights does not make sense, because that would be a public record in the clerk of court. One story after the other tries to explain this, but not one of them seems credible.

Caylee Anthony was a beautiful little girl that was taken from this world way too early.
Since there is absolutely no evidence that her mother planned the murder or that there
was even a murder at all, will we ever know who hurt Caylee? When the trial comes to an end, it will be crystal clear how the prosecutors never had a case for first-degree murder, let alone murder at all.

Casey will have a second chance at life and to learn from any mistakes she made in her youth after doing some kind of time. She will one day be able to get married and start a family when she gets out. No doubt she will be one hell of a mother to her future kids after all of this. Meanwhile watching her breasts nearly blast out the button in her shirt makes this boring jury-picking go by faster.

Friday, Perry seemingly was going to let in a guy who said he KNEW she was guilty.
You people would be hard-pressed to find a more bias judge in any case than Judge Perry. He doesn’t even bother to hide it. He is so antithetical to justice that my hairs on my arms raise up just at the sight of him. Casey and that prosecutor make something else raise up.

C. Rich

Judge Perry & His Treatment of the Mentally Ill

If you ever took the time to ponder what kind of judge Perry is or wonder whether this man is a man of mercy, you now have your answer. By now everyone who follows this case has seen the video of that mentally ill woman who had an outburst in the middle of the courtroom during jury selection. I was not surprised that something like this has happened and I think we will see more crazy stuff to come.

What caught my eye was how this particular judge handles the mentally ill among us. In America, mental illness is still treated as a law enforcement problem for the most part. Our jails and prisons all filled with sick people who should be getting treatment instead of being thrown in jail or prison. A big part of this misjudgment comes from judges like Belvin Perry.

In this situation, we literally got to see a mental patient on Thorazine straight out of a methadone clinic be treated as a criminal, instead of a patient that needs care. In Perry’s mind, his form of mercy comes in the form how long he locks up the sick among us. He said aloud and made his point that he could have locked up this sick person for 179 days and that only locking up this mental patient for two days, shows his compassion and mercy.

Watching his thought process play out live on TV on the issue of how we treat the sick among us was shocking to me. This issue is not only on Perry’s shoulders but is an asymptomatic overall problem in our nation that goes back a long time. Unforgivably, we have simply not wrapped our collective minds around this issue in America. The treatment of the mentally ill in this nation was on display in the Casey Anthony trial.

In Belvin Perry’s mind, he thought it was best to take a person who is clearly or undeniably a mental patient and lock her up in a cage-like an animal or a criminal. Well, shame on you Judge Belvin Perry. Watching her court appointed a lawyer and that poor woman beg for mercy in your court was immoderate. I was ashamed of you and our

system of justice, when you took this sick woman with a two-year-old baby and a husband who might have beat her and then threw her in jail. Your actions as a judge in this instance were unimaginable. It was hard to watch and I believe this gives us an insight into how you will handle the subject of mercy when it comes to Casey Anthony.

Putting someone that sick in jail, because you were inconvenienced, was devoid of class in my opinion. Your behavior on the bench, in this case, has been bizarre and breathtaking as far as I’m concerned. I hope you retire soon sir. Maybe in your retirement, you could volunteer at a mental facility and learn some compassion for the sick among us. I wonder how many mentally ill people you have treated this way over the years. What you did to the sick lady was sick in itself. Throwing someone that sick in jail was wrong.

There is no more serious drug for a person to be on than Thorazine. Only the sickest among us, are on something like that sir. Shame on you, Belvin Perry.

C. Rich

Casey Anthony: The Sizzlin’ Pain of Truth

How could anyone ever get mad at Casey Anthony? How could anyone be mad about her denial? I don’t see how many could when it seems most people and the press has drowned in an ocean of denial. After the opening statements from Jose Baez, if there is still a single person anywhere that still believes that Casey planned the perfect CSI murder of her daughter, then they need some of that medication that woman had who Perry threw in jail.

Casey Anthony did not kill anyone. Low and behold, this has always been the only place anywhere that has said this. Even I must admit, I never thought Jose would get her off on child abuse charges but let me say now, that he certainly will. There was no murder.
There was no manslaughter and now I can confidently say there is no child abuse by Casey Anthony. There is just what I have said all along. There is nothing. There is no case. Only if you suspend logic and reason could you come to any of the prosecution’s flawed conclusions?

The truth is so often painful. So many of you people have invested so much into believing Casey did it. I know some will never be able to face the sizzlin’ pain of the truth. However, the truth does not need your approval to be true. It just is. The biggest part of this case is what is not there. There is just too much of “not there” for me to swallow. I have touched over the years upon these things.

I couldn’t convince so many of you that you were wrong any more than I could convince some of you, Jesus is a Myth. Some people are just so invested in what they believe. However, Casey Anthony Mythology is just as real as the Greek gods to the Greeks who believed it at the time. They believe it, so damn logic and reason.

Let me tell you something that is the evident truth. The only charge Casey Anthony is guilty of is lying to the cops. Nothing else, my dear sheeple, not another single charge. You even convinced yourself that Jose Baez was a bad lawyer not up to the task. You have filled your minds with myths. That man hit it out of the park. Anyone who gets in trouble in Orange County should look him up. The man is a quality lawyer.

Casey Anthony will indeed get out even sooner than “I” thought and be able to start a new life. Why? Well because even mythology must at some time have the rubber met the road. Even evil mythical demons in the light of time have to face the sizzlin’ pain of the truth.

C. Rich

Casey Anthony was a Good Mother

One person after the other told how Casey was a great mom. Now juxtapose that next to what the media and the state have told you for three years now. You all were lied to.
Casey is not the only person who has availed themselves to the art of the lie. She loved her kid and was a good mom. She was even the protector of her co-workers and took care of the ladies at the club. Not quite the monster you have been led to believe.

The child died in the pool and it happens all the time in Florida. It does not make the mother a demon that should be killed. If you people can not tell that George is some creepy dude who is “clearly” lying then maybe you should let him babysit your young girls.

I have dissertated the truths in this case for years now and it looks like I was closer to the mark than anyone I read on this. The state’s anachronism is bat shit and the whole case is a fairytale. Today’s court proceedings were ennui and almost put me to sleep. None of it matters or had any relation to that poor kid drowning in that pool. Someone left a comment on another article I wrote saying:

“The defense can not prove George did her and the state can’t prove the kid was murdered. The defense wins- because they don’t have to prove anything! She walks!”

I have the smartest readers. That says it all in a nutshell. Watching this judge thunder his bias for all to see when denying Jose and his objections almost always will not be lost in the appeals courts and this man should not be a judge has far as I am concerned. Perry and Ashton worked together for years putting people in jail and you can just see those two working it. The whole thing is a circus-like a logomachy.

I for one have no doubt the child died in the pool and these people know it but they are too invested into their myth. The truth is, Casey was a good mother and needs to get out of there while she can still bear children and marry some nice guy and settle down and

have some kids. People, I knew many party girls in their twenties back in the day. The ones with young kids were never half as good as a mother than Casey was. Caylee wanted for nothing. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. By letting Casey Anthony out of jail, you contribute to the beautification of Orange County, because when beautiful people procreate, there are beautiful kids running all around Orlando. When that jury lets her out, they’re actually performing a public service and do more for Orlando’s beautification than the prisoners picking up the trash on the side of the road.

C. Rich

The Dismantlement of the Casey Anthony Myth

You can take your teddy bear called illusion to bed with you if you still want to. However, you should be very angry. You have been lied to for years and they fooled so many of you. For three years, they have made you believe that all those photos of Casey partying was her life. You thought she was a party girl out of control.

You believed it so much, that you attached motive to it. In all murder cases, part of a conviction or an element of it is motive. The reason why someone killed another almost always needs to be answered to put someone to death. Here you took a complete and total fabrication and wrapped it all up in a bow called motive. You were told that the reason Casey just suddenly planned the murder of her own child was that she needed Caylee out of the way so she could go clubbing. How bad do you feel now?

One person after the other said Casey was not a real drinker and most of the time would not drink and if she did, she would leave and go home early. Now we know that most of all the pictures you saw were Casey working for Tony and helping him pack the club.
The woman was not a party girl. She was a young mother who tried to balance being in her twenties and being a single mom. She did better than most women in that situation did.

By almost everyone’s account, this woman was a good mom. You can thank the prosecution for bringing that to you. Again, you should be angry. Instead, so many are trying to hold on to all the illusions you were spoon-fed. You cling on to the lies.

Watching the truth come out is something else. Watching the state acting like the truth is not availing itself each and every day of the trial and still trying to prosecute the myth is something to see. Casey Anthony was not a drunk party girl and nothing can be clearer listening to the people who knew her.

Shame on every single one of you still holding on to the myth, when the truth is there for all to see. Shame on you. No way had she killed her child! No freaking way! The whole image they created was a lie and they still act as if they want to kill her.

Is Tony Lazzaro a Snitch?

Tony Lazzaro came from a New York Italian family down to Orlando and met himself a hot Florida girl. Casey was Italian as well and in fact, this whole case has a lot of Italian people involved in it. You could say this trial is something of an Italian thing. Coming from a New York Irish family, I understand the cultures and the way of life that the Italians and the Irish have. They are very similar in nature and we share great traits together.

New Yorkers, in general, are a different breed and simply look at life somewhat pukka from others. Now in that culture, when a man wears a wire for the cops, this is, in fact, looked down upon. Rats and snitches are labels sometimes used for such people that would go along with law enforcement to any degree. However, Tony took it to another level by wearing a wire for the cops against his own girlfriend.

Now doing that to a stranger even carries with it a stigma, but when someone from our culture and background does that to a woman we are with, now that takes it to a whole new level. From what I can tell, Tony allowed the cops to come into his life and convince him that his own girlfriend was no good and agreed to wear a wire for the cops. That is not something we see every day.

I’m wondering does any future girlfriend or wife have to worry about Tony turning on them from the word of a stranger one day and him doing this again. I don’t know the answer to that. I’m not a chick, but I wonder if that might play a role in the future relationships of Tony Lazzaro when and if they find out he wore a wire for the fuzz.

People that agree to wear a wire and become tools for the cops are altogether a different breed of folk. Knowing a lot of people over the years from Long Island, I must ask a question. I’m wondering something. I’m wondering about Tony’s neighborhood back home. What does the neighborhood think about Tony Lazzaro now that they know he wore a wire for the cops? Now that it is public record, what would they say?

Would the boys back home call Tony a snitch? What do the Long Islanders think of Tony Lazzaro working as an informant for the cops? I have my opinions on this, but was just pondering what kind of a life Tony will have back home after working for the police? Is this a cool thing to do where he comes from? Is there a good excuse to wear a wire for the cops? He didn’t just wear a wire. Tony was working in many ways to fulfill the duties of
a snitch, did he not?

Rat, snitch or informant is just some labels that are used for people who wear wires for the cops. Has Long Island changed that much? There once was a day where they would not celebrate such a thing. There used to be a stigma to it. A scarlet letter in the

the neighborhood was once the treatment for people who did what Tony did. Have things changed in New York that much since the last time I was there? Just wondering?

C. Rich

Casey Anthony & the Crapulous Amy Huizenga

Watching Amy on the stand sitting there with her bad hair was something else to see. Clearly, this woman suffers from what I call ugly girl syndrome. We have all seen this before. An ugly woman latches on to a friendship with a pretty girl and it does not end well. You can just tell Amy is very aware of how she looks in the mirror and like an incubus in the night; she sits and stalks her prey.

The girls suffering from this condition feed on the sloppy seconds of the pretty girl. They are quick to swoop down and attach themselves to the carnage left behind by the beautiful people. If that woman does not have an ax to grind, then there is no such woman on this planet. Jealousy and anger seem to have consumed her.

She so clearly wanted to get Casey tripped up, not even the blind could miss her performance as the bitter Kapellmeister directing the chorus of discontent. Even when she was excused from the stand, she did not want to leave. Begging the judge to just say one more thing. It seemed like whatever her goal was to testify was not met and she needed more of her embarrassing fifteen minutes of fame. She was utterly clueless about how she came across as the bibulous woman of the nightlife. She even agreed that she drank four nights a week. Of course, never realizing there are only seven days in a week and she just admitted to drinking the majority of that.

Yes, Amy Huizenga did not seem to fool anyone with her revenge act on the stand. However, it was she that came across as a bad influence on the single mom Casey. Shockingly she knew that she would be on TV in front of millions of people and this was her one shot, but chose to wear those clothes. The bad hair was frightening. The whole thing was a train wreck and no thaumaturgy would help her. All of this, of course, was witnessed by millions of people and in my magniloquent opinion, she came across the worse so far from anyone.

I have no idea why the prosecution would think this mess of a woman would benefit their case. It did not and it was a mistake. This dipso and a vengeful woman was not fooling anyone. A woman searching for a good Christian man in the night, while bouncing from bar to bar, does not actually make a good witness on the stand. I don’t know what the state was thinking.

Sure Amy seems like a barrel of fun. As long as she is not driving of course. However, let us just agree Amy is not exactly the kind of woman a good Christian man wants to bring home to their mother.

Casey Anthony Case: Junk Yard to Junk Science

Watching Dr. Vass dance between the raindrops of reality and truth was a lesson in obfuscation and another example of how this trial has gone off the tracks. When he was asked whether or not he had a financial interest in this case and said that he believed he did not, was that a lie? Everyone knows he stands to make money off that silly sniffer machine.

Now everyone seems so interested when Casey tells a lie. However, what would you call that answer from this so-called scientist? Dr. Vass is part of a culture of intellectuals that stay away from the free market after school and find some niche that exists without checks and balances. There is this esoteric group of people who never get real jobs and spend their lives living off our tax money getting grants to perform the strangest things. Vass is one of these people. There is no research to do for these people without government grants paid for by our tax money. To get the attention of the ones who approve these crazy grants, people like Vass need to think out of the box like he said and come up with more and more strange stuff to research.

New American reports:

David Williams, vice president for policy at Citizens Against Government Waste, responded to the discovery of such financial expenditures. “The government is so out of whack with what the priorities are, that this actually makes [more] sense than the real problems facing the country.

To eliminate what is “out of whack,” the only real answer is to look to the Constitution. There is nothing in the Constitution that allows for federal expenditures on health research outside the scope of preparing a military defense of the country’s citizens. If Americans want such research to be done, they can either fund it at the state level (the closer the funding gets to the people, the more likely it is that it will be scrutinized and scrubbed of waste) or through increased tuition fees to colleges where such research is done.”

Of course, Judge Perry and the prosecution did everything they could to make sure the jury did not hear about Dr. Vass and his abject failure on The Charles Manson debacle. The smell test is more than junk science. The sniffer test is more than some ridiculous contraption. It is all the fruit from the research grant fraud tree and we all pay for it. None of it is recognized by real scientists and Judge Perry is the only judge anywhere that would let any of this crap in a trial.

Comparing air quality on different days to different things, weeks later and drawing some conclusion from it is all a waste of time and is not science. Dr. Vass, if I fart in a car on June 16th and then fart in a car weeks later and you capture it with your machine of science, do my farts have a correlation? What if I fart in a car and then you found another car in a junkyard on the other side of the country that someone farted in, could you compare that with your brilliant science? Would there be some relationship there that you could tout in a court of law as science?

People would be shocked to find out what kinds of people are getting our tax money to do what. Somehow, this entire subculture of bizarre science and milking the government tit has chaotically found its way to a first-degree murder case with capital punishment in the mist. Why is that? There is only one reason these two worlds have collided. We have a judge here that seemingly will do anything to fry Casey Anthony. He was the gatekeeper of justice who opened the gate and let the freaks run in. When a lynch mob is happy about the way a trial is going, something has gone terribly wrong in the world of checks and balances.

C. Rich

Cops Finally Admit Casey Was a Suspect Prior to Arrest

Jose has spent so much time trying to get someone from The Orange County Sheriff Office to admit Casey Anthony was a suspect before she was arrested and in turn, by law, should have received her Miranda Rights. In an absurd display of clear chicanery, Detective Melich refused to admit that Casey Anthony was a suspect well before she was read her rights. Melich wanted everyone to have a “willing suspension of disbelief” moment and just forget all the facts of what happened. This was a key element in the
case, because the cops clearly violated Casey Anthony Miranda Rights.

If they admit that she was a suspect well before they gave her Miranda, then none that she did and said could be used against her. Any admission that they did this and The Orange County Sheriff’s Office is guilty of violating Casey’s Constitutional Rights. Now with that all hanging above Melich head, he in my opinion obviously seems to have perjured himself on the stand. He wanted us to believe if a cop shows up to a house with a missing child report and right away finds out the mother never reported the child missing for over thirty days or that the grandmother is screaming the car smells like a dead body, that the mother of the child is not a suspect from minute one. This is why, as a layperson, my opinion is that this is perjury.

No way was she not a suspect and Jose and Mason hammered away at this. The judge whitewashed the whole thing and allowed it all in. To me, it was like witnessing a cover-up live on TV. However, all of that effort by the cops and the judge just got turned on its head. In a shocking BOMBSHELL that most seemed to have missed, including the press, the cops blew it and admitted under oath that Casey was a suspect.

Deputy Jason Forgey sat on the stand and when asked whether he knew that the car he and his dog were to sniff was the car in question. He said he knew it was the suspect’s car. Bam!!! There it is! Jose seemed to have missed it, but nevertheless, it is there in the transcript. Deputy Forgey, a cop on the scene, just admitted under oath that Casey at that time was a suspect!

Go back and read it. The man said it. He admitted the truth and that is a GAME CHANGER in the court of appeals. Melich twisted himself in knots trying to say she was not a suspect and here is a police officer on the stand telling us that was not true. Forgey said she was a suspect and used that word.

In another shocking revelation from the cops, Forgey admitted on the stand this was the very first and only time his dog hit on something and then nothing was found. This anomaly just rains down more reasonable doubt surrounding this case. Top that off with an FBI chemist and his decimation of Dr. Vass incredulous testimony and day 23 of the Casey Anthony Trial was a home run for the defense.

C. Rich

Casey Anthony Not Guilty of Lying to the Cops

Now that most of the evidence already presented from the state has been released, the one thing we DO know is Casey will never be convicted of first-degree murder. The state never came close to proving their complicated theory, so Casey will never be convicted for that. The child abuse-related charges are out the window since everyone who got on the stand said she was a great mom. Her brother’s ex-girlfriend said she was amazing. So there is another not guilty.

So let’s see what is left….Oh yea, lying to the cops. Well, kiss that one goodbye as well. Casey Anthony is not guilty of lying to the cops either. At least not as much as they say. The reason she is not is that it looks like that cops violated her civil rights when Deputy Jason Forgey admitted she was a suspect long before they read her rights to her.

Anything that Casey said and did before she was arrested with the police can’t and should not be used to convict her of lying to the cops. It is because they are all fruit from the poisonous tree. If the law is applied correctly in the end, the jury should not be allowed to convict of her of lying to the cops using all the lies, because that charge needs to be thrown out. If the law is applied properly, that would mean there are not a lot of lies to the cops. It can’t and should not be used.

The police can not do all those shenanigans and then be able to benefit from its improper yolk. Only the lies after she was arrested should count. Whether this jury does it or some appeal court, somebody somewhere is going to remember Miranda Rights at the end of the day. Casey will walk right out the front door. Justice will be done and freedom will be

Casey Anthony’s destiny. The lynch mob would have moved on to the next public hanging. Jose Baez will be the most sought after lawyer in Florida and C. Rich will have already published him I told you so article, or maybe not.

C. Rich

Walking Back My Opinion of Judge Perry

It would be fair to say and intellectually honest that I owe Judge Perry an apology. Not that this man cares what any particular blogger says or that I exist at all in the importance of things because I do not. Nothing that comes out of my mouth should ever be considered axiomatic because it is not. I have always said do not believe a word on this site unless you can independently verify it yourself. I believe that about all of the internet and think someone should have their head checked if they believe that the blogosphere is a place for facts. It is a place full of an ocean of ribald opinions and anything but a place where facts reside.

Of course this site in particular, because of the nature of the fun we have with it, reigns this truth above most. However, I do have an opinion like all of you and in America; I still have that right. I’m not sure how that right survives the recent onslaughts on freedom by the ever-growing government in the future, but it is what it is as of now.

I have thought that this judge was not too bright and did not even think he should be on the bench anymore. This opinion of mine was born out of my legal ignorance and without merit. He certainly has earned his black robe. I don’t know what I was thinking. I thought after watching him use this case as a political hammer against the lawmakers in our capital in reference to the budget, made him a seemingly bias person with an agenda. I thought after he let in evidence after evidence in this trial, which has never been allowed in any court before, must show his friable bias. I thought that his cumulative and parlous over rulings of the defense and the constant sustaining of the prosecution showed an apparent bias. I was wrong.

I was wrong because, towards the very end of the state’s case, Perry finally ruled in favor of the defense and blocked that FBI PowerPoint presentation the defense was ambushed with. So this must mean there is no bias! I was wrong. The man is completely fair and impartial, is he not? I mean he did rule for Casey once, so he can’t have a surreptitious bias. Yes, I must have been mistaking.

Now I know there are people in the lynch mob that could watch Judge Perry jump down from the bench, pull a tennis racket out of his black robe, start beating Casey Anthony with it, and still say he has no bias at all. Yes, he could even turn her face into a Belgian Waffle with little squares all over it while the bailiff pulls him off Casey as he screams the white bitch had it coming to her and the mob would still say he is a fair man.
However, I could never live in such denial.

I must have just gotten it all wrong. The man is fair and balanced. He sided with the Casey Anthony defense team once. What more can one ask for? It has to wipe out all that other stuff; does it not?

C. Rich

Roy Kronk: the Elephant in the Courtroom

To apperceive the true extent of the weakness of the state’s theory in the Casey Anthony case, one must have to go back into time and to the period when we all got introduced to this case. We all heard the 911 calls from this family that a child was missing. We then heard that the mother did not report the child missing for thirty days and that some nanny took off with the child. People everywhere joined in on the biggest manhunt Orlando has ever seen. Folks from everywhere came to search by foot all over to look for this beautiful kid that was missing.

What we must remember is how big this search really was. We need to draw from our memories how much time, money and effort went into this search. This whole thing took on a life of its own and thousands got involved. Now fast-forward three years and the prosecution does not call to the stand the very person who found the body? Why? Think about it. The state dragged everyone on the stand from tattoo artists to people who didn’t even really know Casey, yet they do not call to the stand the man who found the body? They went through day after day methodically calling one witness after the other, but never called the man who found Caylee? There would be no reason not to have the jury meet the man who found Caylee Anthony.

This omission has to be inscrutable to the jury. Twelve people on the jury would have to ask themselves where the guy is. So why the elephant in the room? Is it because this shady meter reader would do more to destroy their template of murder? This man’s behavior and statements were bizarre, to say the least, and they kept the man out of the sight of the jury.

They know something is off here with this inchoate theory of a planned murder by the mother. They know a lot of that doubt lies in the shadows of Roy Kronk and his venal intentions. Roy Kronk is reasonable doubt and now that the defense is starting their case, I am sure the defense will take the opportunity to clear this up. However, do not expect this questionable judge to cut off the state on cross, the way he did with Jose and Mason. No, I suspect the state will have free rein to go outside the scope of questioning. They will need help from the bench to make this elephant in the courtroom disappear like some David Copperfield Vegas show and they have the perfect judge for the job.

Bottom line is this. The manhunt for Caylee Anthony was huge and went on for a long time, but somehow the state never called the person who found the body. That is beyond strange. The no show of Roy Kronk on the stand contains an interesting excursus on the

status of jurisprudence. The whole case is aimlessly wandering through the fog of the absurd.

C. Rich

Casey Anthony Trial & the Orwellian New Speak

Try just once to watch the trial on DVR and fast forward through all the news commentary. Do not listen to a single opinion from anyone from the news. Then after watching it, seeing, and hearing everything that happened, go and listen to what the news tells you about what you saw. If you try this experiment, I believe, if you are a true freethinking human being, you will be shocked. You can do this on any given day and the results will be the same. There will be absolutely no relationship between what you saw and what the news tells you what you have seen. It is beyond frightening.

In George Orwell’s book 1984, they called this New Speak. This is where the powers that be cut out history as if it never happened. This distortion of reality is not exclusive to just The Casey Anthony Trial, but it is a class study on Governmental New Speak and it should have you concerned. The spin about this case from the news media, which are so invested into one side, would have you think that The Casey Defense Team has never had a winning moment in this trial.

If you followed The New Speak, you would have never known about this good day in court or that good day for the defense. I even sat there with my jaw dropped, when one news station did a poll and had an interactive question posed to the public. They asked
whether or not it was right for people to make money off this case. After they set this up for all of you to chime in with your overwhelming decrier, they broke for commercial and sold thousands in advertising. Let me give you an example. In 2010, just one show on NBC called The Today Show, sold five hundred million dollars worth of advertising with commercials. Now that is a half of a billion dollars in revenue and that was only one news show, in a day, on one channel. There is a lot of money in New Speak but not a lot of reality or facts.

If you care about the truth and believe the victim Caylee Anthony deserves the truth, then consider this. Neither side nor their story could possibly be true. The state and their theory of first-degree murder are clearly separated from
reality and the defense theory of drowning that includes George and his part, could never be true either. Anyone who watches the jailhouse visit tapes of George and Casey alone and thinks the defense theory holds water needs to have their head checked. Maybe Caylee did drown in the pool, but the whole part of George getting rid of the body is

beyond disingenuous. They are both spurious and fallacious narratives and the news media is the worst of them all.

I have seen a lynch mob of Casey Haters beats each other to a pulp, just to get a seat in the courtroom to watch the trial. I have watch drones and zombies of New Speak march lockstep in their illusions and send balloons into the sky for some dead child they never met. I’m watching the State of Florida try to kill a woman without any real proof and send her lawyer to jail just for trying to defend her. I watch the news media feed on it like a Pac- Man eating dots. All the while never ever getting close to the truth of all this.

I want anyone who believes they have a brain, to go out, get George Orwell’s Book 1984, and read it. I want people who have not read it in many years to read it again. Afterward, I want you to ask yourself are 1984 and Orwell’s vision alive and well in 2011? Think about it as you are driving around in your car. When you come to a stoplight, look up, and see that camera, I want you to think of me and what I am saying here. He wrote that book in 1948! It is your freedom that has slipped down the “memory hole”. I know it is hard for some of you to see this while living in the “Ministry Of Truth” and looking out those stained glass windows of your soul. However, maybe there is just one of you that I can save from the war being waged on your mind. Nowhere in any of this, is the truth of what happened to Caylee Marie Anthony.

Maybe you suffer from “doublethink” and believe both theories to be true in some way. There are a lot of side effects of mind control, but at the end of the day, none of us are anywhere near the truth. If we continue in this direction, we will never know what happened to that beautiful little girl. If we continue down this path, the matrixes of New Speak will guild your life on a ship of illusion. Reality will sail away from your existence and the template of your life will be devoid of meaning. There is more than Casey Anthony and her life on the line with all of this. What kind of world do you want to live in? Just think about it.

C. Rich

Cindy Anthony Sets Casey Case Ablaze!

On June 23rd, 2011 there was a cloud of smoke hurling over the city of Orlando. The blaze of fire illuminated the blue sky as Jose Baez became an arsonist and set fire to the state’s case against Casey Anthony. There in the mist, the prosecutors choking on the smoke and cinders of their fallacious case.

It was a great day in court for truth and justice. The media was sent into a tailspin turning themselves into knots trying to spin this in some way favorable to the state. The whole thing unfolded like a Shakespearean Tragedy as the lynch mob was put back on the heels.

Everything that people were told for three years all vanished in a fog of disillusion. Cindy made the chloroform computer searches and there was a stain in the trunk of the car when they bought it. Top that off with the forensic examination of the Anthony home computer being completely flawed and unreliable and there goes the case against Casey Anthony.

Now the only thing that smells worse than the trunk of The Anthony Sunfire is the state’s case against Casey Marie Anthony. Congratulations to the whole entire defense team, job well done. You scored another home run for the appeals courts showing the shadiness of the duct tape evidence.

I’m sure you knew before they presented the FBI e-mails to the judge that this judge was not going to let the jury see what happened there. However, any appeals court in this state won’t be so dismissive. Good job folks! Like Jose said in the opening statement, reasonable doubt lives in this case. Casey Anthony is coming home.

C. Rich

The New Murder Weapon in the Casey Anthony Trial

The state has oscillated theories of the murder weapon in their case against Casey. One minute it is chloroform and the next minute it is duct tape. When that does not stick, they claim both are the murder weapon. However, the new murder weapon in this trial comes from Judge Perry.

His order to make every expert write down in a report all their opinions have been used to murder the efforts of the defense to defend this woman. When Jose complained about it and said nowhere in the law is there something like this or that this is hurting the defense’s ability to do their job, Perry had an answer to that too. Judge Belvin Perry said that even though there was nothing in the law requiring this troublesome demand, there was nothing in the law stopping him from doing it either. He actually said that. He said that sitting up there on his righteous throne clothed in his black robe of infallibility.

Perry and Ashton have teamed up in this trial to use this court order to control the narrative of the defense at an alarming rate. It is the weapon that is being used to murder the defense and in the end, help to kill Casey Anthony with lethal injection. Not allowing defense witnesses to expound on their opinions and constantly stopping the flow of the defense has been so lopsided, that even a blind man can see this travesty.

Casey Anthony paid Jose two hundred thousand dollars to defend her, yet there is no way on Earth Jose can, under these conditions, do that. The witnesses are not allowed to talk about anything and at the same time, the judge says that they “can” talk about sub-issues. Of course, the catch is Perry and Jeff are the sub-issues police, who decide whether it is related or not to the main issue in the report. Anything that gets close to hurting the

state’s case gets shut down with an objection and a sidebar or anything at all that allows the defense to have a coherent flow to their case.

This court order is being used as a scalpel and a machete to murder any chance of Casey Anthony to have a fair trial. It is blatantly unfair and to laypeople, it just looks like the liturgical blasphemous gang rape of the law. It is a season in Hell for justice.

How can someone write a report years earlier and know where the conversations will go years later when the said conversation happens? It is madness with a black belt to say someone would know where a narrative would go in a conversation about truth and
justice in the future after they write a report. This court order alone is a murder weapon of sorts, that has successfully destroyed Mason and Baez and any attempts they have made
to defend this woman. How on Earth can anyone say this has been a fair trial? Don’t answer those people, don’t answer! It is not in your report!

C. Rich

Casey Anthony Trial: “An Absurd Way to Try a Case”

It is clear while the trial of Casey Anthony is winding down, that Jose Baez sees the writing on the wall. I certainly see it. I’ve never seen a case where the defense and their ability to put on a case have so been neutered. Jeff Ashton and his partner in manipulation, Belvin Perry, have successfully shut down Jose from speaking for more than a few minutes at a time. The flow of the case or the defense of Casey was never was allowed to build momentum. The constant interruptions, objections, and sidebars have muted any narrative or explanation of what happened to Caylee.

It is crazy to think how much, of so much, the jury was hidden from. I can not imagine after this explicated chicanery, that this jury, has any idea of what the defense was. Jeff even interrupted opening arguments and that is a stain on their profession. A lawyer is supposed to be able to speak uninterrupted during the opening and closing statements. I have no doubt Jose will never get through his closing statements without Belvin and Jeff doing their thing. Jeff could have never gotten away with this unless he had a willing judge, a judge that used to work side by side with him in the prosecutor’s office for many years.

I can’t imagine how the jury could apperceive the defense and their efforts after this slaughter of the truth. Yes, the jury needs to be kept from all the media hype and talk, but look how much more we all know that they do not. There is way too much distance between what the defense wanted to say and what they were allowed to get out.

You can tell Jose is finally realizing that they double-teamed him because he has been complaining about it for the last two days. He even decried in court that this was an absurd way of trying a case. Through the collusion of Ashton and Perry, Jeff was able to get a preview of 80% of what Jose wanted to do. How on Earth could anyone with a

straight face call this a fair trial? We are not supposed to know this amount of information and the jury know so little.

I can not imagine what they are thinking, because they have been living in a bubble created by this judge and this umbrageous prosecutor that has no bearing on reality. The jury has been sheltered from the abundance of theory from the defense and must be, in their minds, experiencing another case then we get to see.

June 28, 2011, was the day Casey Anthony was convicted. It was the day that the cumulative efforts of two old friends, together, controlled the outcome of the biggest trial so far in the twenty-first century. Don’t worry, they got case law to back up this abomination of a fair trial; they covered their asses on that.

However, I will end this article with a quote from H.G. Wells that says it all. “Civilization is in a race between education and catastrophe. Let us learn the truth and spread it as far and wide as our circumstances allow. For the truth is the greatest weapon we have.”

C. Rich

So there you have it, the chronological order of the madness of my mind. During the course of the years following this case, I was attacked by the public and bombarded with hate mail like you could not believe. Even the people who took the time to read the disclaimer on my website couldn’t resist the notion that these thoughts were somehow real. I have publicly claimed many times not to believe a single word of anything that you see on America Speaks Ink or anything on the internet at all. I believe people need to have their head checked to think anything they see online is real or true. In our new information age, no one should believe anything, until they independently verify it themselves.

People wrote to me claiming that I was part of the defense. They said I was in the inner circle of the Anthony family. They thought I was Jose or Cindy themselves and so many more conspiracy theories. The only connection I had to Orlando was some family moving down there from New York, yet people in the public swore I was this person or that person. They thought I had information unknown to the public. Nothing could be further from the truth. For me, I knew Casey was guilty from jump street. However, I never believed she planned the murder of her daughter. I was one who believed that it was an accident and she tried to cover it up.

My problem was that the state was not saying that and they were going for the death penalty without proof. The government should not be able to execute someone because they are angry with them for being a liar. This was an out of control government and someone needed to speak up. Who better than an alter ego mad blogger to do such a thing?

There are many lessons to learn from this whole journey. For instance, lessons about how our government should act and how they should be held accountable, lessons about how our venal press can be bought and sold by the drop of a hat, lessons about taking the internet as some stone tablets brought down from Mt. Sinai and most of all lessons about innocent before guilty and the breakdown of this tenet in our nation.

I have heard people, including Jose Baez, say that if this child were black or Latina none of this would have happened. These people say that we would have never known this kid’s name if she were a minority. This frame of thought could not be further from the truth. White guilt had no place in this trial. It seems to me that people have missed the true nature of why this all happened. It was not about race. “It was all about beauty.” The child was beautiful. The mother was beautiful. The prosecutor was beautiful. The Attorney General was beautiful. Some of the female cops and FBI agents were beautiful. They even had a clerk of court woman that sat in front of the judge every day that was more beautiful than all of them.

The whole case became what it did because of our society’s infatuation of beauty. It did not matter whether the color of skin was white, black, yellow or red. Beauty transcends something as small as race. This case was more about who we are as a people than it was about anything else.

H.G. Wells said it best when he said,

“In the next place, wonderful as it seems in a sexual world, the Martians were absolutely without sex, and therefore without any of the tumultuous emotions that arise…”

In the end, we are just flawed Earthlings so filled with desire and passion that we, like a moth to a flame, simply can not help ourselves.

And, with everything said and done, Marcia Clark did what the state of Florida could not do, she proved Casey Anthony killed her daughter and that it was no accident.

C. Rich

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