ABC Should Hire Mollie Hemingway For The View

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ABC’s The View is so lacking balance of views, that the network can only regain credibility if they hire someone who can articulate the views of Trump supporters. The two Republicans on the show are completely disconnected from today’s Republican Party under Trump. There is not a single person at the table that gives voice to Trumpers.

A perfect remedy for that would be putting Mollie Hemingway as a permanent member at the table. Mollie, above anyone else I can think of, would give a counter-voice to the liberals and Never-Trumpers on The View. Megan and Abby are simply not the people that can bring balance to the one-way street The View has become. Out of respect for Barbara Walters and what she created ABC needs to give a nice fat contract to Mollie Hemingway.

Now, I do not support Trump for reelection but I want to see some kind of balance when it comes to the show The View. A lot of us support the show out of respect for Barbara Walters. We have over many years stayed with the show in its many different forms and cast. However, while Walters is in no shape to apperceive that the show has gone off the rails, the people at ABC need to pay attention. There is no diversity of views on The View and that is a huge problem.

Joy, Whoopi, and Sunny are left to run wild parading their liberal views on American society with almost no challenge of a different point of view. The show has become one-sided and Mollie Hemingway could be the perfect fit to counter the group think on The View. The Trump hatred is so strong on the show and that network in general. The show begs for balance and Mollie can be it.

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