Hold The Mainstream Media Responsible For Trump Re-Election

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The millions of former Trump supporters simply have nowhere to go. If you once backed Donald Trump and you no longer do, for whatever reason, and there are many, you are left with absolutely no options that are palatable. This applies to people who were “Never-Trumpers” from the beginning and people who once believed in Trump and were crushed by devastating disappointment.

The Democrat Party is hell-bent on pushing down our throats one of four unexceptionable choices to replace Trump. Any decent alternative like Mayor Pete or Mr. Yang are either being undermined by the mainstream media or completely ignored. The mainstream media no longer hide that it is an arm of the DNC and helps push an ideology that is toxic to half the nation. Fair and balanced reporting has been abandoned to something we will only study in the history books of an era and time gone by.

All of the mainstream media has become unwatchable and unreadable. The dripping bias that overflows every broadcast and every written article is just too much to bear for an independent thinking person. If you even try to consume their product, you have to turn it off or turn your head within minutes as not to feel anymore dirty from it. The media can actually make you physically sick trying to absorb what they are doing.

Immediately you are overcome with the feeling you are being manipulated and not being given a set of facts in which you can decide what they mean on your own. It is grotesque and more anti-American than anything Trump has done. And, that is saying something. The problem is, that after the behavior of the media, people are left with the feeling, and or, thought, that these people cannot be allowed to succeed by knocking Trump out of the White House.

The unfairness of their treatment of President Trump and the fact that they chose sides, only chases people back into the arms of the president. They call Trump the bully and of course he is. However, they are self-unaware of the bully in themselves across the media landscape as they push their preference into our brains. I mean after all, how can we reward the real fascism coming from the corrupt media? Well, we can’t.

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