What American Would Ever Go To Dominican Republic Again

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I get people to want to go to tropical beaches for vacation. I live in paradise, I live in Florida. However, maybe consider another beach other than the Dominican Republic. In case you haven’t noticed, it looks like they are killing American down there. Something very strange and clearly evil is going down, and I would never go there for any reason.

It wasn’t so much the dead bodies that keep popping up or even that the only seem to be Americans, but it was the president down there that caught my ear. In the middle of this blood bath, the guy gets on TV and says, we just eat and drink too much, and that is why we are dying down there. That was a very bizarre response to a very serious problem, to say the least.

From a distance, it looks like their leader down there might be in the pocket of their nation’s only billionaire. Tourism is the number one industry down there and I see a big and long recession coming their way. Who on Earth would want to visit there? With some many islands and some many beaches that don’t kill people, I’m guessing their tourism is gonna dry up. People are just going to kind of safer location.

Not to mention the fact they just gunned down their most famous person and baseball player, this seems like the Dominican Republic was spun out of control. Of course, all of this is alleged, but try to tell the family members of all these slain people. Many of these people were in the prime of their life. I couldn’t imagine dying like that. One minute you’re on vacation and the next minute you have left the Earth. It doesn’t sound like a good and relaxing vacation for me. It sounds and looks more like murder.

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