Megan McCain’s Incessant Mourning Has Ruined The View

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Meghan McCain and her unending mourning, every morning, has destroyed The View. You want to give people some time to get over a death. Every one of us does it differently. Death is handled in countless ways. However, Megan McCain has given the world a brand new kind of way to mourn, she gives us perennial mourning. Mourning that does not end. A type of mourning that sucks out every joy of life, only to bask in the world of death for here on end.

None of us have ever seen anything like this. I heard about a study that showed that Megan McCain has mentioned or referenced her father in 95.3% of every episode she has been on. Either her or some guest on the show has reference John McCain almost every day Megan has been on the TV show The View. It has gotten to the point that she and others have created an image of John McCain that is detached from observable reality.

You would never know to watch The View that John McCain was hated by half the Republican Party my entire life and I am fifty years old. Watching The View, you would never know that America rejected a decades-old senator for another senator, that was there in the Senate, for only a year and a half before he started running for president. You would never know that the country rejected John McCain across the nation in a presidential election. You would never be able to separate John McCain the war hero from John McCain the politician if you watched The View in the last ten months.

Every single time Megan goes off about her daddy you can feel the collective cringe from coast to coast. You can see and feel it in the people sitting around the table with her. You can see the relief from The View’s panel when Megan is not there that day. It becomes a completely different and relaxed show when the Queen of Arizona has a day off. It is palpable, it is succinct, and nobody can say anything as they are crushed under the weight of political correctness.

The View was named the most influential political show by a liberal rag and people point to their high ratings since Megan has been on the show. Somehow they contribute this as some morning show gravitas. But the truth is, it is no different then people turning their heads to see a car wreck on the highway. That is the entertainment, that is the ratings or why most people even tune in anymore. They come to watch the rich girl mourn.

There has to be an intervention here. Somebody at ABC has to put an end to this madness. How can they allow one person to hijack a show in its entirety? Is there anyone is Megan McCain’s life to sit her down and tell her that we all will die? Can someone, anyone, sit this woman down and explain to her that all things die? Is there anyone floating around Megan McCain’s universe that would tell her going to Twitter and creating a “Dead Father’s Club” is not an appropriate way to deal with losing one’s father? You would think with all her money, that she would get professional help dealing with grief. You would think that somebody would tell Megan McCain that she is not the only person in the world that has lost their father. You would think.

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