Florida Example Of Republican Suppression Of The Vote

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There is a no bigger example of the Republican Party suppressing votes than what Florida lawmakers have done. In the last election in Florida, the voters overwhelmingly voted to restore former prisoner’s right to vote. This gave, in our state alone, one point four million people their voter restoration. Because the Republicans in the state capital believe that most of the votes of former prisoners would be Democrat, the Tallahassee politicians rejected the will of the people and put incredible obstacles in the way for these people to vote.

The Florida Republican Party is right about how most of the votes would land up in the Democrat column. Most of the people locked up in Florida are minorities and it is factual to say these groups lean left when it comes to politics. However, the Tallahassee politicians do not have the right to ignore the will of the people in Florida who voted this way. How it is legal to do this highlights a prodigious flaw in Florida’s voting laws.

The Florida Republican Party is an anathema to democracy itself. We hear over and over across the country of the Republican Party doing all sorts of things to suppress minority votes. There is a no bigger example of this than the actions here in Florida that will exactly touch over a million people. It is very hard to live under the yoke of the Republican Party in Florida that does not reflect the population of Florida.

The state government looks more like the fans of a NASCAR Race than it does reflecting the melting pot of our populace. In other words, our state government is way too white and does not reflect the diversity of the people who actually live here. How that happened is a whole other story involving gerrymandering and a guy called The Hammer. So, let’s talk about how they suppressed the vote.

Instead of restoring the voting rights of people who have served their time and paid their debt to society, the Republican control state government put all sorts of obstacles and restrictions before they can vote. They came up with things like the people must pay fines and restitution, or do community service. Forget the fact that sounds more like double jeopardy than anything the Floridians voted for.

Basically, they are making it so expensive to vote, that the vast majority of these people who would be able to vote again, will not be able to afford to vote in Florida. The whole thing is disgusting. The Republicans did the same kind of thing with making it hard to smoke weed in Florida, even after the people spoke with their vote. They do not care a damn thing about the will of the people. They only care about their power and imposing their backward world views on the rest of us.

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