Black Mirror’s Smithereens Shows Why Facebook Is Cancer

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The most powerful episode of this season’s Black Mirror is Smithereens. Without mentioning Facebook by name, the show highlighted the negative effects on society that these platforms have had on our collective health. The brilliant writer of the show, Charlie Brooker, lays out different scenarios in which certain social platforms have morphed into Godzilla like monsters.

For me personally, I deleted my Facebook account long ago. To me, Facebook seems like a cult. Overall, it made me feel bad on many levels just to participate in the cult. Watching all of the shady things that Facebook was doing with our information sealed the deal for me. Heck, the people who created it are screaming from the mountaintops about how what they created is like a drug. The creators are telling us this is a bad thing for society, but so many just ignore that.

I have noticed that not all platforms make me feel bad or have a negative effect on my life. Twitter or Reddit does not bring with it all of these horrible traits that Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat has. It is a certain group of Silicon Valley scamps that are pushing platforms that are pernicious to us. So, I just avoid them.

I wonder however whether or not we need to go back to Steve Jobs and his invention of the smartphone. It has been said and I once believed that Steve Jobs changed the world. When we said that, we meant that in a good way. Now, I’m starting to think that this invention has way more bad things about it than the positive stuff. Maybe Steve really screwed up the whole world? Change is not always a good thing. It seems unstoppable but this kind of change to the world might, in fact, be the end of us.

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