Here Is The Undeniable Reason Why Joe Biden Is The Wrong Guy

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The Democrat Party and their primary voters are making a tragic mistake supporting Joe Biden. The left has such a great chance to reclaim the White House, but they, and they only, can blow it. How they got it in their collective heads the thought that Joe Biden can beat President Trump highlights once again their disconnect from such a large portion of this nation. If they make this mistake at such an important time in our history, I will never forgive the party for the rest of my life. I’ll be with one of my friends who said, if the Democrat Party blows this, he would spend the remainder of his life advocating for a third party.

It is hard to believe that smack dab in the middle of the #MeToo Movement that the Democrat Party would choose an old white guy who has been in Washington D.C. for decades and has been part of the problem. With such diversity this time, going with Biden would illuminate the stunning hypocritical sham which is their narrative of inclusion, that they have espoused for years. Playing it safe in 2020 will not win back the White House.

Here is the undeniable reason why Joe Biden is the wrong guy. Follow me now. Sixty-two million people voted for Donald Trump. Over two years into his presidency millions and millions of people, such as myself, that supported this man, have been let down. There are multiple reasons and categories of why we are disappointed. I won’t bore you with those. However, there are now millions of people who would never vote for this man again. But, there are a few scenarios that can happen that the Democrats would force us right back into the arms of Trump or have us sit this one out. And one of them is if you put Joe Biden in our face.

Try to apperceive, that we fought hard for eight years against Obama and Biden. There is not a snowball’s chance in Hell, that after spending nearly a decade fighting them, that we would now turn around and go vote for them in any form. You can give people on the right, who don’t want Trump to be reelected, almost anyone to vote for, but if you put Biden in our face, we’d just stay home or vote for Trump again. And it does not seem like the Democrat Party even understands this. Would the people who fought against Bush and Cheney for eight years, ever go to support Cheney, if they were unhappy with their side’s pick? Of course not, it would never happen. This is why Joe Biden will never be president.

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