What Did Biden Know About Spying On Trump Campaign?

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The first person that should have been in line to support Joe Biden is Barack Obama. But, he is not there in line. Obama is not leading the charge to help his former vice president. There is no better indicator than that little factoid. There is a meaning behind this betrayal. We can only deduct that Obama doesn’t think Joe should be the next president of the United States. And I’m betting all of those women he kissed, touched and smelt their hair, do not want Creepy Joe either.

Now it is time for the mainstream press to start asking some tough questions of Joe Biden. The first question out of the gate should be, did Joe know about all of the spying that went on under the Obama Administration? If he knew, what if any role did Biden play in this attempted coup. If he had no role, but he knew, then Joe is complicit in one of America’s darkest moments. Before anyone thinks about voting for Joe Biden, they might want to wait to see what Attorney General Barr comes up with in this regard.

Some more questions asked of Joe Biden should include what he knew about the IRS Targeting Scandal, the VA Waiting List Scandal, and the General Services Administration Spending Spree. Documented by Daily Signal: “The In 2012, Martha N. Johnson, the administrator of the General Services Administration, resigned after the federal procurement agency was engulfed in a controversy. The department was accused of allowing excessive spending on travel and conferences for the agency and employees. Johnson admitted in her resignation letter that “taxpayer dollars were squandered.”

“Some of the spendings included a Las Vegas trip where employees had a $31,000 reception that included a clown mind reader. The organizer of the event, GSA regional commissioner Jeffrey Neely, was photographed in a Las Vegas hotel bathtub with a wine glass. Neely was indicted on three counts of making false claims, one count of using false documents, and one count of making false statements. He was later sentenced to three months in prison.” What did Joe know about these things?

If the press is going to be fair, then it should probe Joe on lots of things like what did he know about Attack on the Benghazi Compound, the Clinton Emails Scandal, or the Fast and Furious Gun Walking scandal? There are many things that were shady while Joe Biden was vice president. When and what did Joe know about the Solyndra Subsidies Scandal, the DOJ and the New Black Panther Party misconduct, and the Job for Sestak wrongdoing? The Trump election was not the first election that the Obama Administration got involved with behind the scenes. Let’s remember, In 2010, Rep. Joe Sestak, who was taking on Sen. Arlen Specter for a Pennsylvania Democratic Senate primary, said that the Obama Administration had offered him a job to dissuade him from him going into that race. What did Joe know and when did he know it?

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