Our Government Will Never Solve Healthcare Or Immigration

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Here we are about to embark on yet another election over healthcare and or immigration. My whole life we have been talking about these two subjects. Month after month, year after year, and decade after decade, all we do is talk. For over thirty years our southern border has been so porous, that our entire European milieu has been diluted away. We’re different now, but is it for the better? America’s safety net looks like a lottery to many in our hemisphere and they just keep coming.

Healthcare never gets fixed and we have tens of millions of people who’s only excess to it is at an emergency room. We pay more and get less and the disgrace marches on. It is tiresome, the whole thing just weighs our nation down. Healthcare and immigration cost this country more money than any bean counter can extrapolate. Not to mention how embracing the dysfunction is or how we must look to the rest of the world.

We watch the same ole politicians and same old faces tell us they will solve these two things once and for all. Election after election, lips service on these subject matters spin like a dreidel at Hanukkah. They don’t want any solutions, they just want the problem so they can talk about it. They peddle their nonsensical resolutions to the public like crack dealers handing out candy. Meanwhile, they enrich themselves. They made the surrounding areas of Washington D. C. some of the richest counties in our nation.

Once again we are told that the 2020 presidential election is the most important of our lifetime. We’re told, yet again, to pick someone from this depraved two-party system. For now, we have a completely divided nation that sees the same set of facts as alternate realities. We are beyond divided, we are two separate nation under the same flag. All I know is that the 2020 elections will not solve immigration or healthcare, no matter what they tell us.

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