AG Barr: “Spying On A Political Campaign Is A Big Deal” & “I Think Spying Did Occur”

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Bingo! We finally have someone looking into the 21st Century American Coup attempt. AG Barr said to the Senate today in an open hearing that saying occurred and he is going to look into whether that was legal or not. Will there be Proof Obama Led Spygate? While the media is turning the meaning of spying on someone upside down, the obvious signs of Obama go unnoticed. It is quite a sight to see, watching the media ignore the biggest story in their careers. They steadfastly refuse to see the forest through the trees. It never ceases to amaze me, we simply see reality in two different ways. While the scandal-ridden Obama Administration went and still goes unreported, signs of his hand in the cookie jar sign bright. This should all come out finally with Barr looking into it.

Former President Barack Obama’s Presidency was filled with shady stuff that the press refused to report. Obama presided over one of the most dishonest presidencies in the modern age. You would never know that if you followed the mainstream media. In reverse, the media swept everything under the rug for a democrat president and now they are misleading the poor slobs that ingest their fallacious product about a Republican president. But, it has all started to unravel now.

Let us not forget that this disparity in reporting reality is not new. I remember when George W. Bush took over from Bill Clinton, the classless democrats trashed Air Force One and the White House. They destroyed keyboards en masse by removing the letter W in each keyboard and stole a bunch of things. It was almost completely ignored back then by the leftist media. This time around, they use the intelligence community and law enforcement to spy on a Republican president. The Obama Administration weaponized and politicized everything from the IRS to the Justice Department, but the press ignores it. Meanwhile, the press broadcasts out a democratic bias narrative that makes them complicit in these crimes. However, our new Attorney General will not ignore all of this.

How do we know Obama led this? Well, it is simple, the proof is laying out there in broad daylight. In the last days of his presidency, Obama covered his tracks. After all the unmasking, FISA Court abuses and spying on Trump, Obama did one thing that shows his fingerprints on all this. He did one thing that only a president could have done. He took the tight-knit group of intelligence agencies that had the right to see high-level stuff and he expanded it to sixteen agencies. That is why the leaks exploded, and in all that cacophony, it would be hard to trace back the genesis of the coup. Remember how brutal the press was in making fun of Trump when he first said Obama spied on him? The press works hand in hand and is an arm of the Democrat Party, just ask Lara Logan.

The Democrat funded Steele Dossier could be seen by sixteen different agencies instead of a tight group. Obama put more eyes on it, making more than a chance that it would leak out and people who run with it Russian Hookers and all. Before that, the intelligence collected was not viewable by most government agencies. This one thing spread all of that nonsense about a Russian hoax all over the place, almost guaranteeing it would get out and hurt Trump. Bingo.

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