Is Something Wrong With George Conway’s Mental State?

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I see George is out there online questioning the mental state of our president. I think with a lot of Trump’s behavior, that is a fair question to ask. Let’s face it, the president does not act presidential most of the time, and does and says some really odd stuff. With that being said, I see George acting very strange or at least strange to my standards.

I don’t think I have ever, in my entire life, seen a husband go after his wife’s boss as George does. It not only seems odd to me, but I question whether or not this guy is right in the head. Who on Earth has ever seen a man constantly harass his wife’s boss as this guy does? What kind of man does that? Forget the fact that George’s wife’s boss is the President of the United States, I’ve never seen any husband do something like this to his wife anywhere.

Of course, the mainstream press eats this up and gives this guy a platform. However, has anyone in the press thought about the mental state of a husband that acts like this? Because of the Trump Derangement Syndrome, they give oxygen to this behavior by George. I can’t even imagine how hard this would be on Kellyanne Conway. I don’t have any point of reference to compare what she is going through. I have never witnessed anything like this. James Carville never acted like this when Mary Matalin worked for a president. James found a classier way to get out his dissent. What George is doing looks little nuts to me.

George Conway is out there in the public sphere asking about Trump and narcissism, but is there any mirrors in the Conway home? I wonder if it is not narcissism we are seeing in George’s actions in the way he treats his own wife. Between her boss and her husband, Kellyanne might just be the meat in one big narcissistic sandwich. I feel terrible for her. That is not the way a man is supposed to treat his wife, it is not even close.

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