Democrats In #MeToo Movement Poised For Old White Guy For President

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The Democrat Party smack dab in the middle of the #MeToo Movement is pushing Joe Biden to be their nominee. That’s right, with all the women, minorities and even the first openly gay person, the Democrat Party seems to be begging an old white guy to go up against Trump. Not only are they looking for some old white guy, but they want the old white guy from the Anita Hill/Clarence Thomas Hearings. Now, what could be more than a slap in the face to the movement than that?

I’m not one who believes Joe Biden can win the nomination. However, it is clear the Democrat Party and their arm, the mainstream media, are in fact musing for this. I think Trump would wipe the floor with Joe, I don’t know why people think Biden can beat Trump. Joe never did good running for president before, I’m not quite sure why people believe the 77-year-old Bidon is going to do any better. I see a lot of energy on the streets for Bernie and some other candidates, but who is out there in the trenches all excited for Joe Biden?

There has never been a better chance for a woman to become president than now. You got a very unlikeable old white guy in the White House, there is no unlikeable Hillary Clinton in the mix and there are many qualified women running for the Democrat Nomination. Yet, for some strange reason, there is this desire from some to give Joe Biden the nod. The whole concept seems weird to me. It is strange, because of the #MeToo Movement, and the timing of this election. How on Earth, after everything that has transpired with the movement can the left back some old White guy from the Anita Hill days?

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