CNN Town Halls: A Look At Pete Buttigieg, Tulsi Gabbard and John Delaney For President

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Pete Buttigieg, hands down, won the night when it came to CNN’s Town Hall extravaganza. In case you missed it, CNN had three Democrat presidential hopefuls do town halls all in a row last night, Sunday, March 10th, 2019. John Delaney started the night as the first town hall, but I refuse to support anyone older than Generation X. It is time for a generational change at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. The Baby Boomers have destroyed this nation and our future. Generation X has had enough of that selfish generation and is looking to clean up the mess they left behind. John does not fit that bill. John was in Congress previously and in my mind, was part of the problem. We need a new face with a fresh set of ideas of how to move forward under the crushing debt the Baby Boomers and the mess they are leaving behind. John is what is called Generation Jones, but all of his ideas reek of the failed concepts of the Boomer Generation.

The second town hall was with Tulsi Gabbard. I am a big fan of her and her stance on ending endless wars. I am 100% in her corner when it comes to regime change wars and the destruction they have left behind. I am on board with most of her policies. That being said, I was very disappointed when she refused to answer at least three questions put to her by Dana Bash and the people in the audience. Tulsi was the only one of the three that played games and dodged questions, the other two last night answered every single question put to them. Tulsi was too cute semantically dancing between what she really thought about some subjects and her desire to hide that from us. Again, I was extremely disappointed she decided to act like a typical politician with this opportunity. Here she had time in front of the nation for the first time as a presidential candidate and there she was dodging questions in that stereotypical way that is so old, tired and anathematic.

Pete Buttigieg was the last of the three to do a town hall and he landed up being the best of the night. Mayor Pete, has he asked us to call him, did not dodge a single question. Buttigieg had cogent ideas and solutions to today’s problems in America. Being an Afghan War Vet, Pete understands how we have wasted blood and treasure for nearly two decades, and we got nothing in return. Pete spoke about his experience in the military and his journey coming out of the closest to be the first openly gay person to run for the presidency. If Pete Buttigieg was the last person standing in the Democrat Primary, I would not have any problem with that whatsoever.

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