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Of all of the people running for the Democrat nomination for the presidency, Andrew Yang is the only one talking about how automation is about to tear this nation apart. The critic’s decry of Yang being the socialist boogie man is nothing but a GOP straw man.

Andrew not only has identified real-world problems that are quickly coming our way, but he provides us with thoughtful solutions to address these issues. In the economic crash of 2008, that horrible event pushed millions of folks out of their homes and jobs. At its peak, the crash had the unemployment rate sore to a national average of 12% and some states were even higher.

A 12% unemployment rate transformed our nation at the time. Families were on the street homeless, foreclosures of homes came like a tidal wave. Our nation was losing nearly a million jobs a month when Obama stepped into the White House. It was the biggest and most destructive event of my lifetime and I am Generation X. This and 9/11 were events that fundamentally changed our nation and not for the better.

Now think about all of the chaos and trouble a 12% unemployment rate did to this nation. Next, try to imagine what a 40% unemployment rate would do to our country. Well, it would destroy it. You’d have roaming mobs going from house to house taking what they want, it would be democracy’s Armageddon. Experts have been screaming from the mountaintops that robots and automation will take at least 40% of the jobs in the near future.

Yang, a Silicon Valley tech guy, is the only one even talking about this. His solutions and his presidential platform include universal basic income, Medicare for all and human-centered capitalism. No doubt Trump will brand all of this socialism and the right-wing press will paint it that way as well. The irony is without Andrew’s platform, the have-nots will be a great danger to the haves in this nation. If we do not prepare for this event and fast, we won’t have a nation, we’ll have madness and despair.

Andrew Yang is a serious guy looking at serious problems and coming up with real solutions. His candidacy stands out above the rest of the field, and I look forward to him standing on the stage and pushing forth these inescapable realities that are on America’s horizon. James Carville once said during a presidential campaign that, “It is the economy, stupid.” Well, in the 21st century, it is automation, stupid!

C. Rich
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