A Look At Amy Klobuchar For President

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One look at Amy Klobuchar and people can see that this is a very impressive woman. What she has done with her education is quite impressive. This is a democrat that can speak to both democrats and republicans. Amy is not some whacked out leftist, pie in the sky type, but rather a down the middle of the road pragmatist. I’d advise her to do a lot of Fox News also, because she will find a goldmine if she makes it to the general election, of people who want someone to beat Trump.

According to Wikipedia, “Klobuchar attended public schools in Plymouth and was valedictorian at Wayzata High School. She received her B.A. degree magna cum laude in political science in 1982 from Yale University, where she was a member of the Yale College Democrats, the Feminist Caucus, and the improv troupe Suddenly Susan. During her time at Yale, Klobuchar spent time as an intern for then Vice President, and former Minnesota Senator, Walter Mondale. Her senior thesis was Uncovering the Dome, a 250-page history of the ten years of politics surrounding the building of the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome in Minneapolis. After Yale, Klobuchar enrolled at the University of Chicago Law School, where she served as an associate editor of the University of Chicago Law Review and received her Juris Doctor degree in 1985.”

Watching her handle herself at the Kavanaugh hearings I was very impressed. She was a beacon of light in an otherwise dark part of our history. Amy’s struggles in her youth with an alcoholic father and a troubled family makes her relatable. I grew up with a heroin addict father and can relate to Amy’s upbringing and how that shapes us. If she can make her way through an ocean of leftists in her party, that want to drown her in impracticable socialist dreams, Trump would have no chance of beating her.

The big fear for those of us who were former Trump supporters or Never Trumpers is that the Democrat Party is going to blow it again. We have so much trepidation that the Dems are going to put up some unlikable person again or a far left candidate that can never make it through the heartland. Amy Klobuchar is a person many of us on the right could support. This midwestern woman would wipe the floor with Trump in the Electoral College, it wouldn’t even be close.

C. Rich
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