Virginia Voters Elevate Racist and Rapist?

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blackface of ted danson for lover whoopi goldberg

It is a fair question to ask whether or not Virginia voters actually voted in a racist and a rapist to the top two spots in government there. Looking from the outside, it looks like they might have just done that. Are they both innocent? Or is one of them guilty, if so, which one? Are they both guilty?

The governor is certainly an odd man. His latest claim is that it is not him in the picture, but he did blackface on another day. However, was dressing up like Michael Jackson what we think of as blackface? The governor said he just put shoe polish under his eyes, is that blackface? Is dressing up like Michael Jackson in a talent show racist? Or is the best form of flattery? It is hard to keep up with the fluid politically correct police nowadays.

I even watched talking heads on the cable channels saying that is was not 1964, it was 1984 and people knew better than to do blackface. I guess people forget the whole blackface thing in the 1990s with Ted Danson and Whoopi Goldberg. The politically correct history revisionists need to get their decades right.

In a bizarre twist, the Lt. Governor of Virginia, who would replace the governor, was accused of rape. He says it was consensual, but a lot of rapists say that. Who is to know, he said she said, according to the Washington Post. But what if he did do it? The Lt. Governor was on TV blaming the governor for exposing the rape claim. The whole thing is wild.

Is it possible that the people of Virginia find themselves in a particular situation? Are a racist and a rapist running their state? Maybe they should think about having another election. Or maybe they should have a dance off and see who can dance better. I hear the governor does a mean moonwalk, I know he dying to show you.

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