Joy Reid’s Hypocrisy Over Gov. Ralph Northam

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Watching Joy Reid sit on a panel on MSNBC calling for the resignation of Gov. Ralph Northam was hypocrisy on steroids. I guess Joy never heard the statement the pot calling the kettle black. She probably never heard those who live in glass houses and things about stones either. Because if she did, she would not be so self-unaware of what she looked like on TV last Saturday.

The dust has barely settled over Joy being in the hot seat and having her past come back to haunt her. For those of you who don’t know Joy Reid blogged a whole lot of odious thoughts about the gay community back in the day. When her old blog surfaced in the news, Joy, being the dishonest person I think she is, came up with a crazy conspiracy. She told the world that someone must have hacked into her blog and wrote those things like it was her.

Her wild conspiracy theory of homophobic hackers out to get her only showcased the fact that Joy did not know what The Wayback Machine is. Once Joy had an explanation handed to her about the realities of The Wayback Machine, she shifted her story and came clean.

Joy Reid got back on live TV and said that she was raised in a conservative kind of home and that she has evolved. Joy claimed she no longer hates the gay community, my words not hers, and apologizes. Joy Reid asked us to forgive her and believe that she no longer carries these views. She said that right after the lie about gay-hating hackers out to get her, collapsed.

Of course, MSNBC backed Joy and forgave her, so you can imagine the shock I had watching her cover the Gov. Ralph Northam story. Yep, there she was calling for his head on live TV. The unmedicated gall this woman has knows no bounds. Joy Reid is a fraud, a hypocrite and in my view, a disgusting human being.

Both Ralph and Joy had their past come back to bite them in the ass. This fairly new thing of going back to a time in the past, and applying today’s morals and culture on it, has to come to an end. It started with banning Mark Twain books for using the language of the times. Now it manifests itself in gotcha old yearbooks and dusty old blogs. What does it say about NBC when Joy is allowed to evolve and Ralph is not?

C. Rich
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