Harsh Review of Candidate Elizabeth Warren

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Elizabeth Warren missed her chance

To say the Elizabeth Warren missed her time and chance to be the Democrat nominee for president would be an understatement. Like Chris Christie, Elizabeth caught political lightning in a bottle and let it pass by. And the reason why she did, was Liz did not have the courage to take on Hillary Clinton and the Clinton political machine. Forget defeating said machine, Warren cowered away from the entire challenge.

We should be grateful because it gave us the chance to see the true Elizabeth Warren. Her cowardliness gave us the time needed to see how very strange and dishonest she really is. We found out that Elizabeth and her family from European descent have been using Native Americans and their heritage for God knows what reasons. At a quick glance, you can see Liz was doing this throughout her life to gain advantage for herself in certain situations.

However, there seems to be more to it. There seems to be something very strange about her. To this day, she keeps saying that she is not part of a particular tribe. Warren acts as if the whole world has not seen her exposed. One of the most white European people in all of Congress seems to be completely self-unaware of who is in her mirror.

The Democrats can not put up a dishonest person to take on Trump’s dishonesty. There would be no contrast there. To replace a dishonest person with another dishonest person would be ridiculous. Americans would just go with the liar they know in Trump. The only way the Democrats can lose the 2020 election is to do something just like that.

Elizabeth Warren would be shredded by President Donald Trump. If the Democrat Party puts her up in 2020 then get ready for eight years of Trump. The president can’t win reelection, but the Democrat Party can certainly lose it. You only have to go back to the last presidential cycle to see that axiom.

C. Rich
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