Bernie Sanders Would Guarantee Trump’s Re-election

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Bernie Sanders Would Guarantee Trump's Re-election

As I have written before, Trump cannot win in 2020, but the Democrats could lose. The president just barely got through in 2016 and he would have needed to expand that base for re-election. Trump has not only not expanded his base, but he has shrunk it and lost supporters like me.

I supported both Sanders and Trump in the last election. The populism from both sides spoke to me. I was angry how the DNC rigged the primary last time and thought Bernie wouldn’t have beat Donald in a general election. America was left with Clinton or Trump and nominating one of the world’s most hated women was not such a good outcome for the Democrats.

I turned on Bernie when he would not fight back against Clinton and letting her off about her emails. Sanders lost me when he laid down and allowed the DNC to scam him. I felt if he can’t stand up to Clinton, how would he stand up to Putin. Bernie was the only politician I ever sent money to, but I will not support him this time around.

There are too many Democrats that believe in his ideas this time around. I will not support any Baby Boomer for office ever again. That generation destroyed the world and crushed us with unpayable debt. It is time for a new generation to take control.

It would also be very strange for the Democrat Party to nominate a white dude in the middle of the #MeToo Movement. If now is not a time for the first female president, then I don’t know when it would be. For all these things and more, I cannot support Bernie for president this time. My fear is that the Democrat Party is going to give us four more years of Donald Trump by running a Democratic Socialist against him.

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