Trump Caves to the War Machine on Syria

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Trump Caves To The War Machine on Syria

The president has no core. Nothing, and I mean nothing Donald Trump told us as he was running for president came to pass. We hear constantly about promises kept, but whose promises were they? The man ran as a populist and beat sixteen conservatives to get the job, then Trump betrayed his voters and governed as a conservative.

The conservatives in Congress rolled Trump and hijacked his presidency from the very beginning. To this very day, Lindsey Graham and others, work their warmongering on the president and he falls for it every single time. This time, what results is one of the biggest promises broken so far. Now there have been many broken promises with the president from healthcare to Trump’s attack on America’s social programs or safety net, but this Syria thing stands out.

The last two presidents became president by declaring an end to endless wars, yet when they get to the White House they are rolled over by the war machine and war marches on. The same ole faces of Congress get on TV and give us the same old talking points explaining to us little people why we couldn’t possibly end this war or that conflict. The whole thing is sick, it is terribly grotesque and it never ends despite who is in the White House or from what party.

One of the biggest populist promises on the campaign trail was ending these wars in the desert. It was the main reason Trump was elected, but one lunch from Senator Graham and the president backs off of pulling troops out of Syria. Trump’s presidency has been an abject failure on almost every measurable metric, but his failure to end these bloody conflicts in the Middle East is the cherry on top of his presidential cake of failure.

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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