The People Are With The President With Regards To The Border

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The People Are With The President With Regards To The Border

I don’t think the Democrats quite understand how their stance on the shutdown looks likes to normal Americans. For me, I don’t care how we got here, but the president is being very fair with his request. The Democrat Party is weak on border security because they believe that these poor Latinos are going to vote for them in the future.

America sent Trump to Washington D.C. to turn the apple cart upside down. The left and the press will never understand it. All you have to do is put on the three cable news networks and see which channels are hard to watch. MSNBC and CNN are so full of hate, gloom, and doom or just flat-out hysteria, that they are unwatchable. You put on Fox and you actually get news and not just politics without all of the anger.

Most everyone I know personally wants our border secured. In fact, people have wanted this for decades, yet the entrenched establishment has done nothing to solve this problem. So there is Trump refusing to reopen the government fully until he gets some more money for fencing. The fact that Trump moved off his demand for a wall and settled for a fence shows you how unreasonable the Democrats are being.

Since the Democrat Party is intent on returning the same old leadership to do the same ole things, means our government will be in a state of fighting for the next two years. President Trump with all his faults and there are many, at least is moving the needle, or trying to.

We want the president to keep the government shut down for the next two years if he has to until these bastards up in D.C. put this country first. They live in their gated communities while simultaneously refusing to put up America’s fence. The people are with the president.

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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