Prepare For Two Year Government Shut Down

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Prepare For Two Year Government Shut Down

President Trump will never give in on this border thing. People need to be prepared that he will never reopen up those parts of the government. He will go the whole two remaining years highlighting that the Democrats won’t compromise. The president will leave it up to the voter in 2020. I’m telling ya, he’ll never give in.

Trump will send in his State Of The Union in writing, he’ll do all sorts of stuff, but he will never reopen the whole government. He’ll crash his own economy, he does not care, he knows he can’t keep the base together if he fails at this one thing. People just need to know this and be prepared.

The way this is going to look over time is as soon as the Democrats took the House back, total dysfunction blanketed D.C.and government went off the rails. It will look like the left cares nothing about DACA and all sorts of stuff they could get if they compromised. Trump has already moved from a wall to a fence, so Americans can see it is not him that is creating this ridiculous situation.

Nobody who is caught in this scenario should sit around waiting for this to end unless Nancy and Chuck stop playing their game of chicken with so many lives and family. The people who are not getting paid need to go get another job, because the Democrats are just being unreasonable and are ruining so many lives. The good news is the economy is doing great and there are more jobs than there are people looking for jobs, so these people will have no problems seeking employment elsewhere.

I’m afraid this is the evident truth and folks need to prepare for the template I’ve laid out here. If you are one of these people caught up in this, do not fool yourself, the president is not going to cave in. The man won the election fair and square and is entitled to his agenda, elections have consequences. President Donald Trump will let the whole thing ride on the 2020 election. You need to understand that.

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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