Nothing But Dysfunction Once Democrats Took Over House

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Nothing But Dysfunction Once Democrats Took Over House

Depending on what jersey you wear determines what side you are on with the shutdown. However, if you don’t wear a blue or red jersey, and you are an independent such as me, then you see clearly who is in the wrong. Everything was going along just fine in America until the Democrat Party got control of the House of Representatives.

Since the Democrats took control of part of one house in Congress, things have gone into the dumpster. Now we got hundreds of thousands of people not getting paid, but still, have to work. The fact that this is even legal in America highlights the crushing power this government has built up over we the people. I’m sure the founding fathers are turning over in their graves looking at the damage we have done to self-governance.

Before the Democrats took over the House everything was going great in America. The economy was doing amazing and now the left is hell-bent on reversing all of our gains in an effort to damage the president for the 2020 election. Nancy Pelosi does not give a damn about people not getting paid, the woman is worth over a hundred million dollars. Do you think this political moll has any idea of the pain she is spreading all in the name of Trump hatred? Well, she doesn’t, she doesn’t even care, and nothing could be more succinct.

The Democrats’ willing accomplices, the press and Hollywood, for the moment, are backing the Dems on their irresponsible behavior. If you listened to the mainstream press and their fallacious polls, you would think people on the streets are blaming Trump. Well, newsflash, most of us are not. Folks I know are sick and tired of this government, through both parties, and over decades, refuse to close the border. We are sick of it and back the president’s attempts to finally solve this problem at our southern border once and for all.

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