FBI’s Bizarre Explanation For Spying On Trump

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FBI's Bizarre Explanation For Spying On Trump

The mainstream media, still suffering from Russian fever, backs FBI’s ridiculous justification for their illegal spying. In this never-ending alternate universe that the left has created, we are now told that the star of NBC’s Apprentice is actually a Russian agent. Go ahead, say that out loud, the president of the United States is a Russian spy.

It is incredible to see that Trump Derangement Syndrome can affect so many people’s brains to such a degree. Can you believe that Democrats who just can’t accept the results of the 2016 election, can convince themselves of such an insane concept? This idea indicates a serious mental break from reality on a grand scale.

What is more reasonable, the corruption at the top of the FBI and Justice Department, all who have been removed, needed an excuse to spy on the Republicans or that Russia somehow knew Donald Trump would be president one day, and they made him an asset years before Trump ever ran for office?

You wonder if people who believe the Russian theory have even thought through their goofy ideas. Maybe if they looked in the mirror and said it out loud the fever would break. Let’s say it together, shall we… the American president is a Russian spy, the American President is a Russian asset, the president of America is working for Russia. Can their ears hear the words falling off their lips? We can hear it and we are worried about their mental health.

The reason why the FBI’s actions are illegal is that of FISA Court abuse. Plain and simply, the whole thing was based on a lie from the very beginning, as they tricked the judge with the so-called Steele Dossier. Now we are told, when asked about why they did this by Congress, the feds said that they believed Trump could be working for the Russians, or that Trump was totally innocent. The left ignores the innocent option and never even mentions it, they only hold on to the first part of the feds excuse for spying. Reasonable people hear the option of innocence and wonder how on Earth journalism can get so far off the rails.

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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