Who Is More Self Unaware Than Jim Comey?

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Who Is More Self Unaware Than Jim Comey

Watching Jim Comey have his hissy fit in the hallways of Congress and in front of the press was priceless. When asked by Fox News, after his sit down with members of Congress yesterday, if he had a role in the fallen reputation of The FBI, he said no.

What kind of planet do you need to be on to believe such a crazy denial? Not since the inception of the FBI itself and the shenanigans of Hoover has America had such a shady FBI director. I could make old jokes about how the air is thin up there with such a tall man, but the damage that man has done to America, freedom, the FBI and the rule of law is no joke.

Watching the leftist press give this man some sanctimonious platform because it feeds their narrative against President Trump is rich. We all remember how hated he was with the left when he damaged Clinton’s chance of being the first woman president. Neither the press nor Comey can be believed as they shape a false template over the veracity of their words and deeds.

We all sat and watched Comey give Hillary a get out of jail free card and pass out amnesty to everyone surrounding the former Secretary of State. Contrast that with the unstoppable destruction of Trump and everyone around him and something seems way off to an objective observer.

President Trump needs to pardon every single person touched by Comey and his yoke, everyone but Cohen. That man is the poster boy on why we hate lawyers. That liar deserves every bit of his federal sentence. However, everyone else needs a pardon, because it all sprung from the fruit of the poisonous Comey Tree and what a tall tree it is. Tall enough to reach the heights of thundering hypocrisy is the Comey Tree. Tall enough for us little people not to notice the rotten bark that falls from it while it lands on people’s lives.

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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