We Do Not Care About Trump’s Zipper Nor His Wallet

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While the diseased mainstream press barks at the moon over everything Trump, the rest of the nation goes on with their lives without them. It is impossible to watch or read anything of the elitist press during the Trump Presidency. There are not enough hours in the day to get in any current news of the world or this nation, while Trump Derangement Syndrome rolls along.

To watch the left in all its forms, from the Justice Department to the bias hallways of The New York Times or The Washington Post, is nothing short of maddening. Their collective desire to take down this presidency is unstoppable. There will be no break from this delusional fever. The press is sick, they are diseased beyond hope, they are broken.

Their broadcasts, columns and news feeds are so filled with such hatred and poison, one could get sick just being exposed to it peripherally. The latest manifestation of this has been the sentencing filings in the court of the depraved Mueller investigation and its tentacles in the Southern District of Manhattan.

Now the press wants us to be mad that the billionaire playboy that over sixty million people voted for, paid off some women. Really? Really? We are supposed to be shocked and stunned? We are supposed to call the president a criminal now? Really? Is that what they want us to do? Are we supposed to believe that before Trump ran for president, that he did not pay off other women? Or that he only did this for the election and it is some campaign finance violation?

Are they kidding us? No, they are not kidding, they are all sick. They twist all of this into some Christmas impeachment gift sitting underneath their Democrat trees. It is pure madness, every single bit of it, every word of it. Journalism is dead. All of us who are disappointed with Trump and his countless failures, will not see a crime here no matter how bizarre the press gets.

Why does the leftist press think, that after hearing the Access Hollywood tape and voting for Trump anyway, would America now be rattled about stories of porn stars and playmates? Well, we are not, we don’t care. We don’t give a damn what he does with his penis or his money. We didn’t care about his tax returns, only the press did. We only care about the agenda he espoused on the campaign trail, that he later abandoned.

He was supposed to take on the establishment and get things done for the common man. He was our representative in this worldwide Populist Movement that is now raging on the streets of Paris and across the globe. He failed us in that regard, and from what I can see, that is his crime. As far as what women have hung around Trump’s trousers over the years, we don’t give a damn. We don’t care any more than we did about what Bill Clinton did with his zipper or cigars for that matter.

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet
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