The Old, the New, and Christmas

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The Old, the New, and Christmas

 Well,one more year almost over and I can honestly say that I am not sorry to see it go. It has been a rough and tumble year for me, something I am not used to. Divorce, career change, a new residence and now my family Christmas tradition has ended. Although change can be good, I, like most people, find change hard to adjust to.Yet I will adjust in time and will look to the New Year as a fresh start to the next phase of my life.

The best part about Christmas traditions, they can be started at any time throughout a lifetime. This year we will not be planting our future Christmas trees, my family has agreed to pull a name and make a homemade a gift to keep that personal touch to what has become a commercialized holiday.

I can not cook or bake well enough to share, nor can I draw or paint more than a stick figure, but I taught myself to crochet. I am making an afghan for my new daughter-in-law, and I am proud to say, no flaws yet. Now, why am I sharing this with all of you? Because like the general millennium, I spent half my life in such a fast pace environment of fast foods, microwaves, and luxuries of convenience, I never stopped to learn a hobby until now.

I have discovered a new found respect for my grandmother. The work that went into the crochet items I used to receive from her was more than just love and thought, But the talent she had was remarkable. I now cherish those items even more than I already have. It always amazes me how much we take for granted without really knowing what goes on behind the scenes when it came to gifts of love.

It is never too late to learn something new; self-discovery at any age is always a great thing.

Have a wonderful holiday season!

K. Waters 
Writer, Blogger, Mother
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