Self Unaware Press Makes Themselves Person Of The Year

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Self Unaware Press Makes Themselves Person Of The Year

Yes, can you believe it? In the middle of the age of fake news, the mainstream press, Time Magazine, selects themselves as the Person of the Year. Now, this act would be so funny if it wasn’t so sick. But it is sick, and those sick puppies at Time were celebrated by the rest of the leftist press after this announcement.

Never in my lifetime has the press been so unbelievable as an institution. Choosing themselves as the Person of the Year is as twisted as that voiceover on CNN that says they are the most trusted news source. That deep voice is always followed by a big banner saying “Breaking News” and then they report something that is ten hours old. Professional truth seekers, my ass.

Using Jamal Khashoggi, a Washington Post contributing columnist, as the face of journalism is also detached from so-called truth telling. Jamal was more of a spy and even a double or triple agent for different Muslim countries if you were to believe some of the reports online. Heaven knows what that man was into or what he truly did to get himself killed.

Selecting themselves as Person of the Year is outrageous. What can be more untrue? What could be faker? The multitudinous gulf that exists between what the elites think of themselves and how we view them is considerable. But make no mistake about it, these clueless press scamps really believe their own fake news. The mainstream press has no ability to see or apperceive what we think of them.

The press has no balance, they have nothing but bias. They are not “Guardians of the Truth” but emitters of falsehoods. Their truth only exists in their New York/D.C. bubble, it does not live in the heartland. The mainstream press is like Jim Carrey’s character in the movie The Truman Show. They are in a bubble and we are watching them from outside.

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