Great Legacy For Trump To End The Endless Wars

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Great Legacy For Trump To End The Endless Wars

If President Trump holds his ground and ends these endless wars, he will make history. Since September 11th, 2001 this country has been on a two-decade-long tour de force of insane endless war. The voices of people, like me, who have been calling for the end of this insanity for years now, are ignored. Even the left is currently cheerleading more war because it is Trump ending it. The whole thing is nuts.

If Trump does nothing else but stand up to the war machine and all of their pressure to end this bloodshed, he will be a historic figure. Look at all the voices around you calling Trump’s actions wrong. Many have lost their minds and their own beliefs just because Trump wants it. History will not look back at these voices kindly. President Trump is on the right side of history to end this policing of the entire world.

The end of the Afghan War is way overdue and every single one of those fallacious reasons that come out of those people’s mouths who keep this going, need to be ignored. I wouldn’t even bother to list them, we heard ad-nauseam for two decades their crazy reasoning for war with no end. We got nothing out of any of these wars since September 11th and another person dying for nothing or in vain has to end now.

I can only hope that Trump stands his ground and makes history. The forces for endless war, in the light of day and in the shadows, will not just lay down without a fight. The president is about to come under incredible pressure; I wish him well. Ending these wars was one of his populist promises and that means something to those of us who supported him. If President Trump pulls this off it would be a wonderful thing. This would be a great legacy for him.

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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