Divided Government Will Force Trump To Be A Foreign Affairs President

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People like to muse about the days of divided government and how presidents like Clinton and others would get things done domestically in the face of that. However, watching that first meeting between Nancy Pelosi, crying Chuck Schumer and President Trump only revealed that nothing will get done at all.

The bickering and body language of all three showed that there is no chance anything is going to get done domestically. The Democrats will no doubt spend the next two years on an investigation orgy and government will come to a halt for any agenda that we all care about. Whether be the border, health care or a slew of other things the country needs like infrastructure, this group of divided government will only fight with each other to the bitter end.

So where does that leave President Trump? Well, like presidents before him who could not triangulate like Bill Clinton, they lean more towards foreign policy. Presidents have more leeway to operate and get things done abroad without the constraints of Congress back here at home. So, basically, this scenario will hoist upon the world a restless Donald Trump. How do you think that is going to work out?

President Trump has not exactly had a stellar record of dealing with foreign leaders well. In fact, he has embarrassed us over and over with his behavior. Don’t get me wrong, I like that he spoke up about NATO’s lack of paying their way, challenging China on trade or trade overall. But it is the way he carries himself that rains shame down upon the American people. The man’s behavior is just too bizarre.

If this president is meant to feel that there is nothing he can get done here at home with a Democrat House, then he will turn to hoisting Trumpism upon the rest of the world. Dictators around the world will be buying bone saws at a record pace. China will build more artificial islands in international waters and Putin’s military will have full range to muck thing up in Venezuela, Ukraine and god knows where else. You see the problem with divided government in this case?

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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