Warning: Richest Man In The World Circles American Halls Of Power

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Warning Richest Man In The World Circles American Halls Of Power

We all sat and watch this spectacle in which Jeff declares that he is going to go to another city and place Amazon’s headquarters there. Cites from coast to coast went into a frenzy and tried to get in the game and land Amazon for their area. It was a disgusting sight to behold. One city after the other offered up taxpayer money with tax breaks trying to give the world’s richest man working people’s hard-earned tax money, it was grotesque!

The whole thing looks like a Machiavellian fraud. It does not look like Jeff had any intention of placing his headquarters in some midwest city or low tax state. How do we know? Well, look at the final result, and muse to yourselves whether or not some of these states presented a better offer to the newly crowned king of the world. In fact, looking at his demands for what he required to be in your city, you can see many offers that would have been more logical. But it was only logical if you believed what he was saying. Maybe those demands were not exactly what he was looking for?

It looks like Jeff wanted, in the end, to be close to the halls of American power. He could not decide whether to get near Wall Street or be near Washington D.C. and all that goes on there. So, what does the richest man in the world do? Well, like Solomon, he cuts the baby in half. Yep, he places his new headquarters both in New York and in Virginia and circles in on all of American power and prestige.

Think about it, he already bought the Washington Post. Now he is just a limo drive away from both Washington and Wall Street. Do you think that was by happenstance? Serendipity maybe? Or do you think this man is consolidating his power over everything? Since when do we as Americans allow one man to possess such power? When I grew up, the government busted up monopolies or potential monopolies, they did not entice them with taxpayer money. The vexation is plain and simple. Do we, America, allow some guy who sold books out of his garage, consume this kind of power? Well, do we?

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

Photo By Seattle City Council from Seattle
CC BY 2.0, Link

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