Tumble, Stumble and Fall

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Tumble, Stumble and Fall

We all have somebody we turn to when things get us down or life starts to tumble. But what happens when that friend you thought was so strong and could handle anything tumbles into the abyss of despair? Most turn to avoidance because they figure if he or she can break then anyone can. It is like being slapped in the face with a bout of reality and guilt. And instead of reaching out to try and help as they did for you all those times before, you look the other way and distance yourself hoping they can forgive you later. Leaving your friend to feel abandoned and alone in one of their greatest times of need.

The problem with society, they label mental illness with things like bipolar, schizophrenia, PTSD, as the list goes on. When in fact, the leading mental illness seen the most and affects us all to some degree is depression. For every 1 case of addiction or bipolar, there are 50 cases of depression in the facilities labeled as temporary insanity, which is a fancy word for extremely depressed that caused an unreasonable onetime action or reaction. The truth is that no amount of mental health care improvements will fix depression until the stigma of mental illness, depression and a certain type of pills is removed along with these improvements.

Face it, people, everything in life has a breaking point, and everything tumbles, cracks, falls, or smashes, etc., (feel free to insert your own metaphor) at some point. Nobody in this busy and stressful life we have to live should feel bad or ashamed when things get too hard to face. Spot the warnings and with confidence talk to someone or seek out the appropriate help, who cares what others think if it makes you feel better because, in the end, it is you that will not only be the better for it, you will come out on top because of it.

Remember the old adage: A happy worker is a productive worker = A happy person is a productive member of the family and society.

K. Waters
Writer, Blogger, Mother
[email protected]

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