Trump’s Betrayal Of Populism Affects Midterms

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Trumps Betrayal Of Populism Affects Midterms

One of the most sizable sects of voters is a group that gets almost no press. The silence in the mainstream media about this group is stunning. It might be ignored running up to the election, but it will make its voice heard at the ballot box. The sect of people who has no representation across the mainstream media is the populists, that make up the Populist Movement, that swept not only Trump into office, but others around the globe. We were betrayed.

Instead of governing as a populist, President Trump governed as a super conservative. After we helped Trump crush sixteen conservatives in the Republican Primary, he turned his back on us as president and gave the conservatives their political wet dream. Everything for justices, judges and corporate tax cuts, the conservatives got more than they could have ever wished for.

It is an absolute fraud to say the Trump has kept his promises. During his campaign, he stated on multiple occasions that he would cover everyone with healthcare. The man said he knew the Republicans don’t like it, but he’d push it anyway. He even said that he would cut a deal with the nation’s hospitals and doctors to get that done. Meanwhile, the fraudster begged to sign a healthcare bill that was evil, cutting off nearly thirty-million people from the healthcare they had. Forget the people who didn’t have it, the president wanted to create more have-nots, tens of millions of them. Senator McCain stopped it with his thumbs down vote, but what a horrible thing for the president to be part of.

Decades of conservatism failed right in front of our eyes and people around the world wanted a government more in line with the people or at least more responsive to us. Conservatism had its pants pulled down in the Economic Crash of 2008. The was no room for rugged individualism when tens of millions of people lost their jobs and became homeless. There was nowhere to go. It was the collective that got us through that. Ninety-nine weeks of unemployment and food stamps saved this nation, it was not conservatism that sustained millions of families.

Trump’s betrayal to the populists will be there and part of his defeat today in the midterms. Even if the so-called experts don’t see this, the vote tally will. I worked just as hard to work against Trump in the midterms as I did to get him elected in the first place. Being the author of Polyseismic – The Rise of Donald Trump in the 2016 Presidential Election Cycle you can see how hard I worked to get this man elected. Me and others efforts weren’t in vain when we got him to Pennsylvania Ave and they won’t be when a Democrat Congress, both House and Senate, remove this man from office. I know I’m not alone in this betrayal. Nobody voted for him to attack America’s safety net. Nobody voted for him to knock poor working people off of Food Stamps or Medicaid. I can go on and on. However, like the end of the book, Fear from Bob Woodward‘s says about the president, “You’re a fucking liar.”

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