Time For Term Limits For Mainstream Press

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Time For Term Limits For Mainstream Press

For two years leading up to the 2016 presidential election, the mainstream press got everything wrong. Up into the very last minute, they were saying Clinton was going to win. All of their polls, commentary, and analysis for two full years was so erroneous, it was truly the opposite of the observable reality that we all witnessed. Somehow nobody on the cable news networks lost their job. What other industry could you go to work every day and not get it right? Even the weatherman is right half the time.

Now look at the last two years of them covering the Trump Presidency and ask yourself have you ever seen so many reports retracted or this many press apologies for getting this or that wrong. It is astounding how wrong they get stuff every single day. CNN has left the news business and have jumped neck-deep into politics with a thundering bias. MSNBC gives wall to wall hatred. The main networks like ABC, NBC and CBS traffic in nothing but disdain for our president. The entire lot of them have gone to hell in a handbasket, yet no one seems to lose their jobs, why is that?

The same ole networks parade out each day, the same old faces day after day. I sometimes muse how horrible it must be to work in these places. How these people generate hatred day, noon and night and day after day, must be exhausting. All of these places of hate and vile broadcast their inaccurate nonsense year after year during the Trump administration without recourse. They have destroyed journalism and have made it one of the most hated institutions by the American people. Even Ted Turner said CNN needs to go back to doing straight-up news.

It is time for term limits for the media. All of these tired old faces need to be replaced. The Trump Administration has almost no representation on any of these channels or in print media. They parade what is call “Never Trumpers” in a fallacious attempt to say they are balanced. Nothing could be further from the truth, Never Trumpers are worse and more hateful than the regular liberals on TV. Term limits for journalism are the only answer. It is time to put a new set of eyes on today’s political science. What the mainstream media is presenting to us is simply unwatchable, it is unreadable, it is disgusting. If President Trump has to have term limits, so should they.

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet
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