They Walked 2000 Miles To Throw Rocks At Us?

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They Walked 2000 Miles To Throw Rocks At Us

Why is it that I have several liberal friends, some real left-wingers to boot, who all want America to control the border? You would not know that if you watch cable news, read newspapers or listen to Democrat leaders. My friends’ voices are simply not represented. If you follow American politics, you would think it is only my right-wing friends that want the government to control immigration. That is how dishonest all of this is. That is the prodigious gulf between the elites and the regular people on the ground, left or right.

Would just this one example give any credence to the idea of fake news? There are websites online that clock all of the fake news, we are not one of them, that would be too exhausting. Blogs were born from the ocean of disparity that exists in our mainstream press and our observable reality. It is not like there are tens of millions of people who have been complaining about this for decades but wait, there are. Even with the power of that collective, nothing penetrates the elites in the press. We still struggle with this vast disconnect. And now we call it fake news. We used to call it bias media, but over time, it got its own appellation.

The latest example of this journalistic chicanery is what is going on now at our southern border.  You were told by former president Obama that this was a stunt that President Trump did at the border. The arm of the Democrat Party, the mainstream media, fell right in line with their leader and put forth a narrative that there is nothing to see here. Then, lo and behold, the migrants show up at our border and attack our people with rocks and bottles.  Unless you watch the White House Daily Briefing, you would not know that the Obama Administration tear-gassed people at the border monthly. Yet, no one from said media ever asked their former president how he felt about tear gassing children. Case in point, fake news and too many of us have grown tired of it.

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet


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