New Dems First Order Of Business To Break Promise On Pelosi?

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The question is how many newly elected congresspeople claiming they would not support Nancy Pelosi for Speaker, break their promise. How many will, as their first act in Congress, break their word to the voters who sent them there and vote for Nancy for Speaker of the House? My guess is many of them will be revealed as just another generation of lying politicians. That vibe already seems to be in the ethos of Democrat political chicanery.

It is like in The Who song, “meet the new boss, same as the old boss.” We like to fool ourselves by saying that these politicians work for us, but it only takes a cursory glance and we can see that it is more of a fairytale than our actual reality. The Democrats rightfully decried that the president was and is a liar. But sit back and watch the mainstream press ignore their new members and their glaring lie, that they would never support Nancy for the speaker. This is why people hate politics, and more to the point, the two parties.

Little do these House neophytes know, but the Baby Boomer generation will never give up power. Just look at John McCain and Ted Kennedy and see how they hung on until their last breath. The thought of Pelosi walking away into the sunset and retiring is more than laughable, it’s ribald. That woman is not going anywhere, she will not relinquish power, she just won’t, none of those Boomers will. They are not done destroying every single American institution or bankrupting us into oblivion.

This particular situation, with the new House Democrats, will highlight the perennial axiom, that once they go to Washington D.C., they lose their souls. But, in this case, the sale of their soul will be immediate the minute they walk out onto the floor to vote. Nancy will stand there like Beelzebub ready to collect her toll. And like generations before them, the new Democrat House members will take their place at our nation’s capital, as part of the problem.

C. Rich
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