It’s Called Mirror Immigration Policy And This Is How It Works

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It's Called Mirror Immigration Policy And This Is How It Works

I friend of mine who lives in Southern California on the Mexican Border came up with an idea called Mirror Immigration. He told me, “Today, I was standing around after a surf session near the outdoor showers and we all started talking about what is going on, due to being so close to the border. These are the liberal of liberals mind you and one of the guys actually live in Mexico. Another was from Puerto Rico and so on. We all agreed on one thing, that our immigration policies, land buying policies, and joining the military should match whatever country said people are from.”

“More emphasis should be put on students overstaying their Visas and H-1B holders. They should not be given to students just because they went to an American university unless we get to do the same in their country. When I was going to college in Australia, I wasn’t allowed to stay and get a job! They all agreed 100 percent with zero qualms. None of what the president is doing gets rid of any of those things! The things that really piss people off never get any attention at a practical level!”

“I’m not sure the president knows how many people have gotten screwed out of their life savings by retiring in Mexico and then have someone come along and tell them the property they supposedly bought was actually someone else’s or that foreigners cannot really buy land there anyway. They have some weird way of getting around getting the property, but you run the risk of losing everything on a whim! It’s time to turn to a real, practical policy that gets everyone on board when it comes to immigration!”

I thought my friend and his fellow surfers had a good idea. If you think about it, President Trump has already advocated for the same kind of “Mirror” policy when it comes to tariffs and trade. He has said many times if a country charges us certain tariffs, fees, or taxes, that we should charge them the same thing. Trump calls it reciprocal trade, but I prefer the term “Mirror” over that appellation. Whatever a country does to us, we should mirror the exact thing back towards them.

On trade, Trump says let’s drop all of the barriers in trade to zero and if they don’t agree we should match what they are doing to America. I agreed with the president on that. I agree with my friend that we should extend this kind of thinking about immigration and other policies. If you sat at a counter at a diner, anywhere in America, you can hear solutions to all the problems our nation faces by everyday working class people. Yet, somehow the politicians cannot solve a damn thing. It makes me wonder what kind of diners do they have in Washington D.C.? One thing is for sure, I wouldn’t want to eat there. I have an appetite for getting things done.

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