Is America On Verge Of Civil War?

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Is America On Verge Of Civil War

The times they are a-changin’. You can feel it in the air. Something feels different. For a while now, it has felt like America is two different nations under the same roof. The left and the right have completely different ideas about what kind of country we are. The two sides don’t even agree on the most basic premises of this nation, now it seems it is turning violent. Could we be heading for a civil war?

Democrat leaders have told half this nation that they will not be civil until they regain control of the government. The left openly declares that half this nation is not safe and are fair game to harass at restaurants, gas stations, and other public places. It is no wonder to me why these bombs have entered the political fray. It was just a matter of time before some nut on the right would respond to the left and their harassment. No one should be shocked by any of this.

What if this is just the beginning? What if this escalates to civil war? Since our leaders on both sides do not seem to be able to work together, we can’t look to them to turn this around. In many cases, it is our leaders egging this crap on. War might not be so far-fetched if we cannot find a way to unite and heal. You only have to look at Gabby Giffords or House Majority Whip Steve Scalise to see it is getting bloodier.

This division started way before we had a President Trump. Violence is in America’s DNA, we were born out of violence and maybe we are just becoming ourselves once again. I hope not, but you got to admit, this all feels different and with no end in sight. Watching the left when they are out of power is very revealing. This is not a civil bunch, these Democrats. When they are out of power they suffer from political rabies and look like Stephen King’s Cujo frothing at the mouth. It would not be surprising that some people on the right feel they must put down that rabid dog.

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