Why Obama Is To Blame For Puerto Rico

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In the early years of the Obama Administration, the FBI went to Puerto Rico and arrested almost everyone in charge of that island. The Federal Bureau of Investigation called it, at the time, the largest corruption probe ever. Seven-hundred and fifty federal agents stormed across the island and arrested 61 members of the Puerto Rico police department, a dozen prison officers, two U.S. Army officers, politicians, and many other people. These folks were charged in at least 26 separate indictments that ranged from offenses like possession of cocaine with the intent to distribute to illegally possessing firearms to name just a couple of laws that were broken. The island was and is a corrupt mess.

Since Hurricane Maria, Puerto Ricans and other folks on television have been painting the picture that Puerto Rico is some kind of victim of President Trump and his heartless feelings towards the island. They went as far as to say Trump caused three-thousand deaths. It seems that only Republican presidents get disasters wrapped around their necks like an albatross. The difference former President Bush got for his handling of Hurricane Katrina compared to how they spun the news during the BP Oil Spill and President Obama’s handling of that, was and is profound. It tells you all you need to know about the current narrative the press is pushing about President Trump.

The mainstream press took a picture of President George W. Bush looking out the window of Air Force One looking down on New Orleans and created a narrative that he did not care. Even Kanye West said President Bush did not care about black people. Bush got blamed for Katrina. Meanwhile, Obama’s response to the BP Oil Spill was covered lovingly as a caring Democrat President who was doing the best he could. The whole thing was sick to watch. I’ll never forget how Obama took his own kids into the Gulf Of Mexico and went swimming in the water to tell everyone, everything is ok now. It was disgusting watching him put his kids into that oil sick water to tell that lie. Trust me, it is 2018 and the Gulf is still not well. It was generational destruction that happened there in those waters, but the press pushed Obama’s lies anyway.

The FBI raid of 2010 exposed the abject corruption that is Puerto Rico. That raid revealed how the island was filled with many corrupt people. The island has been mismanaged for decades. The fact that the island did not follow Florida’s response to Hurricane Andrew and strengthening its building code laws was a failure of Puerto Ricans and not President Trump. The fact that they never upgraded their power grid and bring it into the 21st Century is a misstep by Puerto Ricans and not President Trump. The whole storyline that President Trump did a bad job with Hurricane Maria is a flat out lie and has no bearing on an observable reality.

When I say Obama is responsible for Puerto Rico, one could make the argument that he devastated that island by removing all of their leaders. I could argue that he did nothing for eight years to get that island up to speed with current building code requirements. I could come up with one accusation after the other, about how former President Obama was to blame for Puerto Rico, but it would be spurious to claim any of that. It would not be true. It would be just as misleading and false as if I would make the argument that President Trump is to blame for Hurricane Maria. If the press was truly honest, and it is not, it would show what the blame is when it comes to Puerto Rico. The island was utterly and completely destroyed by cocaine. Period. Full stop.

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