Press Ignores Problems With Woodward Book

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Press Ignores Problems With Woodward Book

Bob Woodward’s book Fear seems to have some blazing problems with it. I am one who tends to believe and respect Bob. Carl Bernstein, however, is just a political hack and is not to be trusted to be balanced or even fair in my view. Woodward’s big problem is that some very serious Generals and many others say they never said the things Bob’s book attributes to them.

The press basically ignores all these denials by some very important people because the book feeds their narrative. The thing is there really is a problem when so many folks are saying what Bob wrote is not true. The mainstream media is in an era where they are relying way too much on anonymous sources. Because of that, there is no way to prove or disprove anything.

The president tweeted, “The Woodward book is a scam. I don’t talk the way I am quoted. If I did I would not have been elected President. These quotes were made up. The author uses every trick in the book to demean and belittle. I wish the people could see the real facts – and our country is doing GREAT!”

He also tweeted, “It is mostly anonymous sources in here, why should anyone trust you? General Mattis, General Kelly said it’s not true.” @SavannahGuthrie @TODAYshow Bob Woodward is a liar who is like a Dem operative prior to the Midterms. He was caught cold, even by NBC.” So we know where he stands.

It looks like Bob might have got tied up with rumors and third-party sources that were not in the room when explaining some rumor or whatever. I want to give Bob the benefit of the doubt, but this one is very hard. Bob said all of these people are lying to keep their jobs. That seems a bit too much to me. It is too broad and all of these people could not possibly be lying. So that is the conundrum. In the end, the so-called free press ignores it all.

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