Nike Willingly Destroys Its Brand

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I have seen so many companies destroy their own brand in the recent past. I watched Sea World completely destroy its brand over a killer whale. I’ve seen the NFL utterly destroy itself and purposely run off millions of people and dollars for that matter. No better example of a self-destructive company and its brand, than anything with the Trump name on it. Now we have Nike.

It takes decades to build a brand that becomes a household name. This generation of corporate leaders disregard all that hard work of building a brand and for the strangest of reasons, manage their own brand into the ground. Nike has now joined the ranks. Whoever at the company that was responsible for making Colin Kaepernick the face of Nike is the problem there. Someone there pulled the trigger on this idea and now all you see is one video after the other of people burning Nike sneakers.

Nike is taking one political side of a hot-button issue that will run away half this nation from their brand. What some of these companies do not understand is that once they do this, it is forever, for the boycotting consumer that is. We do not go back to watching late night comics or award shows, no, that is all over for half of this nation now. Brands are no different; if a company takes a political stance, they are telling us who they are. In return, we show them who we are and we never come back ever again or spend money or time on their brands. That is how it works.

When I see these brands that I have known my whole life do these things, I stand in scornful wonderment. I can’t believe some of these choices. I am stunned that these people, who make these kinds of decisions, are put in charge of marketing. For the life of me, I can not understand why others in these companies do not put a stop to these things until it is too late. Have they not watched a single episode of Mad Men?

C. Rich
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