Climate Change Strikes Again

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Climate Change Strikes Again

Well, climate change is rearing its ugly head and we can no longer deny the effects it is having around the world. Take the latest hurricane threatening the states. They say the eye of this hurricane is as big as Toronto Canada, which is 7,124 km2 or 2750.65 sq miles. So big, it can possible engulf more than one state at a time and cause more casualties and damage than hurricane Katrina. California has been burning for years now and is predicted to continue unless they finally get some moisture or milder weather. Some say with each passing year the sun will beam down hotter and hotter making California more of a desert town, instead of the California dream of fun, sun, and surfing that it has once become famous for. Deserts are getting more and more freak snow storms, they are almost becoming common.

Canada is suffering from climate change as well. British Columbia known for mild and rainy winters are experiencing snow, and the parts that were known for snow are suffering from extreme bitter cold and less powder snow falls, hindering the economy from the tourism income brought in from ski season. You can not ski if all you get is frozen ice. Alberta has lost its summer. 30 years ago, summer started in may 1 st, hot enough to wear shorts to school and plant your gardens. You had until the end of October to grow your pumpkins, just in time for Halloween. Presently, you are lucky to plant by the middle of June just to suffer from more rain than sun. Finally, you get a hot streak in mid-August that lasts for 2 weeks only to be covering tomatoes from fear of early frost by September 1st. Winter no longer beginning in November but this year snow has fallen September 12th. Yes, actual snow that stayed and did not melt on site. Making for a short growing season and even shorter summer.

Anyone who says that climate change is a myth or not as bad as claimed has been living in a dream. It is affecting everyone and it is time to pay attention to what is being said. Let’s hope it is not too late to do something about it, because if we continue to bury our heads in the sand we may find ourselves actually living the metaphor or frozen in a new ice age, finding ourselves hoping we have enough greenhouses to feed the world.

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