Truth Is Not Truth Is Why Media Is The Enemy

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Truth Is Not Truth Is Why Media Is The Enemy

I sat over the weekend and watched David Axelrod interview both the editor of The New York Times Dean Baquet and Martin Baron the editor of The Washington Post. The two ultra-elites mused from their self-unaware bubbles about how it is like covering this presidency. They spoke in an ominous tone about how the president’s claim that they are the enemy of the people is dangerous. Ironically, they used Fake News to complain and explain how they are innocent of that charge.

The two scoundrels said President Trump claimed that the entire media is the enemy of the people. Now they know they are misleading David’s viewers, remember they run the top two newspapers in the country; they are no dummies. Not to mention one of these papers is owned by the richest man in the world and the owner of Amazon. It is not like these guys are the editor of The Ocala Star Banner, they understand semantics and the meaning of words at a high level. The public understands that President Trump believes Amazon is not paying their fair share of taxes. I guess they want us to ignore those dots connecting.

Seeing how far down these two newspapers have fallen from grace has been quite the circus to watch. Nowhere is there a better example of why they are the enemies of the people than this interview by Axelrod and their misleading claim about what the president actually said. The president explained that it was not all of the media, but Fake News that is the enemy of the people. And the president is right.

This weekend on Meet The Press, the media in a New York second, grabbed on to four words “Truth is not truth” that Rudy Giuliani said while being interviewed by Sleepy Eyes, Chuck Todd. They took the four words purposely out of context as Rudy gave a perfect example where truth is not truth. This misleading and manufactured gotcha moment is yet another example of the mainstream media bellying up to the bar of Orwellian Newspeak and getting intoxicated on it. It is case and point on why they are, in fact, the Fake News or that their behavior constitutes them being called the enemy of the people.

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