Trump Is Still Swimming

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Trump Is Still Swimming

Well the news outlets finally got the moment they have been waiting for, “we told you!” as guilty verdicts and guilty pleas of fraudulent election antics come to light and some of the smaller fish got caught. Cheer and celebrate these 15 minutes because the shark is still swimming in the white house. Until I see President Trump walking out of the White House in polished silver handcuffs and denounced as president, then the fall of the pond scum means nothing but a shallow victory.

It just provided the proof to the world that the electoral process and voting system held up as the example of the fairest and just way for picking your country leaders is just as flawed as putting a piece of paper in a box and having the votes hand counted. That even in superpower countries the presidency can be bought like a commodity on the stock exchange.

Unlike going after the mob/mafia where the little fish eventually will lead to capturing the kingpins, we do not have the luxury of 10 years to complete that goal. By the time Donald Trump stands in front of the firing squad to answer for his crimes a new election will have taken place, his damage has already been done. The only difference to come out of recent events is whether he is a one term or two-term president. This victory, unfortunately, is a day late and a dollar short.

Maybe now we can see major news outlets return to bring us other world events with equal coverage and with the enthusiasm as they have over the past few years focused on Donald Trump. At this point, I would even take a good trial to follow.

I don’t know about you, but he is not that interesting anymore now that it has come to light that he is just like every other Joe Schmuck politician. Even his colorful way of blowing smoke out his arse has lost its flare, now he just smells bad.

K. Waters
Writer, Blogger, Mother
[email protected]

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