Time For Pardons Mr. President

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Time For Pardons Mr. President

Hillary Clinton gets a get out of jail free card, everyone around her gets immunity and everyone around you gets destroyed? This cannot be allowed to stand. You have the pardon power and now is the time to use it. If you are getting advice to hold off on pardons, you need to ignore that advice. These, your people, are suffering now. They should not have to wait until someone around you tells you it is politically correct.

This two-tier system in the justice system between Democrats and Republicans must be addressed. Every Republican in the country should be concerned about how the law holds each party affiliation differently. None of this has anything to do with Russia and your enemies are using the Mueller probe to take you down. Mueller is so far out of the original mandate that the only words I can think of to describe it is out of control.

Mr. President, you need to pardon everyone that they have destroyed except that dirty lawyer. You need to end this out of control Mueller investigation. Fire the man and all of his cohorts and put an end to all of this once and for all. This entire ordeal is ripping this country in two. The damage Mueller is doing to this nation is almost unmeasurable.

The Democrats have weaponized the Justice Department and one by one are using it to take down Republicans. Nothing can be clearer, there is a shadow war being raged in plain sight against people from the right. While you sit around doing nothing, your people are slowly being turned into felons. There is no more time to waste here, it is time for pardons.

All these people tried to help you become president and now they are all screwed. You are the only one with the power to make these people whole again. Forget politics, forget advice telling you not to, just do it. Help the people who helped you, Mr. President. It all comes down to loyalty. They showed theirs, now it is time for you to show yours. We are all watching. Mr. President, it is time for pardons.

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet
[email protected]


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